What is ‘Property Scout Pipeline’ by Dolmar Cross?


Today is going to be a very powerful, perhaps life changing, day for you.  I’m sure of it.

Want to know why?

Well, I’ll tell you…

I have an automated system that will help make your investing business run more efficiently, be better organized… and yes, become more lucrative.

Allow me introduce you to Dolmar Cross and his incredible lead-generating system that’s a 1-step process: Property Scout Pipeline. As you know, a consistent source of property leads is critical for finding good deals.

After having lost everything in the crash, Dolmar figured out a way to find good deals without spending money. (He didn’t have any!) He realized that having a constant team of Property Scouts to consistently find those leads made perfect sense.

What is a property scout? Another way to say real estate bird dog!

But he didn’t have the time to train them or track all the leads they were bringing in.


Enter… the Property Scout Program

Dolmar created a management and tracking software system to do all of that for him. (And now, for you, too.)

Property Scout Pipeline’s step-by-step training instructions and software automation do all the management work, holding the Property Scout’s hand through the entire process. It manages the status of each property lead, keeps notes, adjusts the progress as leads move forward, and tracks hundreds of Property Scouts at once, in multiple markets.

This system will save hours upon hours of your time. Because it does so much, all you have to do is post ads to bring on new Property Scouts and make offers on property leads the Scouts bring you. That’s it!

See, the true beauty of this system is that your Property Scouts do the marketing for you. The training educates them and arms them with marketing templates that have already been proven to generate leads. They’ll put out flyers, drive for dollars, send out direct mail and much more.

It’s all done for you, so you can spend your valuable time closing deals.

This exceptional property finder program is called…

Property Scout Pipeline, by Dolmar Cross

By leveraging Dolmar’s automated system, you can post a single, simple Craigslist ad… and begin quickly getting property leads from Property Scouts eager to work for you.

Property Scout Pipeline - Dolmar Cross

See what I mean about the 1-step process? Just post an ad, folks.

Property Scout Pipeline is totally automated and trains, manages and tracks your Property Scouts for you all while you focus on closing those leads and turning them into profits.

The system has loads of different features and add-ons you get to really customize. Here’s just a taste of what the system does for you:

  • Solid, robust training for you—your Property Scout Training Guide
  • Step-by-step training for your Property Scouts—via property scout training manual & videos
  • Solid tracking—for the leads your property scouts submit to you
  • Property scout systems—effortlessly communicate, organize photos, files and docs all in one place
  • All the docs—agreements, contracts and whatever you need to do business right
  • Swipe-and-deploy— marketing templates that are time-tested &proven
  • And so much more…

Look, Dolmar has flipped over 127 properties using his 1-step lead-generating system. Today, he only works about 15 hours a week. And it’s all because of Property Scouts, as well as the systems and processes he created to fully outsource his deal finding.

dolmar cross banner

This system provides consistent property leads at zero cost… in just 1 free, simple step. Best of all, this system us useful in any kind of market. Look, it’s a highly valuable tool that many investors will benefit from – even you.

Check out Property Scout Pipeline today – you won’t be disappointed!



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