“Ghetto” Marketing… Why Does Ugly Looking Marketing Work?

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Alrighty, a big debate across people is… “pretty marketing” vs. “ugly marketing”.

Now, I’m not talking about “ugly” tactics or non-ethical stuff… I’m talking about ugly looking marketing materials… i.e. – stuff that doesn’t look pretty 🙂

Well, I can attest personally that “ugly – ghetto” looking marketing tends to work pretty darn well in many cases… and in this video I’ll dive in and show you 2 actual “ugly” postcards for finding absentee owners, and 1 “ugly” letter for absentee owners.  In it, take notes on the 2 distinctions that make “ugly” marketing work… then test ‘er out in your business to see if you get better results 🙂  (push play to start the video. Its about 20 mins… but you’ll enjoy ‘er)


Link mentioned in video: 


* As I mention in the video, all of those marketing templates, post cards, letters, campaigns, private lender leads, free websites, the lead flow organizer, comp checker, “offerbot”, and everything else are in the new Freedomsoft 3 software… and they dropped the upfront fee for the software (which was $997 – $2997)… now you just pay the monthly maintenance fee of as little as $97/mo for everything… w/ no contracts.  Really solid program which is why I showed you those marketing pieces inside the software… I love their style and know they work.  Check ‘er out 🙂

Oh, as a bonus that I don’t mention… if you do register for a Freesomsoft 3 account through our “affiliate” links on this page… they give us credit and a small commission for making the referral. However, we want to pass along the goodness and offer you one of two programs for free:


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You can choose one of those programs above for FREE if you register through Freedomsoft 3 through our links on this page.

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PS – As you know, there are some great resources out there and some really crappy resources. We pass along the ones to you that we truly feel are worthy and can help certain people either drastically automate things, cut the learning curve, and have better long-term results in life and real estate. Freedomsoft is one of those resources… if you’re a wholesaler its worth looking into.

PPS – In 2010 when Freedomsoft released their 2nd version of the software… we filmed an updated video review of their system. If you want to check it out, here’s the link on our blog: Since then they’ve added private lender leads, more websites, the “offerbot”, and more… but, that’ll give you a good idea of the overall look/feel and comprehensiveness of the software. Enjoy 🙂

Freedomsoft Review – Pros, Cons, & Detailed review of Freedomsoft Reloaded Software

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UPDATE:  JULY 2011 – Freedomsoft has dropped their $2k-$3k upfront fee for a summer promotion.  They have added a few features to the software such as private lender leads, up to 10 free websites and domain names, and more.  You can now get freedomsoft for as little as $97/mo w/ no upfront fee.  See the whole description here <<

Bonus: As a bonus, if you sign up for a freedomsoft 3 account during July – September 2011 you’ll receive your choice of full membership to PMOD (Private Money On Demand) or our new CSI program (Certified Strategic Investor). Just email us your receipt and purchase through our affiliate link on this page 🙂 Enjoy!


Alrighty, we’ve gotten a couple dozen emails from PMBP subscribers and customers asking us for our candid and honest opinion of the Freedomsoft software thats “launching” this week… and their “new” version they’re calling Freedomsoft Reloaded.

So, we got a demo account from the Freedom Soft guys and tonight we’re going to do a full walk-through, demo, and review of the new Freedomsoft Reloaded version.

In January they launched Freedomsoft and we really enjoyed the software and you can see our full Freedomsoft Review here on our blog of the 1.0 version of the software… and, tonight we’ll do a full-review of…

  • What is new in the “reloaded” version of the system (they’ve added new software features and training)
  • What the new version of Freedomsoft software has added for helping to get private money
  • What we feel the Freedomsoft guys still have kinda missed the boat on (this thing ISN’T a magic bullet by any stretch of the imagination)
  • What we like about the “reloaded” version
  • What we don’t like about the “reloaded” version
  • … and some cool bonuses that will help you A TON if you decide Freedom Soft is right for you

That’ll give you plenty of time to see inside the software for yourself to see if its something that can help you grow your business and automate some things in your wholesaling business… or if its something that you should pass up on and save your money on.  Cool?

Freedomsoft Reloaded Review And Resources For Ya

Okay, here’s where we’re going to put up our updated demo video and review of the software tomorrow (Tuesday). So, check back here tomorrow so you can see whats inside the software with your own eyes.  We’re not going to try to “sell” you into buying anything… just showing you whats in it with as an unbiased look as we can possibly give you.

In the meantime… check out our full demo of the 1.0 version of Freedomsoft below. The “reloaded” version has everything in the 1.0 version plus about 13 or so new features.

#1: Demo and Review of Freedomsoft Reloaded  – (the “new” version)

>> On Wednesday at 12:07 EST Get Freedomsoft Here Before It’s Sold Out <<

#2 More Detailed Demo of Freedomsoft Version 1.0 – (the “old” version)

>> On Wednesday at 12:07 EST Get Freedomsoft Here Before It’s Sold Out <<


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For Only $97/mo and no upfront fee<<




*We’re of course able to offer this great service and these great bonuses to you because we got a special tracking link from Freedomsoft… and they do give us a commission when you use our links to buy. However, to provide a ton of value to our subscribers and members… we use a big hunk of the commission money to help you out… and in this case, with the Platinum package we’re spending almost $800 out of our pockets to help you cut the learning curve in your REI biz and in “private money getting”.