How to Build Your Real Estate Cash Buyers List

Hey, I just shot a video to show ya how I got a list of 254 local cash buyer’s in 68 seconds.

Why should you have cash buyer’s list?

Well shortly after dropping out of college, I played “matchmaker”… found a woman in foreclosure, matched her up with a cash buyer, and got paid $10,000 bucks.

It’s no secret that there’s a TON of good deals out there right now. Heck, I saw a stat the other day that 1 out of 8 people are in foreclosure.

For you to do this (just like I did), you don’t need cash or credit or experience. But you do NEED a cash buyer.

Watch how I found 254 cash buyers in 68 seconds…

To learn more about the tool I showed ya in the video that finds cash buyers for you (and tons of other stuff to systemize your biz), click here…

Toss your thoughts and questions in the comment area.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

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  1. What’s the difference between the version of FreedomSoft which is sold for $197 per month and the Real Estate MatchMaker version of this software which sells for $37 upfront and $97 per month afterwards? I have emailed FreedomSoft a few times this week and have never received a reply. Their Customer Support unit is not responsive to such inquiries.

    Are cash buyer leads actually provided in the $37/$97 monthly Real Estate MatchMaker package?

    • I was also wondering how Realeflow/Open Road compares to Freedom Soft and Real Estate Match Maker?

      • Gerard,

        Both systems are very robust and have tons of functionality. FS (RE matchmaker) is geared more towards someone who wants to wholesale properties… just find a motivated seller, a buyer, and make the spread.

        I definitely wouldn’t invest in FS if you already have access to Realeflow.


    • Hey Tyrone,

      Yep, the cash buyer leads are provided in the $37 up front fee, $97/mo package.

      As far as the differences in the packages, the best way to see is through the order process. And I know they’ve been inundated with support over the past couple weeks, so I would try following up again.

      – Patrick

    • Tyrone, I’m always looking for cash buyers as well and do by automation and manual alike. What are you looking for in a cash buyer?

      Regards, Scott

  2. I too purchased the $37/$97 monthly with the upgrade $67 which is to include the Private Money Blueprint a days ago. So far I have not been able to even loggin. And like Tyrone above haven’t heard from Freedomsoft yet. Got a reply from PMOD. but repeat of same login and password info that doesn’t work.

    Give it a day. Give benefit of doubt as they may have a lot of calls and emails because of the opportunity. But….

    I’m really hoping I didn’t get sucked into a scam.

    • Hey Murphy,

      When logging in to PMOD, make sure that after you enter your info, click the “Login” button (instead of hitting “enter” on your keyboard). Then your info should work fine.

      If you have any further issues, let us know at support [at] privatemoneyblueprint [dot] com.

      – Patrick

    • You didn’t, trust me. These guys are up and up!


      • Hey Scott,

        Thanks for joining the conversation and replying back to Tyrone and Murphy. Appreciate it!

        – Patrick

  3. Tyrone,

    I have bought this package but haven’t played with it much yet because i am an active rehab flipper and in the middle of a flip.

    I am going to use the software this weekend and see if it is half of what is claimed i will post how it does or you can email me at [email protected] and will tell you how well or how crappy it really is.

    • Hey Jeff, thanks for responding to Tyrone and offering to let him know what you think of Freedomsoft once you play around with it a bit.

      Good luck with the flip! 🙂

      – Patrick

  4. It is not as easy as he makes it sound. When you deal with a foreclosure you don’t just” call a agent and they just give you comps, and a list and say “there you go, now go make a bunch of money tiger”. There is a lot of negotiations and knowledge you better have to make the deal work cause if you don’t do the deal right so that the bank and the realtor get their cut that you promised; you will get blackballed from the real -estate investing circles and no one will want to do business with you. You need to learn it the right way.

    • Hey Thomas,

      On the deal I covered in the video, the property wasn’t listed with an agent. So I talked directly with the seller, emailed her the contract, and she signed it and sent it back.

      When I was doing my due diligence, I called an agent in the Sumter area, told them I was an investor and just needed some comps to get an idea of what the property was worth… and he helped me out.

