Another PMBP Student Kicking Butt in Today’s Market – Target: 49 Unit Apartment Complex

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If you’re one of “those” real estate investors who think you can’t buy property today unless you have your own cash or good credit, well, fortunately for you, you’re wrong.

Here’s another example of one of our students, Gene Kinzer, making things happen with private money.

He joined our Private Money Blueprint Team and just closed a 49 unit deal. And when the project is complete, he’s going to be netting around $6,000 positive cash flow … each and every month.

Check out his message to us below …

Congrats Gene!! Enjoy that new cash flow 🙂

Keep the momentum moving forward, and let us know how we can help ya.

Patrick & Trevor

The Private Money Blueprint Team


** These private money results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action, and therefore, gets no private money.

Private Money Blueprint Case Study – Victor Gets $7.2 Million from a “Big Fish”

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Wow… this one speaks for itself. Victor Morrison is a Platinum student of ours and has been since we first initially took on students at the end of 2008.  Well… here’s an email straight out of my Gmail account that Victor sent me a little bit ago:

(NOTE – TO MAKE PICTURE BIGGER BELOW: we had to scale down the picture a bit to make it fit into the page… but if you click on the image below it’ll bring it up into full size so you can read it better).


So… basically, Victor pushed the doubts he had in his mind aside… went after the “big fish”… and locked up enough private money to have the private lender pay for up to 3 houses PER MONTH for the next 3 years... so Victor can now just focus on finding deals… rather than worrying about where the financing is going to come from.

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