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Alrighty, folks… I’ve got a remarkable paper-flipping real estate investing strategy — and truth: it’s a genius idea for newbie and seasoned investors alike!

Check this out…

Relaxin’ on your couch or at your desk, you can follow easy-to-understand, specific steps on how to focus on target markets, and easily find sellers AND buyers in the wonderfully profitable strategy of flipping contracts in nearly any U.S. market. In just 60 seconds, your search can land you 100s of potential opportunities per ZIP code, all done virtually.

Sounds amazing, right?!

Well, now newer and regular ‘ole real estate investors just like you can do just that with Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross.

Ok, I might be a smidge eager to share Dolmar’s paper-flipping training program! Why? Because it’s a smart, formulaic step-by-step walkthrough of how you can accelerate your profits from the paper-flipping arena — while learning from the best and brightest. These are deals where you never have to buy or sell the property itself AND you don’t need a license or special qualifications.

Dolmar shows you exactly how to use this strategy and gives tons of resources, tools, and more goodies to help you flip your first (or next) contract deal as soon as possible. We’re talking pro tips mixed with expert guidance and demos, so you’ll be calling yourself a paper-flipping superstar in no time. Dolmar shows you how to find target markets, sellers and buyers — so you’ll have a fast payday… all while helping people with each deal.

See, Dolmar teaches you the entire paper-flipping process, including basic fundamentals, scoring, analyzing and crafting deals, comps, 9 ways to fund deals, flipping that contract, and so much more! For real, everything you need to rock paper flipping. See, Dolmar’s been deal-making for decades and he’s been teaching others his smart strategies for just about the same amount of time with incredible success. 

Paper Flips: The Awesome

Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross

In Dolmar’s jam-packed program with consecutive video modules, he breaks down the Paper Flips training series into easy-to-learn video presentations that show you how to quickly and easily flip contracts to land fast paydays. As I said, Dolmar’s been doing this for years, and now he’s generously sharing all of his paper-flipping knowledge in this uncomplicated, straightforward training. Hooray for Dolmar!

And, perhaps the best part: After you go through all the easy-to-follow yet thoroughly comprehensive training, you can start taking action on what you learn right away. As in, right now! It’s a simple but super effective paper-flipping strategy.

Take a peek at what this is all about…

Paper Flips: What the heck is it?

Dolmar’s training is broken down into 5 core video presentations:

  • 01: First Things
  • 02: Find It
  • 03: Figure It
  • 04: Fund It
  • 05: Flip It

Paper Flips First Things is designed to be your “mall map.” You’ll get a solid foundation of what’s coming your way in the complete training, which means you can begin as quickly as possible! 

In Module 2, Find It, Dolmar shows us how to find target markets and sellers.

Figure It is Module 3, where Dolmar how to score deals, analyze them, and craft them, with a live dealmaking demo!

In Module 4’s Fund It, Dolmar shares 9 ways to get funding to accelerate your deals and get paid!

Finally, Flip It in Module 5 goes over how to find buyers fast, flip your paper deal, and offers another real demo!

Plus, we’re hooking you up with related resources, bonus “amplifier” training videos, scripts, and more.

Listen, I’m telling you, this training is loaded with amazing actionable info.

Want to know more about Paper Flips? Take a look… and enjoy. 

Inside Video Review of Paper Flips Training

Paper Flips Testimonials

See, Dolmar isn’t just a real estate investing genius… he’s also a skilled coach, mentor, innovator and teacher who LOVES helping regular folks begin or level up their investing business. He’s sharpened the paper-flipping process with incredible success… and he’s sharing it with you! (Thanks, Dolmar!)

He’s done countless transactions and helped thousands of investors just like you make amazing money in the paper-flipping arena, while helping sellers out of difficult situations. 

It’s all because of his easy-to-digest systematic approach to paper flips.

Here’s a bit of real feedback (in their own words) from real investors who Dolmar has helped tap into those profitable paper-flipping deals…

AWESOME Training, best I have seen, information presented in a real way. I loved the fact that every obstacle was removed with real solutions and all that presented were interested in the success of the group. I plan to get a daily checklist going of functions that I need to complete daily that work towards closing deals daily and immediately. The Assignment and Double Close methods were eye opening and I plan to use both tailored to each situation as instructed.

DeShawn Perkins

The training so far is very good and detailed step-by-step. I felt hungry to learn more. I feel like I’m getting the education that I was lacking to move forward into real estate investing. The goal is to start using the techniques acquired one week after the class is over every evening.

Stanley Francis

I am truly satisfied and I feel like I have all the materials to help me throughout my wholesale journey. I am truly thankful for Dolmar and his team for developing this course. I will be taking action by finding leads and on top of that I enrolled myself in the mentors programs, so I am excited for the training.

James Ramos

First of all, I just love the way this was done virtually, a first time for me! I was able to look at and connect with everyone, like a real community, the energy was the best! The Presenters made it easy to connect, a people’s people, shout out to the Pastor’s mentor 🙂 I love how Sharron gave us a homework assignment. It’s like holding us accountable for what we’ve learned thus far and implementing it, which in turn would allow me/us to know were I/we needed the assistance. I’m grateful that the TEAM said they would take us by the hand, if need be, to show us how to. It’s comforting to know they care and we don’t have to feel awful if we make a mistake. Thanks!

Barbara West

Want to Give Paper Flips a Go?

I kinda thought you might…

So first, please take a look at this official press release to learn even more about Dolmar’s awesome training program to see if his paper-flipping method is right for you. (I’m thinking you’ll frickin’ love it!)  

See, with Dolmar’s training, you’ll have everything you need to systematically find and reach out to sellers in markets across the United States — then easily flip the contract to buyers, so you get a fast payday, while helping people along the way. I get excited just writing about it! 

When you follow Dolmar’s training exactly as he explains it — you’ll be collecting paychecks one after another by focusing in the profitable paper-flipping arena. Turn a 60-second search into deal after  deal… quickly cashing sexy checks of $3,000 to $14,000. 

Pretty great, right?

So I encourage you to take a gander at Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross. You’ll undoubtedly love his strategy… just like the nice people who sent in their testimonials.

Profiting handsomely from paper-flipping markets is in sight.



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