Step By Step Fractionalized Trust Deed – Susan Lassiter Lyons

Hey guys and gals!

We were getting a bunch of questions from PMBP students who asked for more clarification on fractionalized trust deeds from Susan.  Well… we asked Susan to do a workshop on it for our PMBP members (she also shared it w/ her mastermind group)… so get out your pen and pad if you’re to a point where you’re ready and need to use fractionalized trust deeds.

NOTE: If you’re not to a point in your REI biz where you NEED fractionalized trust deeds RIGHT NOW… I’d skip this and come back to it only when you’re ready.  Make a shift from “just in case” learning to “just in time learning”.  Learn only what you need to know to get you to the very next step… don’t learn just because you think you may need to use it someday… thats a trap that unsuccessful people fall into.