SIMs 2.0 Greg Clement Review and Full OpenRoad3 Demo – Bonus Package and Discount

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Alrighty, a bunch of our readers asked about the SIMs system and wanted a clearer explanation of what the software really does. So… we decided to do a full and detailed video walkthrough of the OpenRoad3 software that comes with SIMs.

With the SIMs system, its 2 parts.

1. The training on how to use the internet to put your lead generation into overdrive (great training, best I’ve seen on generating leads online for a REI biz)
2. The OpenRoad3 software that I walk you through below that automates pretty much all of the actions you need to take to generate leads online and serves as your online
database, CRM, and lead generating software.

Anyhow, check out the video walkthrough below… it’ll show you what I like, what I hate, what elements are cool, what SIMs lacks, and how to fill those gaps that SIMs has.

Enjoy 🙂

SIMs 2.0 & Open Road3 Full Walkthrough Review

The SIMs Open Road3 software review is extremely detailed… I walk you through EVERY aspect of the software (but I did forget to show how the software will analyze your deals for you, blast your properties to social media sites, fax your offers for you, and other features I forgot to go over… ) in the video demo below and it’s a solid 50 minutes long.  But, if you’d rather hop on a webinar Wednesday evening to have the SIMs guys give you a full demo of the software live… here’s a link to go sign up for that live demo webinar thats Wednesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST).  No hype… just a full demo of what SIMs does.

>> Here’s our link to invest in SIMs if you feel its right for you <<

Our SIMs 2.0 Bonuses If You Feel Its Right For You

Okay, like I said above… there are 2 SIMs levels depending on how much “done for you” hand holding you need right now to implement your online marketing strategy.  The “done for you” version of SIMs is called their SIMs Partnership Program… which isn’t cheap at all… but is far less expensive than hiring outside firms to set up your squeeze pages, websites, social media marketing campaigns, etc.  The SIMs guys do that for you with this package.
If you invest in the SIMs Partnership Program (the “done for you version”) – First 10 6 Only:
  1. A $100 cash credit at our print shop toward your first direct mail campaign
  2. We’ll give you access to our direct mail print shop and our negotiated discount so you can use the direct mail pieces in SIMs cost effectively
    ($300 value)
  3. We’ll find private lenders FOR YOU in your local area within 45 days after you invest in the SIMs Partnership program
    ($3,000 value)

    We’ll have my team search your area through the public records for actual private lenders who are in your city right now, we’ll give you their names, addresses, how much money they’ve lent, etc. so you can then connect with them and build a relationship with them to be your lender.
  4. I’ll do a 1 on 1 30 minute personal “internet marketing” advanced strategy session with you to put together a solid plan to help you generate the most amount of leads possible for your REI biz using the SIMs technology and system
    ($500 real world value)
  5. You’ll get our never before released 7 step “Private money getting” email autoresponder sequence that you can plug into your SIMs autoresponder to convert your private lender prospects to private lenders.  The sequence is specifically designed to build instant credibility for you and private lending and professionally written to guide the private lending prospect through a specific sequence that maximizes conversion.
    ($1,500 real value)
Total Real Value:  $5,400
Here’s our affiliate tracking link you need to use to get those bonuses above for the SIMs partnership program.

>> You Must Use This Link To Get The Above Bonuses For Investing In the SIMs Partnership Program – First 10 Only <<

If you decide to invest in the regular SIMs program, you’ll get everything above except for…
– The $100 cash credit to our direct mail company
– 1 on 1 30 minute consultation
Those two take too much of my time and money compared to the commission the SIMs folks kick back.

How To Get Your SIMs 2.0 and Open Road3 Software Bonus

Okay, like I said in the video review… SIMs is a great piece of software and training and a great tool for those who don’t have the time or expertise to set up your own online marketing campaigns.  I myself don’t need SIMs, I already have the knowledge and team setting this stuff up for me… but I realize not everyone has that luxury.  If you’ve decided SIMs is right for you to help you automate and grow your business so you can focus more time on having fun, making money, and spending time with your family… and you want that missing link that SIMs doesn’t provide (the private money… they give you a squeeze page but not much on the marketing)…

… now all you have to do is choose which package is right for you.

If you want the true turn key solution… where we actually find the private lenders for you… go w/ the SIMs Partnership Program (which they are saying will likely fill up Wednesday because they have actual manual labor on their end to implement everything for you).  It’s not cheap… but, that one bonus where we’ll find YOU private lenders IN YOUR AREA FOR YOU and give you our 7 part “Private lender magnate” autoresponder email sequence to plug into your SIMs sytem is worth 10x the investment in SIMs alone… not to mention the other bonuses and the actual SIMs software itself.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  1. SIMs opened up Tuesday 7/13 at 12:00 PST EST (9:07 am PST)
  2. Use our affiliate tracking link below so they can track you as our customer (if you don’t use the links on this page you WON’T get our bonus.
  3. Select a SIMs package and buy it
  4. Send your receipt to support [at] privatemoneyblueprint [dot] com and we’ll put you immediately into the bonus group for whatever SIMs package you choose
  5. We’ll get a hold of you with the details on the bonus (remember, only the first 10 get the “done for you” Partner bonus. As long as this message is still up… there are still spots left. When all 10 spots are filled we’ll immediately put up a “sold out” note on this page).

>> Go Here Today To Get SIMs 2.0 <<

*We’re of course able to offer this great service and these great bonuses to you because we got a special tracking link from SIMs… and they do give us a commission when you use our links to buy. However, to provide a ton of value to our subscribers and members… we use a big hunk of the commission money to help you out… and in this case, with the Partner package we’re spending almost $800 out of our pockets to help you cut the learning curve in your REI biz and in “private money getting”.