      But you’re right… some deals definitely do require a lot of negotiation… but not always. Especially when you’re dealing with a highly motivated seller.

      – Patrick

      • Patrick is right! Motivated sellers will just give you the house. I took over two properties one for the price of 2 cups of copies and 1 for the price of photo copies at kinkos.

  5. I want to know more about freedomsoft and the comments above.

    • Hey Vernon, I just hopped in to respond to the comments here. If you have any other questions, let me know.

      – Patrick

  6. Does the Matchmaker actually have a search feature for people who need to sell their house? I have the Find Cash Buyers Now system and it’s similar to what Freedomsoft uses to find cash buyers.

    Do I need to talk to the sellers or do I forward their info to the buyers?

    • Hey Jamila,

      It does have a feature to search properties for sale… but since you already have the Find Cash Buyers system, maybe you could just focus on finding good deals through any marketing method… bandit signs, direct mail, pre-foreclosures, Realtors, etc and flip them to your cash buyers.

      Yeah, you’ll want to be the middle man between the seller and buyer… so you ‘ll want to talk to the seller. You can download my seller qualifying questionnaire here…

      – Patrick

      • Thanks Patrick – I really apprecaite someone who shares info and tools as well as just hyping and promoting a product.
        Now if only it was as easy to find motivated sellers at the proper discount in LA….I am hoping FS will help me branch out to other, easier locations.


  7. Hey Patrick,

    Will FreedomSoft allow you to look in other states/counties, or are you tied into where you invest? Another words when you purchase it are you tied into one area or is it good for a virtual wholesaler?

    • Keith,

      No, you’re not tied into one area. But the program is designed for the US. So you can search any areas across the country.

      – Patrick

  8. I had Freedom Soft for over a year Poor customer service. Database crashed with buyers and sellers and the could not fix the issue. Just kept apologizing the lost a lot of there base with that I am not going back there. Reale FLow you can call them and talk to a tech or Customer support and they will respond with the direct answer to an issue if they are wrong they will compensate you.

    • Hey Baldwin, thanks for the feedback.

      I know they had some database issues for awhile… everything is good to go now.

      Realeflow is a solid program as well.

      – Patrick

  9. I am using the program and its great resource would not depend on it 100% but its another great tool for my tool belt….

    • Hey Joe, thanks for the feedback on your experience with FS.

      – Patrick

  10. hello patrick,

    Are you an affiliate marketer as well as RE guru? please help me become like you of at least refer me who know how to become affiliate? will you? tell them to contact me via email.Thanks,–robert

    • Hey Robert,

      We do market other related real estate investing products and programs that we approve… in addition to our own training programs.

      If you want to learn more affiliate marketing, start by googling it… and reading related websites, blogs, etc. See if there’s a meetup group in your area on the subject. That’s a good start.

      – Patrick

      • I have purchased the Freedom Soft Package and have had numerous problems with not being able to find lenders in my area, my Website that I created is also not showing. It has been 2 weeks since I purchased this and no help from customer service. I need some serious help and am not getting any answers.


        • Hi TJ, You can contact FS support directly at [email protected]. I have also forwarded your request to them. I hope you will hear from them soon. If not, please let us know!

  11. Freedom Soft, lol, its advertisements are better than the software. The websites it creates , garbage, has a great search engine for props relative to identifying cash buyers though say santa barbara vs vegas, ok, but one would have to pay the full price to get all the advertised benefits. Cannot say that purchasing anything from that guy is all that great though, hes a better saleman/ preacher than product provider..:)

  12. Hello Patrick,

    Please let me know how much are you charging for the program after the 30 days test drive. Thanks, Halina

  13. I also bought onto freedom soft on the initial launch and had support issues and dropped out after spending around $1500 and don’t plan on going back. I agree with Gary, I was never able to get rolling but, Preston is a hell of a rainmaker! JDG

  14. I have Freedom Soft and have used the cash buyers area. I sent out a limited number of letters and did get one response. As others have said, Real Estate Investing is a numbers game and sometimes requires massive efforts.
    Thank you for the tip.

  15. Hi, where can I find your free template for screening cash buyers ?

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