Private Money Monthly Insider Interview w/ Wil Christenson

Yo Private Money Monthly (PMM) Members,

Each and every month, you’re gonna get access to an “Insider Interview” where I go behind the scenes with a real world real estate investor who is killin’ it in today’s market.

This month, we’ve got Wil Christenson with us.

To give you a small glimpse into Wil’s life, he…

– works for himself… and has been for over 6 years

– does what he wants, when he wants

– easily gets private money for his deals

– cashes five-figure checks from his real estate deals like clockwork

– and loves every minute of it!

Grab your pen and pad and get ready to take notes. Here’s your PMM Insider Interview…

Congrats on your successes Wil!

… and thanks for sharing those awesome tips with us. We appreciate it.

Talk soon,


… aka P-Rid

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