Private Money Blueprint Testimonial – Butch + $35,000 = Happy

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Yet another email from a student using the Private Money Blueprint System and seeing results.  You can check out the 13 minute case study video that we did with Butch a few months back when he initially got the $80k in private money and bought that property over here if you want to get a little “back story” on the whole thing.

But, as we all know… getting private money and buying a property doesn’t mean anything until you turn it into profits in your pocket.

Well… a few weeks back Butch emailed us again letting us know he got done rehabbing the property and closed on it for a $35,000 profit.  The really cool part of the email is that he says he’s been doing this for 5 years and he’s NEVER made this much on a deal… that is until we taught him how to use private money :-)

Check it out…


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