Warren Buffet Can Help You Handle That Common Objection

Did you see what Warren Buffet said about investing in single family homes right now?

Check this out…

There’s a powerful way to use this kind of info to help you handle a common objection from private money prospects.

The Third Party Story – Objection Handling Technique

Let’s say your meeting with a private money prospect, and they find it hard to believe that now is a good time to buy real estate. Most would respond by telling them why it makes sense to invest today.

So, it’s you telling them.

A much more effective way to get that same message across is to use a third party story… where someone else (a third party) is telling them that it makes sense to invest today.

Frankly, it’s more believable. Because anything that comes out of your mouth, self interest is involved. Not so when it comes out of someone else’s mouth.

Make sense? 🙂

When meeting with private money prospects, use Buffet’s comments about investing in single family homes to handle the common objection: it’s not a good time to buy real estate today. Quote Buffet in your private lender PowerPoint presentation, your credibility kit, post the video to your blog.

Happy Private Money Getting!

– Patrick

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  1. Great sales tool, defer to a higher authority.
    This video will be useful to have on my laptop when I’m giving a presentation to a prospective PM lender.

    BTW, I’ve been told that Buffet is one of the largest owners of self storage facilities in the U.S.

    • Hey J,

      Yeah, definitely be good to show prospective PM lenders the video.

      Interesting. I didn’t know Buffet invested in self storage.

      Thanks for being an active commenter on the blog. We appreciate it 🙂

      If we can ever help you with anything, let us know.

      – Patrick

  2. Great stuff Patrick ( and Mr. Buffet)

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