How Casey Cavell Closed A 200-Unit Mini Storage Deal With None Of His Own Money

Hey guys and gals…

… you’ve gotta check this out.

I met an investor recently, Casey Cavell, who is making things happen. This kid (seriously, he’s only 25 years old) is buying large mini storage buildings – anywhere from 200 to 500 units – using other people’s money.

Yep, he’s using private money to close big deals… without spending a dime out of his pocket.

Love it!

So, I decided to hop on the line with Casey and do a full “whats working now” call where we go into detail exactly what he’s doing to find private lenders, to convert them, and how he’s putting that money to use in his real estate business today.

I do an interview like this every month for our Private Money Monthly (PMM) students.

… and you’ve probably never heard of our Private Money Monthly program before… but just one of the things included is a monthly interview with someone (no gurus, underground investors you’ve never heard of) who is doing really really well in today’s real estate market.

Below is a small segment (about 12 min) from my interview with Casey where he goes over…

  • His first mini storage deal (over 200 units!) – how he structured it with the seller and private lender
  • Exactly what he was looking for in a good deal – his buying criteria
  • The list broker contact who you can use too to find great deals like this
  • The 2 things that tipped him off and assured him he was staring at a goldmine
  • and more!

Check out this clip from Casey’s interview…

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

C’mon y’all… if Casey – a twenty something kid – can buy a 200 unit mini storage building using none of his own cash or credit… you can get private money to fund a single family house or small commercial deal.

Now, if you enjoyed this little segment from Casey’s interview (that was only 1/4 of it),check out this special little offer we’ve put together for ya.

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