One of My Favorite Real Estate Investing Strategies

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You’re about to learn the ins and outs to one of my absolute FAVORITE real estate investing strategies. This was one of the first strategies I learned when I got started in real estate… and has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profits.

With this REI strategy, you can:

  • Implement on both the buy and sell sides of the biz (and even in between) to make big money
  • Get 100% control of real estate with NONE of your own resources
  • Profit from real estate without ever owning it with ZERO risk
  • Fill your properties with someone with an entirely different mindset than a tenant (often times they’ll even improve your property for you)
  • and MUCH MORE!

Not only are you gonna learn exactly what this strategy is and how to use it… but I’m gonna share my secret $25,000 purchase price clause to use when implementing this strategy on the sell side of your biz.

So, without further ado, watch the video below now! (also, make sure to watch the entire video… there’s some info near the end you don’t want to miss)


Join us for a free Lease Options Training this Thursday, 9/30 at 6pm PST (9pm EST).

Alrighty, that does if for today.

Before you go, give us some feedback in the comment area… your thoughts and questions are welcome.

Catch you later,

– Patrick

P.S. – Keep an eye out for our next (much more in-depth) training on lease options coming soon. This is gonna be GOOD stuff!

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7 Responses to “One of My Favorite Real Estate Investing Strategies”
  1. Gerwyn says:

    Can you show this video as a repeat at 3 pm EDT for people in the UK to see without having to get up in the middle of the night?

  2. Tony Falasca says:

    Hi Trevor, Patrick & Susan. I have bought Susan’s Master Lease Option and it is real good I just wish she would have went a little deeper! I understand she is pushing us to use the software to find the cap and maximum loan. I would like to understand more on that.
    Patrick Thank you for that video on Memphis! Helped out a lot. I am glad you three got together cause jason gilbert, Dutch, karen hanover, Dc fawcet they are all CRAP!!!

    So allow me to go out there and find me an apartment complex and then come back and see how we can find a loan.

    Again Thanks esp. for your support! AWESOME!! and may we do some deals together!

  3. Linda says:


    this was great. i wrote your clause down because i’m concentrating totally on L/O’s right now. i can’t wait for the in-dept training, so please hurry!!! : ) i really look forward to it because you offer great information. thanks!

  4. Bill says:

    Good stuff Patrick! You know I LUV me some lease options. I use a purchase price clause very similar to yours. Excellent tip that most people don’t think about. Look forward to your webinar.

  5. Hey Tony,

    You’re welcome for the video explaining how to use the Memphis public records to find private money. Glad it helped a lot 🙂


    That clause will make you a lot of money… best way I’ve found to structure the purchase price when selling on lease option.

    The more in-depth training is Thursday night… so mark your calendar.

    – Patrick

  6. Barbara Rigsby says:

    Thanks Patrick. We have used clauses stating a specified percentage increase each year of the option, which worked great in a positive market (although even then we may have left some money on the table….depending on the appreciation). So, by stating a minimum price, if the appraisal doesn’t come out high enough, do you just renegotiate? Or, is the buyer simply obliged to come up with the difference?

    Looking forward to hearing how you use lease options to buy, and the sell. We have found in this market using lease options is about the only way for us to sell, but have never used them to purchase.
    Thanks again. (and did I miss the video on showing how you used Memphis public records to find private money? I know that’s a source, but don’t recall a video…..)

    Thanks again – for all your help and for being so straightforth and honest and accessible!!

  7. Hey Gerwyn,

    We may have a replay (not sure yet)… so keep an eye out for an email from us this weekend. Hopefully you can catch the replay if we have one.


    If the appraisal doesn’t come in high enough, you can make a decision as to what you’d like to do. Typically, as long as the appraisal looks good, we’ll work with the tenant buyer and lower the purchase price.

    The video about Memphis was specifically for Tony (he’s one of our Private Money on Demand member’s)… so show him how to use his local county site.

    – Patrick

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