Review of “Touchscreen Profits” by Lee Arnold

Woowee — I’ve got something incredible for you today — my very own review of the Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold. Maybe I should clarify… Lee and the Touchscreen Profits program are the goods, but my review is pretty sweet too. Just sayin’. 😉

Hiya, JP Moses with you… lemme tell you, I just finished an awesome journey working virtually next to Lee as he created this remarkable nuisance property real estate training: Touchscreen Profits. And, I’m here to tell you what Touchscreen Profits is, why it’s so amazing and some of the awesome you’ll get from it.

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A genius but also a simple step-by-step system that clearly explains how you can quickly focus on a highly untapped market of properties in nearly any U.S. market, helping homeowners as you cash in on deal and after deal.

Nice, right?

See, I know you’re going to love Lee’s new unique training program about undercover assets — I frickin’ do.

Honestly — Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold is REI awesomeness that gives newer and seasoned investors everything they need to profit quickly while helping people along the way. His training details exactly what you need to find little-known market of “nuisance properties” and systematically flip deals repeatedly.

How, exactly?

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What Is the Touchscreen Profits?

Touchscreen Profits Course

It’s all about nuisance properties. Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold is for newish and seasoned investors who want to learn a proven method for bringing in terrific profit, over and over again, by embracing an opportunity market that most people have no clue about.

Sound great?

Well, then Lee’s training program is for you. It’s unlike anything else because it gives you a hearty deep dive into the undercover asset arena and teaches you how to zero in on and systematically profit from it — while learning from the best and brightest.

Here’s the deal… Lee has been an active investor for more than 20 years. And, he’s been teaching others the beauty of REI since way back in 1995. 

So when Lee pulls back the kimono on his proven strategies, we take a looksie…

The Touchscreen Profits training by Lee Arnold is broken up into 4 main video module presentations:

  • Each module is packed with details and actionable info
  • All of the videos and audios are easy to understand (and fun!) — and clearly explain the entire nuisance property process
  • And: enjoy extras like document templates, “Amplifier Training” sessions, resources, tools, scripts and more

Plus: Through Lee’s Touchscreen Profits program, you’ll hear about deal funding through one of Lee’s businesses. It’s kind of amazing, actually!

What Do I Get from Touchscreen Profits?

Well, in Touchscreen Profits you’ll discover:

  • Smart Strategy: wholesaling for the win
  • The Problem: understanding the nuisance property issue
  • Opportunity: understanding and embracing this little-known opportunity market
  • Helper: as you profit you also help people
  • Far-Reaching: the wide-ranging impact this has on neighborhoods
  • Real Life: loads of real deals as proper examples
  • Same Day: how to double close with ease
  • Paperwork: the contracts you should use
  • Facts: the dirty deets
  • Search: easy ways to find the right sellers and buyers
  • Hero: how you swoop in and save the day
  • Vs.: Abatements vs. Liens
  • Looky-Loos: where the find deals
  • Offer: the formula for making the right offer
  • Props: various properties — vacant, nuisance, zombie, + more
  • Action Steps: steps to begin deals ASAP
  • Talk the Talk: how to have the best conversations with buyers and sellers
  • Price: how to price your deals the smart way
  • $: the quickest way to get paid
  • Timeline: 4 phases in the process 
  • Exit: 7 possible pre-finish line outcomes
  • Acquisition: assessing and prioritizing properties 
  • Ninja: how to become a negotiating ninja
  • Sell: pricing, contracts and closing
  • Pro tips and so much more…

Bottom Line for Touchscreen Profits

Ok, Touchscreen Profits gives newer and seasoned REIs everything needed to earn money quickly with nuisance properties in a little-known opportunity market. And, you’ll get Lee’s expert guidance, tools and steps you can take action right away to become a undercover asset real estate investor. You’ll see how to quickly help people out of difficult situations and profit at the same time. Twofer — win/win!

So, check out this short but detailed video, reviewing this fantastic new training program. 


Touchscreen Profits by Lee Arnold

Lee Arnold is a deal-maker, mentor and moneylender (yeah, that too!). He’s been investing for 20+ years and teaching others his REI strategies since 1995. This dude lives REI. 

Not only is he a skilled investor with tons of real-life deal experience… but he’s also a remarkable financial genius, which you’ll see in this training. And, he’s got a legit moral compass and great positive attitude, thanks in part to his faith. 

Plus, he’s been through the School of Hard Knocks and is humbly and thoughtfully sharing his mistakes with you, so you avoid them. See, Lee loves teaching and helping people through the undercover assets process learning curve in a fast, easy-to-understand way with Touchscreen Profits. I strongly encourage you to embrace this incredible opportunity.

Look, Lee Arnold is the guy you want as a teacher and coach — I’m telling you, do what he says and you’re good to go! 

With Touchscreen Profits training, Lee breaks down the whole nuisance property process, teaching you exactly how you can crush this little-known opportunity market.

See, in nearly any U.S. market, you can achieve success with his strategy. You’ll be able to crush the profitable niche of undercover asset properties — quickly and easily. 

I really encourage you to check it out today — I’m pretty sure that Touchscreen Profits would be great for you.

If you think it’ll be a good fit for your REI business, take a look at the official press release about it here.


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