How Part-Time Investor, Tim Ryan, Closed A 42-Unit Deal Using Other People’s Money

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Hey, I was on the phone with PMBPer, Tim Ryan, and he was telling me about a 42-unit deal worth $3mm bucks he closed the other day.

It’s amazing how far Tim has come since joining forces with us back in May ’09.

A few short months after implementing the PMBP system and processes, he sent me this message…


Several months ago I was spinning my wheels trying to close a single family with a bank… earlier this month, I closed on a 16 unit deal, a 2 duplex deal, and another duplex deal REO – with private money. My net monthly cash flow is $2000!

Thanks guys because I know this is just the beginning.


Yep, it was just the beginning Tim 🙂

From spinning his wheels trying to close a single family deal through a bank… to closing multi-million dollar deals.

And get this… Tim hasn’t used one dime of his own money to acquire any of his properties. To finance the 42-unit, he put a simple ad online and got $560k in private money!

I asked Tim if he would be willing to hop on the line for this month’s Private Money Monthly Mastermind Call… and he said “YES!”


And not only did Tim  share his ad with you that you can swipe and deploy into your business, you’re going to learn:

  • How to get Realtors feeding you “pocket listings” (great deals that other people aren’t finding)
  • Tim’s secret ingredient (it starts with a “P”) to getting private money
  • How he used a pre-payment penalty to his advantage when negotiating the 42-unit deal
  • The unconventional method Tim used to find the PERFECT resident property manager
  • and much more!

He’s even going to share how he found and funded his 2 most recent flips that will conservatively net him $65k.

Take out a pen and pad… and get ready to take some notes.


If you have any questions, toss ’em in the comment area.

– Patrick

P.S. – Here’s a pic of Tim with his wife and son outside the new 42-unit deal

Congrats from the entire PMBP family! We’re proud of ya 🙂

From $0 to a Million in Private Money in ONLY 26 Days

In this month’s edition of the Private Money Monthly Mastermind Call, we have Platinum PMBPer, Jason Tooley with us… to share his amazing story.

You’re about to learn…

  • The immediate action plan that jump started Jason’s biz
  • Who the perfect private money prospect is who stroked him a check for $425K
  • How he went from 0 to $1 million in private money in ONLY 26 days
  • How Jason stumbled into a 48 unit seller financed deal
  • 2 simple questions that unlocked piles of additional profits
  • How he structured an $8 million dollar package deal with none of his own money… and got two 2009 Harley Sportsters thrown into the deal!
  • The critical success factors causing his business to EXPLODE and how to apply the in your biz
  • and much more!

Alrighty, check out the video below…

Leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

We’re here for ya.

– Patrick

How to Become a Private Money Magnet

By becoming a private money magnet, you get private money easily, almost effortlessly… while other investors struggle and fail.

In this month’s Private Money Mastermind Call, I share (for the first time ever) this “inside” private money getting info.

You’re going to learn:

  • The last thing you EVER want to appear like… this literally REPELS private money
  • Why you should be “diagnosing” your private money prospects (and how)
  • How to shift the balance of power… once you do this getting private money becomes EASY
  • How to use the “Authority Sale” to attract private money
  • 7 private money magnetism strategies to get private lenders to fork over their cash fund fund your deals
  • and much more!

Watch the “How to Become a Private Money Magnet” training below…

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, let us know.

We’re here for you 100%.

Happy private money getting!

– Patrick

Insider Interview – 49 Unit Apartment Deal Case Study

If you’re interested in getting into commercial real estate… and using private money to do so, this “Insider Interview” is for you.

PMBP members, Gene Kinzer and Ron Rasmussen, did a 49 unit apartment deal last year with none of their own money… and created a great cash flow investment with $1 million in equity.

Imagine doing just one deal and adding a cool mil to your net worth. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

Well, that’s exactly what Gene and Ron did which is why I had to get them on the line to break down this deal into a case study… to walk you through step-by-step how they found the deal (they actually found it online and share the website with you), the negotiation, how the deal was structured, where and how they got private money to fund it, how a HUGE obstacle right before closing turned into an opportunity, and much  more.

Check out this email (our favorite kind of emails from members… RESULTS!) they sent Trevor, one of our PMBP faculty members, about the deal…

As you can see, real world people doing BIG deals in today’s market… with other people’s money. Beautiful.

Alrighty, here’s your insider interview…

Bravo guys!

Thanks Gene and Ron for sharing so much info and resources!

Head over to their website, Financial Freedom Holdings, and check out some of their projects.

If you have any questions, toss ’em in the comment area below.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

Watch Me Find Private Lenders Online (plus much more!)

In this month’s edition of the Private Money Mastermind Call, you’ll learn:

  • How 3 PMBP students got $1.6 Million in private money since last year… to fund 12 deals (including a 49 unit apartment building with a cool mil in equity)
  • 15 different places to find private money
  • The easiest and fastest way to find private money
  • How to follow the “private lender trail”
  • How to instantly find active private lenders online (watch me find real private lenders right before your eyes)
  • How to build your list of private lenders in less than 30 minutes
  • Plus much more

Check it out below…

Put your thoughts and questions in the comment area below.

Let us know how we can help ya 🙂

– Patrick

Head of the PMBP Faculty

Private Money Mastermind Call – Building Your Foundation of Success

In module 1 of our full Private Money Blueprint system, we help you lay your foundation of success in your real estate investing business.

