Moments Like This Determine Your Success Or Failure

Hey, I made a quick video to share an experience with ya.

It’s moments like this that define your life… and ultimately determine your success or failure with anything you want to accomplish.

Come join me for a walk on the beach…

How can you apply this in your biz and life today?

Take action… you can do it! 🙂

Leave your questions and thoughts in the comment area below.

Talk soon,
– Patrick

P.S. – Check out my #1 fan (PMBP Faculty Member, Daniil Kleyman) sitting in the front… lol……








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  1. Thanks for the information and inspiration! Its easy to not do something, but the pay and feelings are equal to the effort. Thanks again

    • You’re welcome Michael! Glad you enjoyed the video.

      – Patrick

    • “The pay and feelings are equal to the effort.”

      Well said! This statement gets its own Post-It on my monitor so I can see it every day.

  2. Thank you Patrick, That is exactly how I feel, I guess I am too afraid to talk to anybody. I have so much information that I can’t do anything with it, it seems that I am unable to retain all of it. But as you said in your video I need to see this as an opportunity to take action, and I know that as soon as I do my first deal the second one will be easier.

    Thanks again, and God Bless you.

  3. were you at ‘howl at the moon'(piano bar)…i used to work there back in the day in seattle…anyway, thanks for the inspiration and all your info…its been great!

  4. The timing couldn’t have been better for me to watch this video, and be reminded that successful people do what’s uncomfortable until it starts to feel normal…and everyone else plays it safe. Not to mention that song is a classic!

  5. There is really nothing to fear, but fear itself. It’s funny how when you do conquered that initial moment of panic, you realized… there was nothing to worry about. I wonder why we do that to ourselves? Thanks for sharing, it was very insightful.

  6. Thank you very much for explaining about that knot in the stomach and what it actually means. I get real panic attacks and they are not fun. But in my investing business I just get the fear of what the other person will say and will I know what to say back. I will remember your experience and do it. Thank you again for the motivation and inspiration.

  7. Thanks for sharing everything!

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