Rob Gets Hounded By Private Lenders – With Just One PMBP Strategy…

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Okay, Rob has been a star investor student of ours and is kicking some serious hiney.  This is one of the first emails Rob sent us (within a week of joining PMBP)… and he let us know what a recent networking meeting was like for him when he just changed ONE thing he was doing and followed just ONE strategy from the PMBP program.

Here ’tis… pretty cool stuff huh?
(click the image below to see the full version email from Rob)


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Private Money Blueprint Results – Luis Larotta Gets $600k – $1million Committment

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One of our PMBP students Luis Larotta from California is one of those students who is awesome… because he isn’t shy to get a hold of Patrick or I anytime he has a question (and we’re always here to help him… and any of our students any way we can).

So, we helped him a bit to tweak his Private Lender Powerpoint by adding in some “closers”… some important “question patterns” that help to close the prospect early on, etc.

Well… check out his results (and who he got his first private money committment from). Now he can do deals and make offers with confidence knowing that he has the money “in his back pocket”… without bank hassles… without a credit check… without upfront points or fees… etc.

Check out his email to us…


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Private Money Blueprint Student Results – Ann Arrington $8,600

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Okay… for those of you who are scared right now of big numbers (like the $250k, $100k, $1million, $7.5 million, etc. that other students have gotten)… here’s a great one for you.

Ann is a PMBP student… got our free “private money getting” website bonus… we did our thing for her to get her good search rankings… and she got a private lender lead through that website within 3 weeks of us setting it up.

Long story short… this is the final email she sent us in a line of emails between her and us where we were giving her advice on how to proceed with this lead… check it out 🙂 It’s not big bucks… but it’s a start… and it gave Ann the confidence to go out there and do it again and again in the future with more ease.


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Private Money Blueprint Student Results – Tim Ryan $2k a Month Extra Cashflow

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Now, Tim was one of our two lucky students back in May when Patrick and I decided to have a contest and give two lucky people who had had ZERO “private money getting” experience 6 weeks personal coaching w/ Patrick and I and a copy of our complete PMBP system (w/ tools, scripts, action plans, templates, marketing, forms, etc.).

Well… within 2 weeks of having us look at what he was doing… and giving him a specific action plan (which came directly out of the PMBP home study course… because it works!)… he got over $80k in private money.

But… check out his email from this past week that he sent us updating us on what he’s done BECAUSE of the private money he’s gotten after getting and putting to work our PMBP home study system… pretty cool stuff that makes me smile everytime 🙂


Now… if that isn’t motivating to you that a guy who 3 months ago couldn’t finance a single family home… got our PMBP system… took what it gave him… applied it… and now 3 months later OWNS a 20 units (in 3 different properties) using NONE of his own money… just took what he learned from us and went out there and got other people to give him the money for his deals. Now he’s working on a 168 unit property… PMBP gave him the tools and confidence to make it happen.

And… now he has an extra $2,000 monthly positive cashflow. What would that do for your business?

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Of course, Tim took what we gave him and applied it… so his results aren’t typical because some people are too lazy, skeptical, or lack the confidence to know that they can do it themselves.

Private Money Blueprint Testimonial – Ray Smith $250,000 in cash

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Lol… man… this never gets old 🙂  We got an email from a student the other day who… well you can see for yourself what he’s already done after getting and implementing the specific step by step action plans… and by using the exact “cut and paste” templates and scripts we gave him… check out his email below (we took a picture of it directly in my inbox).

Check it out… (hint: Ray has got over $250,000 in private money using the PMBP system… now he can close deals without banks and can put cash in his pocket more quickly and more easily. )


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Private Money Blueprint Testimonial – Butch + $35,000 = Happy

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Yet another email from a student using the Private Money Blueprint System and seeing results.  You can check out the 13 minute case study video that we did with Butch a few months back when he initially got the $80k in private money and bought that property over here if you want to get a little “back story” on the whole thing.

But, as we all know… getting private money and buying a property doesn’t mean anything until you turn it into profits in your pocket.

Well… a few weeks back Butch emailed us again letting us know he got done rehabbing the property and closed on it for a $35,000 profit.  The really cool part of the email is that he says he’s been doing this for 5 years and he’s NEVER made this much on a deal… that is until we taught him how to use private money :-)

Check it out…


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Private Money Blueprint Review – Justin Wilmot $8,678.45 Profit

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Okay… now… this is truly my favorite kind of email to get.  Justin Wilmot is a young guy who joined our program a little while back and his big “claim to fame” as far as private money goes is that after going through our proram he locked down a private lender who has $1 million available for Justin to use for his investments (check out the previous case study on him on that).

But, a little bit back Justin emailed me… and he just closed his FIRST DEAL… and put $8,678.45 in PROFIT in his pocket on a wholesale deal he just closed with my help and guidance.

Check out the string of emails straight out of my email account below… (read the picture from the bottom up… that’s the correct time-line of how the emails happened… cool stuff).


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Private Money Blueprint Review – Testimonial Jason Brown

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Man… these ones are the coolest of all.  I was on Facebook for a few minutes the other day right after I got off the phone with one of our new Platinum PMBP Coaching “Inner Circle” students (the people who have full phone access to Trevor and I… they’re seeing HUGE results).

Anyhow, after I posted a comment on Facebook… one of our students ( Jason Brown ) commented… check out Jason’s comment in the screen pic I took of my Facebook page below (the Lui Larotta guy is a PMBP student too! We love communicating w/ our students any chance we get. That’s what it’s all about).


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PMBP Student Testimonial – Ron Eason

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It’s really cool when we get unsolicited emails and messages from our students about the difference we’re making in their lives and businesses… and that they truly appreciate the way we approach teaching about private money.

Anyhow, I logged into my Facebook Account and saw this message from a PMBP student of ours Ronald Eason.  Thanks Ron!


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PMBP Student Testimonial – Tim Bratz

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Tim is a PMBP student and actually lives near me here in South Carolina.  Small world huh?

Anyhow, Tim closed his first deal with my help (he didn’t use private money for it… but the advice I gave him helped him close this deal)… and he’s on the track to set up his REI biz so he never has to worry about financing again.

Check it out…

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