This guy says I’m wrong. What do YOU think?

Hey, did you see the “Great Mystery” video yet?

Well,  I guess the video really struck a nerve with this guy over on YouTube because he left a bunch of comments basically saying that everything I said was wrong… and explaining the “real” reason for his struggles and failure.

If you haven’t checked out the video yet, watch it first!

Alright, so below are some of the comments this guy posted. He says I’m wrong, but what do YOU think?

———————————– YouTube Guy Comment ———————————–

“It’s not that people don’t take action, it’s that they don’t have success… I have invested in TONS of RE courses, and I have taken a TON of action, but it’s never as easy as they make it out to be… there’s little to no help for people when they need it.”


It’s not just about taking action. You have to be taking the “right action.” There are 3 critical areas of action I cover near the end of the video. What critical areas are you leaving out?

If you expect everything to be easy, good luck… you’re gonna need it. Anything worthwhile in business and life takes work. If you’re looking for something for nothing, this ain’t it!

And you say, “… there’s little to no help for people when they need it?”

Are you kidding me!!?

There’s NEVER been more help in the history of the world. You can “google” practically any real estate investing question and find the answer in like 5 seconds.

And if you want people to help you, you’ve gotta sow to reap. Find ways to help other real estate investors, and they’ll return the favor.

———————————– YouTube Guy Comment ———————————–

“Not everyone can have a father in law to take you by the hand and show you how to do your first deal when you have no experience and no idea what you’re doing. In the real world, it’s much harder.”


In the video, Josh Brown tells a story about how his father in law mentored him through his first deal. Definitely a big break for Josh.

But could you go to work in a local investor’s business for free in order to learn the ropes? Sure you could!

One of our members, Jason Tooley worked for free in a local wholesaler’s business. He put in the time and learned the biz. Earlier this year, after joining our program he got $920k in private money in 26 days… and two months later closed on $8mm dollars worth of real estate. BOOM!

Look YouTube guy, if you want to find a reason (aka an excuse) for why real estate investing won’t work for you, you’ll find it. But like Dan Kennedy says, “Nobody really good at making excuses is also good at making money.”

———————————– YouTube Guy Comment ———————————–

“If people don’t trust you, they won’t do business with you. Earning someone’s trust and getting them to accept your business proposal is a very hard thing to do when you’re starting out and aren’t rich and don’t have a ton of deals under your belt.”


Stop talking about things being very hard… or not being easy enough. Either commit to doing what it takes to be successful or don’t!

Could you improve your skills at building relationships, credibility and trust?  Yep, you could. There are thousands of articles, videos, and resources online for free that can help.

———————————– YouTube Guy Comment ———————————–

“Guess what, this is a big country, and not everyone lives in a big city. Some towns, like mine, don’t have a REIA.

You guys are living in a little bubble. You literally have hundreds of thousands of properties that are potential deals, and when you need hard money, you know where to go to get it. You know who the lenders are and all you need to do is go talk to them. How hard is that?”


Ok, so you don’t have a REIA in your area. So where else could you connect and network with other investors? Hmmmmm… tax sales, foreclosure auctions, landlord associations, etc. And heck, if there’s not a real estate group in your area, START ONE!

In reference to your hard money comment, we automatically know where to get it and all we need to do is talk to them? I don’t understand.

I had to aggressively network and get entrenched in real estate before I found my first hard money lender. And even after that, I had to build a relationship with them. Remember, this business does take work.

Just because you live in a small town, doesn’t mean there isn’t hard money available. And even if it wasn’t, you could start out wholesaling properties… because then you don’t need financing.

———————————– YouTube Guy Comment ———————————–

“Belief is not the issue, everyone believes. Think about it: if someone didn’t believe that it was possible, why would they shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars on RE courses and bootcamps? Obviously they “believe” that it’s possible to get rich with real estate.“


I disagree that “everyone believes.” Most people don’t truly BELIEVE deep down when they buy a course that it will work for them.  Most go in skeptical. They hope and wish. Some give it a “try.”

And when it’s not as easy as they thought it would be, when they don’t get the result they want quick enough… they quit, they complain, they blame.


I’m curious to know what YOU  think.

If you haven’t watched the “Great Mystery” video yet, check it out… and leave your thoughts in the comment area. Thanks.

– Patrick

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