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We have all heard of, and some of us even read, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. How many of us actually put what we know into practice? Sure, as people trying to make a living, we have to be proactive (Habit 1). I mean do you think the money is just going to knock on your door? Of course not. So we go out there and work and build relationships and become successful. But what about the days you wake up and just don’t feel like it? Ever have one of those days?

When being proactive seems like the most difficult task you can wrap your brain around, then is the time to refocus. Focus on the end. “The end? Well, that seems kinda tragic,” you say.  But no, not that end–the end result. When we begin our days focusing on our goals, we begin the day in a positive motivated mindset. “Begin with the end in mind,” is the second Habit and the focus of the following video.


I really think making focusing on your goals a priority each  day will in turn, make you more successful. Is that too bold a statement? Maybe. But probably not, and wouldn’t you like to find out? My challenge to you is this: take 5 minutes each morning for one week to focus on your goals before starting your day. And then do it again the next week…and again. I can’t wait to hear about how you’re more motivated and in turn more successful!


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4 Responses to “5 Minutes To Awesomefy Your Life”
  1. Yo Dude, This stuff is Rockin” !

    Just came across your site although I’d had some prior contact with your company. I seem to remember a ” Brian ” who was doing things for the company with some of the people from the Secret. He did an affiliate program and put up sites for us.

    I’m reminded once again how we all have the power within to live the way we truly desire, and once we come into contact with that Power Within, and how to express it for ourselves and to benefit others, there are no limitations. I like what you say about the rules are meant to be broken that do not defy the laws of physics or our fellow man.

    Every now and then we all get stuck. Repeat: WE ALL GET STUCK . A sense of mental lethargy seems to
    set in. It’s as if we have a phase of amnesia . It is only through constant awareness and disciplines of mental and spiritual/universal laws that we break from the shackles of mediocrity.

    You example is appreciated,

    Peace !

    Michael Carlos Muhammad
    Phoenix, Arizona USA

  2. David Sperry says:

    Video is great to awaken your inner spirit. Push-it will open up the mind. Push harder-it will excite you.Push too hard-you fall off the edge and find a new world of “you”

  3. Ken Spohn says:

    After 20+yrs in the Martial Arts, I would have to agree with the Aikido reference. Except, I would say a person may even get worse at times and then make a huge leap to the next level.

    Also, just because you practice twice as much doesn’t mean your going to be twice as good!

    Great video!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you liked it!

    Ya, I love stuff like this… it really helps to energize ya to get pushing forward growing your biz.

    – T

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