How to Negotiate and Structure Private Money Deals

Alrighty, there are two main areas of getting private money that we get a ton of questions about…

#1 – Private Money Deal Structuring

… what do you offer a private lender?
… what docs are involved?
… are there certain clauses that should be included to protect yourself and your private lender?
… what order do you do things in?
… how and when does the lender get paid?


#2 – Negotiating Private Money Loans

… what interest rates or profit splits do you offer?
… how do you get people to approach you and ask about your opportunities?
… how do you negotiate so that you don’t come across as a salesman?
… how do you handle common objections (especially if you’re a newbie)?

I cover all this (and more!) in this Free 75 min 100% Content Training Video:

That’s one of my presentations, “Deal Structuring, Advanced Psychology, & Negotiations,” from our 3-day “Getting The Money” event.

Just one of the strategies that you’re about to learn could make THE difference in securing funding for your next deal…

… like the *secret* ingredient (which I learned from Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence) that you can and should be using with ALL of your private lenders to get them to enthusiastically say “YES!” to your next deal.

Enjoy 🙂


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