“Your First BNB” Testimonials

Okay guys, I’ve got to tell you about a real estate game-changer—a strategy I hadn’t even thought about before!

Tell me if this sounds good to you…

You’re enjoying nice laid-back days—and with just a few clicks of your mouse or a swipe on your phone, you’re earning solid, consistent short-term rental income—without even owning the property.

Pretty sweet, right?!

And, well, you can make exactly that your reality now, thanks to Your First BNB by Brian Page.

Let’s just say I’m super-excited about Brian’s new real estate investing training program! It’s the perfect step-by-step walk-through of how to land your first BNB, and you can do it without even owning any real estate if you want to. But, Brian also offers up two other strategies for making a killing with short-term rentals, if you do want to actually invest in properties too. 

He actually covers three different profit-models in the training, and two of the three teach you exactly how Brian does it without owning the properties themselves.

In real-life, Brian’s been successfully using these genius, low-risk strategies for years—and it’s working really well for him, his hundreds of students and others just like you. 

Your First BNB: The Awesome

In the program’s time-saving modules, Brian breaks down Your First BNB training series into easy-to-consume video presentations that show you how to make a solid income with low risk by hosting BNBs. Like I said, Brian’s been doing this for years, and now he’s sharing all of his BNB knowledge in this straightforward training. 

The beauty of his strategy is that after you’ve gone through all the comprehensive training, you can begin taking action on what you learn right away. It’s a simple but effective strategy.

Take a gander at what this is all about…

Your First BNB: What even is it?

So, the training is broken down into 6 main video presentations:

  • 01: Your First BNB Kickstart
  • 02: Embrace the BNB Opportunity
  • 03: Choose Your Target Market
  • 04: Find Your Ideal Property
  • 05: The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”
  • 06: Cross the Finish Line 
Your First BNB: Modules

Your First BNB Kickstart is designed to give you a solid foundation, so you can hit the ground running, woohoo! 

In Module 2, Embrace the BNB Opportunity, Brian explains how he got into BNBs, the global industry-changing impact of Airbnb, a high-level orientation of three models he uses for this strategy and how to do this strategy without money or owning property. Plus, you’ll hear real-life success stories.

Choose Your Target Market is Module 3, where Brian walks through how to choose your ideal target market for your first BNB, including tackling the “big 3” market-filtering questions you’ll be asking yourself.

Brace yourself for Module 4, Find Your Ideal Property. You’ll learn every mother-loving thing Brian knows about how to go about finding the ideal property for your first BNB.

In Module 5’s The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”, Brian shares his simple “easy pitch” you can use when talking with owners that doesn’t feel salesy—it’s a simple, straightforward way to offer the property owner a much better deal than they’re already looking at right now.

Finally, with Module 6 you’ll Cross the Finish Line. You’ll learn about which lease paperwork to use, Brian’s addendums, some of his ninja best practices and a few more BNB essentials. 

I’m telling you, this training is packed with incredible actionable info…

Want to know more about this system? Check it out… and enjoy. 🙂

Inside Video Review of Your First BNB Training

Your First BNB Testimonials

You never forget your first time, right? 😉

And Brian loves helping people achieve it and land their very first, money-making BNB listing.

That first one gives you proof-of-concept… wind in your sails… jet fuel in your engine… or whatever fun analogy makes sense to you. Bottom line, your first BNB is a huge, freaking milestone that Brian really loves helping people cross.

Here’s just a small sampling of the honest feedback (in their very own words) from real people who Brian’s helped cross that huge milestone for themselves…

“For our first BNB listing, we really didn’t have any objections when we spoke with the owner. They understood that we’d keep it clean and maintain it. The list of benefits that Brian created really helped us reassure the owner. We got our first reservation the same day we listed the property on Airbnb, and we were booked solid the first month. We’re making minimum $1,000 a month from that listing. We now have 4 listings, netting at least $4,000 a month.”

Cary and Jen, Oregon

“After watching Brian’s videos, with my very first owner call, I was able to get the owner locked in on a 1-bedroom condo, fully furnished. I used Brian’s Property Profits Calculator and took into consideration the little extras he suggests. The first month, I broke even, which is what he teaches. The next month, I brought in $900, and over the summer months, I cleared $1,100–1,300 a month. I became a Super Host on Airbnb within the first 3 months. I now have 6 listings—on my way to 10.”

Valerie, Chicago, IL

“What gave me confidence to do this? I went through all of Brian’s course, and I learned that there’s always a demand and need for Airbnbs over hotels. One of the draws to doing this is the lack of overhead. My first guest booked just 2 hours after I listed our first BNB, and they stayed 3 days later. On average, I’m bringing in $2,100 a month on our first listing. Now, I have 3 listings, 1 one of them is a duplex that I list separately and together. I’d like to get 3 more listings. I love Brian’s BNB formula—stick to everything he says and you’ll be good to go!”

Jake, Bloomington, IL

“When we watched Brian’s videos, we saw the opportunities that were presented, and things made sense. When we met with an owner, we talked for only about 10–15 minutes and he wanted to sign a lease on the spot for a 2-bed, 2-bath condo. We were profitable the 2nd month on this property. We netted $1,400 last month. We’re running about a 90%–95% occupancy. We’ve gotten 3 listings in just over 3 months. It’s been a really good experience for us.”

Michael and Katrina, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Want to Try Out Your First BNB?

Thought you might 😉

First, check out the official press release to learn more about this remarkable training program and see if Brian’s BNB strategy is right for you. I really think you’ll be all in!  

See, with Brian’s training, you have everything you need to land your first Airbnb listing (or Homeaway, or VRBO) in the next 30 days (or less) without even having to own any real estate. 

When the training is followed just as Brian instructs—with some good ole fashioned determination and action—the results will be extremely satisfying. 

From Module 1, Your First BNB provides the directions, demos, amp sessions, resources and tools so you can begin earning income from short-term rentals from just about anywhere in the U.S. 

Sound good to you?

Then you’ve got to check out Your First BNB by Brian Page. You’re gonna love his strategy… just like our testimonial folks did.

Your first BNB awaits.

Later guys,


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