Private Money Student Results – Noe Took Our Advice = 2 Private Lenders

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Kinda a cool message that was submitted by one of our Private Money Monthly members the other day to our free training area.

Well… Noe took the presentation, scripts, and templates he got for just $67 w/ the Private Money Fast Start Package and went out there and met with potential private lenders.  Check out his comment below to see what happened…


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Private Money Blueprint Student Results – Connie Morales $150,000 in 60 Days

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Whew… they keep coming 🙂  I’ll make this one short and sweet.

A PMBP student, Connie… went out there and took the specific phrases and “ice breaking” techniques we teach in PMBP Modules 2 and 3 to reel in this private lender for $150,000 using just one of the 32 places we’ve found that private lenders hang out.

Check out her email… direct from my email account 🙂


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Private Money Blueprint Student Results – Ann Arrington $8,600

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Okay… for those of you who are scared right now of big numbers (like the $250k, $100k, $1million, $7.5 million, etc. that other students have gotten)… here’s a great one for you.

Ann is a PMBP student… got our free “private money getting” website bonus… we did our thing for her to get her good search rankings… and she got a private lender lead through that website within 3 weeks of us setting it up.

Long story short… this is the final email she sent us in a line of emails between her and us where we were giving her advice on how to proceed with this lead… check it out 🙂 It’s not big bucks… but it’s a start… and it gave Ann the confidence to go out there and do it again and again in the future with more ease.


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Private Money Blueprint Student Results – Tim Ryan $2k a Month Extra Cashflow

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Now, Tim was one of our two lucky students back in May when Patrick and I decided to have a contest and give two lucky people who had had ZERO “private money getting” experience 6 weeks personal coaching w/ Patrick and I and a copy of our complete PMBP system (w/ tools, scripts, action plans, templates, marketing, forms, etc.).

Well… within 2 weeks of having us look at what he was doing… and giving him a specific action plan (which came directly out of the PMBP home study course… because it works!)… he got over $80k in private money.

But… check out his email from this past week that he sent us updating us on what he’s done BECAUSE of the private money he’s gotten after getting and putting to work our PMBP home study system… pretty cool stuff that makes me smile everytime 🙂


Now… if that isn’t motivating to you that a guy who 3 months ago couldn’t finance a single family home… got our PMBP system… took what it gave him… applied it… and now 3 months later OWNS a 20 units (in 3 different properties) using NONE of his own money… just took what he learned from us and went out there and got other people to give him the money for his deals. Now he’s working on a 168 unit property… PMBP gave him the tools and confidence to make it happen.

And… now he has an extra $2,000 monthly positive cashflow. What would that do for your business?

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Of course, Tim took what we gave him and applied it… so his results aren’t typical because some people are too lazy, skeptical, or lack the confidence to know that they can do it themselves.

Patrick Egan Case Study: How He Got $150,000 In Private Money Within 30 Days


Alrighty… one of our Platinum PMBP students shot us an email letting us know what he’s been doing the last couple weeks… and I had a big ol’ smiles on my face when I read what he’s done since implementing what we taught him.

His Private Money Results?

Well… check out the case study audio below for specifics… but I can tell you he secured 6 figures in less than 30 days after he worked the PMBP system  (he says how he did it in the mp3 below).

Click here to play the mp3 case study with Patrick Egan <<

The mp3 will open in a new window

To Sum It Up…

  • $150,000 in private money within 30 days
  • Has found a few very simple things that clicked with him that got him big results that other private money programs didn’t do for him
  • He used our scripts and got his CPA to commit private money to him and his CPA will now refer his clients over to Patrick Egan as well.
  • Patrick (Egan) is much more confident and comfortable getting private money now
  • Patrick (Egan) will now be able to fund his multi-family deals more easily than ever before

Congrats Patrick!  We’re proud of ya and we’re here with you 100% of the way!