6 Ways to Build Your Buyers List

If you had to make $5K in the next 30 days, what would you do?

I know what I’d do… the same thing I did shortly after I dropped out of college to go into real estate investing full time.

I came across a woman who was in foreclosure, asked her if she was just looking to sell for what she owed, and she said “yes!”

Then, here’s what I did…

  • I emailed a contract to the seller (never even saw the house)
  • Did a little due diligence… called a Realtor in the area
  • Showed the deal to an investor friend. A guy I met using one of the strategies you’re about to learn below.
  • And got paid $10,000!

I matched up a motivated seller and an investor… and collected $10K for putting the deal together. And I didn’t need any money or credit to do this. But I did NEED a cash buyer.

Do you have a buyer’s list? If not, it’s time to build one.

6 Ways to Build Your Real Estate Buyer’s List

1) Search Engines

Go to google, yahoo, bing… and type in “sell <insert your city/state> home fast” or “we buy houses <insert city/state>.”

Some of the results that come up will be from national companies and others from local investors. Contact the local investors.

2) Foreclosure auctions

What types of people buy property at foreclosure auctions?

CASH BUYERS! Go to the next auction in your area, take a stack of biz cards, and connect with the players who are actively bidding on properties.

2) Craigslist

Look for investor ads in the “real estate for sale” section and the “real estate” section under “services.”

3) Local REIA website and meetings

You local investor group is a great place to connect with active investors. If you’re not sure if there’s one in your area, google it. Type in your city and “real estate investing association.”

4) Houses under renovation

When you drive by a house that someone is rehabbing, stop and talk to whoever is there. Find out if he or she is the owner or if you can get their contact info.

5) “For rent” signs

People who have rental property may be looking for more. Call “for rent” signs, talk to the owner, and add ’em to your list.

6) Bandit Signs

You’ve probably seen some “we buy houses” or “stop foreclosure” signs in your area. In addition to calling these investors, you could also put out your own bandit signs that say something like, “Cheap House For Sale” or “Handyman Special.”

If you want to learn more ways to build your buyers list and match up those buyers with the right deals, check out My Secret Survey training video.

– Patrick

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