Tim Bratz Case Study : Zero to Private Money in Less Than 6 Weeks

Tim Bratz Private MoneySeveral months ago, Tim sent me a message through Facebook. The subject line said, “Patrick Riddle’s Protege: Tim Bratz.”

Check it out …

Private Money Case Study That’s the kind of attitude I like to see! That’s the kind of attitude that begets success.

5 Reasons I Knew Tim Would Be Successful in Real Estate Investing and Getting Private Money

1) As soon as he learned that I lived in Charleston, he reached out and contacted me . . . showing initiative.

2) He quit his job to focus on real estate investing. Now, this isn’t something that I recommend to anyone BUT, Tim made an unwavering decision to become a real estate investor. It wasn’t simply a hope or wish. He went “All In” and as you’ll see in the video below . . . it’s paying off big time!

3) He recognized that he was at a stand still and that there was a missing ingredient. And that missing ingredient was having a mentor. As Tim said, “Someone who has been there and done that but also someone who I can associate with.”

4) “I’m willing to work for you free of charge.” Now, that clearly shows that Tim knows the value of having a mentor. He’s not one of the many out there that wants something for nothing. Hopefully, you aren’t either. That kind of mindset guarantees failure (and it’s all too prevalent in today’s world).

5) He also mentioned wanting to discuss his goals, being committed to becoming a real estate mogul and that he’ll do anything (ethical and moral) that it takes.

So, I decided to meet with Tim for a cup of coffee and check this kid out (he’s only 24! . . . which I like to see since I started in my early 20’s as well). And what do you know, he ended up being the real deal just like he said.

Shortly thereafter,  he closed his first deal, joined the Private Money Blueprint Team, and has gotten private money commitments from multiple people. In other words, he hit the ground running and isn’t looking back.

Check out the video to learn more about his story . . . how he got his start, the frustrations and obstacles he encountered, closing his first deal, getting private money easily, and more.

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– Patrick & Trevor