How to Get Private Money at Your Local REIA Group

Got a question from one of our private money students recently and wanted to share it with you …

Gene's Private Money Question

Great question, Gene …

At my local REIA (real estate investment association) meeting, the group leader always asks if anyone has a deal they want to pass by the group … what a GREAT opportunity to present your deal to potential private money prospects.

For those of you that don’t already know, I’ve turned tons of people that I’ve met at my local REIA group into my private money lenders … even ones that are active investors themselves.

Check out the video below for a complete script of what to say (even if your REIA group doesn’t give you a chance to pitch a deal during the meeting, the script can be crafted to a single person or small group).

Soooooo, when you need to get a deal funded ASAP, here’s what you say …

I thought I’d make it really easy for you and type out the meat and potatoes from the video for you as well …

4 Fundamental Elements When Presenting for Private Money to Your REIA

  1. Paint the Big Picture
  2. WIIFT (if you don’t know what that stands for, guess you have to watch the video 🙂
  3. Promote Scarcity
  4. Disqualify Them

**Private Money Power Script**

WARNING: When using this alluring script, you may have to break up a fight … a fight between everyone who wants to fund your deal!


“We have an excellent deal under contract … a 52 unit building that we’ll be closing in the next <X> days. We’ve already done our homework and KNOW that this deal is rock solid.

Now, this opportunity isn’t for everyone … but there is a chance for one lucky individual to jump on board with us and make a great return. We’re bringing in a private investor for $ <X> Dollars to provide the cash needed to do the deal.

This person will … simply by writing a check … make a great safe return on their investment dollars … not have to deal with the hassle of owning and managing real estate … not have to deal with contractors or tenants … (because we do EVERYTHING for you) … not have to spend an ounce of their time … and still receive all the excellent benefits that real estate investing has to offer.

As you can imagine, this opportunity will not last long … they NEVER do … because we’ll have a private investor committed to fund this deal by next <X>.

Soooooo, if you want to jump on this opportunity before it’s gone, write the best time for me to call you on your business card and get it to me before I leave tonight.

Thanks and again … we know that this ISN’T for everyone … just those looking for a easy, hands off, safe, excellent return backed by real estate.”


The primary way we teach to get private money isn’t to “pitch” a deal to a prospect first … it’s to pique a person’s interest and get them into a formal appointment. BUT, if you have the opportunity to present a deal to an entire room of real estate investors … DO IT! And, this script can come in handy when you’re under the gun to close fast.

Not sure if Gene already has his deal funded so if anyone wants to hear more about his private money opportunity, throw a comment below, and we’ll hook you guys up.

– Patrick & Trevor

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7 Responses to “How to Get Private Money at Your Local REIA Group”
  1. Great Video Patrick.

  2. Thanks Bob!

    Checked out your website man … looks good!

    ~ Patrick

  3. Hey Patrick~

    Great video!

    Great advice !

    Our members love you!

    Doing a great job…keep it up!

    Bobby Wallace
    Charleston Real Estate Investor’s Association

  4. Lu says:

    Great video, keep up the good work guys!

  5. Gladys Gort says:

    Great job Patrick. Very helpful to all.
    As group leader I always asks if anyone has a deal they want to pass by the group. That alone is such a great benefit of attending groups and why NIREA was formed.

    Thank you Patrick,


    Northern Illinois REA Group
    McHenry, IL.(NIREA)

  6. Peter A. Ramirez says:

    Hi Patrick,

    GREAT video!! You have a newby here. Watched the video, what a fantastic amount of information for anyone especially someone like me who is just starting out. I will definetly use this script to approach and get private money for my deals.

    One question, you are showing us in the video how to “set the hook” or get the attention of those who are serious in providing private investment funds. How do we “close the deal” after we set up the appointment to discuss the deal. What do we hit on and what do we keep quiet on? Do you have a script or rough guidline for us who are just starting out to follow?

    Thanks again for the GREAT information on the video. You break it down so that it is soo simple to put into action. I thank you and am very grateful for this wisdom you have chosen to pass along to other real estate investors to assist in their journey. Thanks again.

    Peter A. Ramirez

  7. Trevor says:

    Thanks Luis! It means a lot to us!

    – Trevor

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