Over The Last 4 Months, I’ve Located 118 Private Lenders!

We got a bunch of responses to Patrick’s blog post “More Millionaires On The Way… Are You Going To Be One Of ‘Em?” where he discusses a study he found that says the number of millionaires is projected to DOUBLE over the next decade. Well, needless to say, that got a lot of people’s attention! Including one of our Private Money on Demand members, Randy Wright. Check out what Randy has to say the PMOD program and how it has helped him in his plan to become a millionaire.



It’s not enough just to position ourselves to become millionaires in this next growth phase of the 4 cycles of the real estate market. If we care at all about our families and our close friends, we’ll help them become millionaires too. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve organized almost my entire extended family and closest friends into a strategic mastermind support partnership where we’re all doing real estate investing together. We all support, encourage, reach out to and help each other and it’s making all the difference in the world! We now have this mindset that we’re going to the next level together!


To help us do that, one of the smartest things we’ve done is invest in your Private Money On Demand program. We just did a search of the mortgage records in our county going back over the last 4 months and have already located 118 private lenders. By the time we go back 12 full months, we expect to have a starting list of well over 300 potential private lenders right here in our own county that our family will begin carefully cultivating for our deals utilizing your program as our blueprint to make sure we stay SEC compliant in the process. Some of the lenders we have found have done as many as 5 mortgages just over the past 4 months. If we end up with even 10% of these lenders working with us, and then they start referring their friends and associates to us too, can you imagine the lending resources our family could eventually have to get deals done! Now that’s taking massive action!


Your training videos and your entire program are AWESOME and I have already referred many other investors to you and will continue to do so! When I along with my entire extended family and closest friends become millionaires together in this next growth phase of the 4 real estate cycles, one of the main reasons we will have arrived is the training and all the great help we’ve received from you and Charity helping us to grow and develop our base of private lenders!


Thanks, Pat and Charity!



By becoming a Private Money on Demand member, Randy was able to easily find private lenders through public records. The PMOD program doesn’t just give you the training though, you will also get all the tools you need to be successful, including the support of the Private Money Blueprint Team.

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We’re looking forward to hearing your success stories too!

– Charity Akers, Chief Member Experience Gal


** These results not typical. Most people who invest in educational training programs don’t take any action. Therefore, get no results.

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