Tips For Making Offers On Real Estate

Hey, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on making offers… so I shot a quick video for you to go over a couple tips.

If you’ve been afraid to make an offer because

(a) you don’t have a buyer lined up

(b) you don’t have a funding commitment yet

… this is gonna be a BIG eye-opener for you 🙂

Tips For Making Offers On Real Estate

Watch the video below…

If you have any questions on the clauses that I went over, toss ‘em in the comment area. Let me know how I can help.

And like I mentioned in the video, check out this technique that triples the amount of offers you get accepted. It’s pretty darn clever.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

P.S. – It’s been beautiful in Charleston lately. If you ever visit, make sure you hit up the Windjammer on Isle of Palms. I’m there pretty much all the time now that I only live a block away… so you’ll prob see me there. Check out the view 🙂









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  1. Patrick,
    Have you read the report that you’re promoting with Rob? Furthermore, do you support and use what he teaches in the report?

    All the Best,
    David Monroe

  2. Patrick, I just ordered Robs’ info but I ordered one and got billed for two. How do I get in to correct that?

  3. Are you guys Lending Money in the State of Michigan ? how soon?

  4. Hi Patrick
    You can do better than promoting this guy. I only got halfway through his spiel when I recognized a hussel and bailed out.

  5. Patrick, I here in Columbia, Sc are you doing Mentoring for new investors I just getting startd I need some mentoring, let me know


  6. Hey, Patrick,

    We have boring beach scenes like that all year long on the West Coast….


    I was hoping your photo would feature some of that gorgeous Carolina green spring bustin’ out.

  7. can’t download your your reports and found out your partner Susan Lassiter has the same course and much cheaper. But I can’t download hers either.

  8. I really appreciate the tips & encouragement. While I operate independently, this support makes a difference. Your materials are great. About done with your first offering, getting ready buy the next.

  9. do you answer any of the questions on your blogs?

  10. HATE those long marketing pieces. Who takes the time to read them? I scrolled down quickly trying to figure out what the product is, but couldn’t figure it out with all the distractions. Delete

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