Chat With Pat: Your Real Estate And Private Money Questions Answered

Hey, Jen here from the PMBP Member Experience Team.

Patrick did something a bit different recently where he hopped on the line with absolutely NO agenda… and answered whatever questions our subscribers and members fired at him.

He called it “Chat With Pat” 🙂

Check out this comment from one of our members, Jay Altman…

Hey Pat, absolutely great call today! The format of “no predetermined format” was wonderful. Instead of a pitch fest, the webinar quickly became similar to a personal backyard party with friends discussing whatever we felt like. The information you gave us as you answered questions coming in was better than most all other webinars on REI that I have experienced. Great idea and great execution!

A few of our members weren’t able to make it live, so we recorded the webinar for ya. Check it out below…

Hope you enjoyed!

Is this something that you’d like for Pat to do from time to time? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Thanks… and have a great day!

– Jen
PMBP Member Experience Team

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  1. Yes please do this again. I missed it the 1st time. I have lots of questions. I’m a newbie .

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