Without this foundation, all the private money and real estate investing techniques in the world won’t help you.

In this month’s addition of the Private Money Monthly Mastermind Call, I’ve adapted the content from Module 1 to build you a rock solid foundation… so that you’re ready to this the fast track towards getting private money for your deals.

Here’s what you’re about to learn:

  • A study of Harvard MBA graduates that will blow your mind and change how you “plan” your life and business forever
  • How to put your goals on steroids and get what you want easier and faster
  • The REI Litmus Test ( this will ensure that you’re focused on the right investment strategy based on your life and biz goals)
  • A resource for creating your business plan from scratch
  • And much more!

Plus your going to get a downloadable template that only our full PMBP members have previously had access to.

Check out the Mastermind Call below…

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Let us know if you have any questions… or if we can help you with anything.

Happy Private Money Getting!

– Patrick

Insider Interview with Full Time Investor and Entrepreneur Justin Lee

I was fortunate to get investor and entrepreneur, Justin Lee, on the line recently to see what’s working in his biz in today’s market.

Here’s a little info on Justin:

  • Full time real estate investor since 2003
  • Made over $27,000 on his first deal
  • Has invested in 3 major markets around the U.S. – Washington, DC, Bellingham, WA, and San Diego, CA
  • Runs and operates several different real estate and marketing companies
  • Founder of

A year ago, he and his family (wife and two little ones) decided to pick up and move to San Diego.

Imagine being totally in control of your life, being able to move wherever you want, when you want… like Justin.

In this “Insider Interview”, we dig in deep to show you the exact marketing strategies he uses to find great deals, how Justin gets and structures his private money loans, and much more.

This is actionable training that you can take and immediately implement in your biz and life.

Enjoy 🙂


… thanks for joining us for this month’s “Insider Interview”.

Also, we’re on the lookout for more real world investors who are kicking butt in today’s market and are using private money to make it happen.

If that’s you, shoot an email in to our support at support [at] privatemoneyblueprint [dot] com. We’d love for you to be our next “Insider Interview”.

– Patrick

P.S. – Around the 24 min mark, Justin shares an awesome negotiating technique to get seller financing. Make sure you check that out.

Private Money Mastermind Call – Avoid These Costly Mistakes

I’ve learned some tough lessons from mistakes I’ve made investing in real estate. Mistakes that cost me big time financially, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone, EVERYONE makes mistakes… doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to real estate investing or if you’re a seasoned veteran.

BUT, it’s how you respond, how you react, what you learn… that makes the difference.

In real estate investing, when things go south, it can mean broken agreements, payments falling behind, liens, judgments, foreclosure, bankruptcy.

You’re undoubtedly heard many stories of hardship over the last few years… from huge multi-million and billion dollar real estate investment companies, developers, banks, mortgage companies…

… but regardless of the adversity faced, there are KEY lessons to be learned and leveraged into your next deal, your business, your personal life.

In this month’s edition of the PMM Mastermind Call, I go in-depth explaining the BIG mistakes I’ve made, how I’ve responded, how I’ve weathered the storm…

You’re about to learn:

  • How I created a cash flow nightmare
  • How $847K in cash disappeared in only 3 months
  • The hardest and smartest thing I’ve ever done in business
  • How I successfully renegotiated millions of dollars in private money loans
  • 7 key lessons learned from the REI trenches
  • and more

You know, most people are scared to admit their mistakes. And I used to be the same way. But, I realized the huge benefits that I can provide other investors by opening up and sharing the tough times I’ve been through.

My hope is that you can experience these through me, learn from them, and avoid them in your own business and life.

This is a very personal tutorial… I hope you enjoy.

(it may take it a min for the video to load… please be patient 🙂

Take these lessons and apply them in your business, your life.

… and if you’re going through difficult times yourself, let me know. I’m here to help in any way I can.

I mean it.

– Patrick

Private Money Mastermind Call – How to Build Massive Credibility

Let’s say you meet with a private money prospect and you find out they’re earning a 3% return  in one of their investments. You offer them a 6% return backed by real estate, and they say “no”.


Because they don’t believe you’re gonna do what you say you’re gonna do.

… so it’s a trust issue. A lack of credibility.

You may find this hard to believe, but even if you’re brand new to real estate investing and have zero experience, you can get private money for your deals… you can secure funding BEFORE you ever make your first offer.


That’s exactly what this month’s Mastermind Call is all about…

How to look, feel, and be credible… regardless of your level of experience, regardless of your current financial picture, regardless of your credit – whether good or bad.

In this training, you’re about to learn:

  • What is Credibility? How it Relates to Getting Private Money?
  • N.A.C.K. – The Characteristics of an Investor with MASSIVE Credibility
  • The Iron Law of Credibility
  • The Ultimate Credibility “Clincher”
  • 13 Credibility Triggers that Lead to Unstoppable Confidence
  • 4 Strategies to Build Credibility from Scratch
  • And More!

Check out the training below (fyi – it’s broken up into two videos)…

And here’s the second video…

Put your questions, comments, and whatever else is on your mind in the comment area. Let us know how we can help.

Now, go get some private money!

~ Patrick

How to Find Private Money Using LinkedIn

Social media is all the rage these days but there’s one social media site in particular that can help you find all the private money you need: LinkedIn.

In this special members-only video, our friend and internet marketing expert Peter Kolat explains how analyzing the information found on LinkedIn can help you find private money for almost any type of deal.