The 10 Hour Wholesaler – Flip Houses Any Time, Anywhere

Hey, we have a special treat for you today… a holiday gift for being a subscriber with us 🙂

Each month, as part of our Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle (SIIC) coaching program, we do an “Insider’s Only” investor training.

Our SIIC Members loved our December training SO much, we decided to share it with all of our subscribers. This month, we invited an old friend back into the hot seat — one of our most successful students over the years – Justin Wilmot.

In this training, Justin takes us step-by-step through his current, extremely profitable-yet-simple business model. It’s a little something he calls “10 Hour Wholesaling.

Let me just say this: For more than a few of us, this call will be a game changer.

Thanks to our longstanding friendship with Justin, he will be showing us how to create an instant wholesaling business exactly like his — one that will allow you to:

  • dominate up to 10 markets nationwide very quickly,
  • and do so with 10 hours or less of work per week.

No, I’m not kidding or exaggerating.

On the Table for Discussion:

  • The Goods: What exactly is the “10 hour wholesaler” method?
  • Uniqueness: What makes this so different from “regular” wholesaling?
  • Low Hanging Fruit: The absolute fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get into wholesaling and make good money quickly, with little-to-no risk or experience.
  • Paperwork: The 2 essential documents you absolutely must have in order for this method to work.
  • Insight: What it means to “flow with the market” at any given time.
  • Role Playing: Exactly what to say to your buyers and sellers.
  • Road map: Exactly where and how Justin gets his cash buyers and sellers in any given market, usually within 24 hours tops.
  • And much more…

No joke, this guy’s cracked the code, mastered, and systematized the “low hanging fruit” for wholesaling for quick cash today. And in this jam session, we’re going to literally walk through the blueprint of his biz model front to back.

Honestly, it’s very simple, but Justin’s literally the only one we’ve ever heard of who’s exploiting this little profit center in this way and to this level.

All juicy, vitamin-packed content, and fortified with 100% your daily dose of awesome!

ListenIn Here:

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Want More?

As you can tell, Justin really knows his stuff.

If you’d like to learn more about his 10 hour wholesaling techniques and strategies, check out this video presentation.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Very interesting concept. Thank you

    • Glad you enjoyed Mary! Let us know if we can help you with anything.

      – Patrick

  2. This sounds like a really fantastic method for real estate investing/wholesaling and it does sound exciting to try out. However, is there really that big of a demand? Don’t wholesalers already have a list of buyers for their area? What would make them want to use your buyers list instead of their own? Thanks!

    • Hey Sarah, great question…

      As soon as a wholesaler gets a property under contract, the clock is ticking. Yes, many times wholesalers have a buyer’s list, BUT that doesn’t mean someone on their list is going to buy every deal sent out.

      Jp Moses (our Director of Awesome here at Private Money Blueprint) just closed a 10 Hour Wholesaler deal last week. The wholesaler didn’t have a buyer lined up (and had already blasted his list)… Jp got permission from him to market the deal… and boom! The total wholesale fee was $18K… which they split 50/50.

      – Patrick

  3. I forgot how to log into your training sessions and I am a paid member so please advise. You may feel free to call if you’d like. I may be reached at 760-688-5313.


  4. Im getting on board next week

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