How Hungry Are You?

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So… how hungry are you?

I’m not talking about getting up and grabbing an ice cream bar or munching on dinner…

… I’m talking about your hunger for a better life.

Too many people I talk to always say how “bad” they want out of their rut and how “bad” they *want* to live a better life.

But, when it all comes down to it… *most* people talk a good game but deep down inside… like in the pit of your being… aren’t all that hungry quite yet.

Anyhow, my buddy Brendan (he lives up here in Oregon… not to far from me) shot a really great video about becoming successful and becoming THE expert in YOUR area.  Whether it’s real estate… or whether you’re really passionate about something else… if you really want to be successful you’ve got to check out this video.

Great stuff Brendan!

If you’re really hungy about making it in real estate… here’s a little test for you tonight.

Are you struggling to get money to close on your deals?


Are you really hungry to get your deals closed (even apartment buildings) without using your own money or credit?

Well… join us for an encore of our “7 Ways To Make Money As A Multi-Family Syndicator and Advanced “Private Money Getting” for 2010″ web workshop w/ the full PMBP team TONIGHT (wednesday) at 6pm PST:

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