What Is “One Minute Leads” by Patrick Riddle?

What Is 1-Minute Leads?Hey Investors, Patrick Riddle here…

I’ve been hunkered down lately working on some killer software for real estate investors that’s all about making it fast and easy to get the online leads you need for your REI business in just a click.

How the Awesomeness Works

With new software I created called 1 Minute Leads, we have automated the time-consuming, tedious process of manually searching for leads online. Not only is it all automated, but it provides lightning-fast results. All you gotta do is 3 simple steps in this user-friendly software:

  1. Enter keywords such as ‘we buy houses,’ ‘wholesale deals,’ ‘VIP buyer’s list’
  2. Enter the target market’s city and state
  3. Click ‘Get Leads’

Then, sit back and prepare to be amazed! In less than a minute (typically 30-40 seconds), leads of active cash buyers, hard money lenders, potential team members like attorneys or appraisers, other investors and deals are expediently served up on your screen likkity split.

Here’s how the magic happens: 1-Minute Leads works like a search engine by unleashing its digital minions to scour the public information available on the interwebs, scraping together the relevant details. The found leads are then populated on the page with the lead’s phone number and website link. This software also sifts through and scrubs the non-relevant info so you don’t get bogged down with unusable results.

Our pal, 10-Hour Wholesaler, Justin Wilmot, is one of the people participating in our Beta testing program before this bad boy gets released to the public. Justin recently posted a video talking about how awesome 1 Minute Leads is and how he uses it in his 10-Hour Wholesaler business to get direct phone numbers for cash buyers and other wholesalers. As I mentioned, there are lots of other uses for it as well, but you definitely need to check out what Justin has to say about 1 Minute Leads:

“Give Me More Please”

I hope you’re as excited as we are about this amazing software. Hungry for more? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out this press release about 1-Minute Leads for more information. This is definitely something that every real estate investor should at least have a looksee at to see if it’s something that would benefit you.

One Minute Leads is all about saving you time and getting you direct access to first-class phone numbers for the leads that you need most in your business. If you believe time is money – and you wanna save more of it – then you need to check it out.

You Want the Goods?

So, like I said, 1-Minute Leads software will soon be available (yay!) to the public. At the moment, we’re still in the Beta testing phase.

But if you’re interested and maybe want a piece of the action early before it goes public, you can get in touch with us here to request an invitation to be a Beta user.

Oh – One Last Thing…

Remember this please: I am not an attorney or legal counsel. I strongly encourage you to do your due diligence and consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before contacting leads as laws vary by state.

Talk to you later,

-Patrick Riddle

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