How To Reverse The Private Money Equation

Hey, I’m coming at you today from my second home, Starbucks ūüėČ

I remember meeting one of my private money lenders here. He overhead me talking on the phone, struck up a conversation, and BOOM!

Not only did he lend me private money, he referred two other people to me who became lenders.

When I got started though, I fumbled and stumbled my way into getting private money,¬†did a lot of things wrong… but tweaked my approach, my¬†technique so that other people would ask me for more info¬†on my private lending opportunities.

I reversed the private money equation!

Instead of selling people on lending me their money, I say and do things in certain ways to get other people asking me to lend me their money.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, it’s pretty darn simple when you implement these two¬†ninja techniques in the videos below…

Good stuff, ehhh?

So what questions do you have? Thoughts?

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– Patrick