Great Video To Help You Push Your Limits – A Must Watch This Week

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We’re constantly pushing ourselves to do better… to stretch our “comfort zone” muscles… and to continually push our limits to living better lives.

Well… I came across this video this week that is one of the best videos I’ve watched this year… serious.

Do you remember the last time you said, “thats all I can do… I can’t do anymore!”… or “thats as far as I can go”… after you watch this video you’ll learn how to unlock hidden potential inside of you that you maybe didn’t even know was there.

This is truly what separates the “average” folks… from those who do great things with their lives.

Enjoy 🙂   Let us know what you think about the video… leave a comment below after you watch the video. Thanks!

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59 Responses to “Great Video To Help You Push Your Limits – A Must Watch This Week”
  1. victor gamboa says:

    Many thanks Trevor. Your taste for the right video rocks.
    Nice to listen to three people–all action oriented
    sharing how they changed. And how I can get
    there so I can feel it. And see it.

  2. Shuaib Meacham says:

    Thanks so much. You guys are the real deal. This connects so much to Module 1 and why you demand it. I loved the part with the four squares that moved from potential to certainty. I realized that I have integrated that diagram in other parts of my life. I simply need to apply it to my business and this private money experience. Thanks

  3. Glad you enjoyed it Victor.

    Shuaib … thanks for the kind words. I loved that part of the video too. Powerful stuff!!

    ~ Patrick

  4. VERONICA G says:


  5. Hey Veronica,

    It’s all pretty simple when you get down to it. I love how Tony explains it too.

    You may want to check out his book, Unlimited Power. It’s awesome!

    ~ Patrick

  6. Lui says:

    I really like how the model explains how positive or negative beliefs affect one’s idea of potential and thereby dictates the amount of effort one puts forth. The next quadrants become self fulfilling: little action and poor results will undoubtedly reinforce those negative beliefs but massive action and outstanding results will do the exact same, just in the opposite way.

    It was really good to hear this.

    I think getting the beliefs and the visualization established first is often overlooked.

  7. Lui … you’re dead on … many people overlook their beliefs and the power of visualizing. I love the William James quote, “Belief creates actual fact.”

    Thanks for the feedback on the video

    ~ Patrick

  8. Rodney Volk says:

    Patrick – Thanks for sharing this video. It’s interesting how someone like Tony Robbins, and the other “coaches” like him continue to learn & improve – and how their frame of reference changes with time and experience. They’re just like the rest of us (the seekers of knowledge). I also really like Tony, and appreciate this video. I’m so thankful for all the coaches and students in my life who have been willing to share what they have learned…

  9. Rodney Volk says:

    I should have said, “Trevor & Patrick” – thanks for sharing this video…

  10. Hey Rodney … great to hear from you!

    Thanks for the contributing here with your comments.

    Let Trevor and I know how we can help ya …

    ~ Patrick

  11. nelda says:

    Hello Trevor & Patrick!

    WOW! What a ‘powerful video’ from Tony Robbins, Frank and his friend, Mr. Reese —who ‘got the
    car of his dreams —-by ‘DREAMING ABOUT IT FIRST’!!! And Frank made $1,000,000 in ONE DAY!!

    And we all know how COOL Tony Robbins –always is!!!! I will go right out and buy his book –“Power
    Unlimited”. I love how he says he believes in the PEAK STATE and tells us in this ‘favorite video’ of
    Patrick and Trevor —how to reach our individual “Peak State” and how to stay there –once we reach it-
    and make our dreams come true!!! Fantastic video — with 3 gentlemen who absolutely “ROCK”!!!!

    Thanks to You Patrick and Trevor for sharing this total inspirational video with us!


  12. Youlos says:

    thank you for helping me get back on track. Your video with TONY and his allusion to CERTAINTY is and has always been spot-on. I am 60 years old and recovering from a stroke (2004) but I’ve been listening to Tony since the mid-90″s.Because of him I became a real estate investor worth over a million dollars and then lost it all because I abandoned the principles he has been teaching for years.I don’t speak of my success / failure to impress anyone but rather to impress upon everyone that having certainty in ones life is the key.Thanks for graciously sharing this interview. Now I have to go find my copy Tony’s original POWER TALK program and then go make an offer on a 27 unit property “I WANT”!!!!



  13. admin says:

    Awesome! Glad you loved the video Youlos.

    Yes, the biggest roadblock in everyones life is their own mind. When you can learn how to be confident and master your mind so you control it rather than the other way around… the world is your oyster.

    Have a great week!

    – T

  14. Kris M. says:

    Thanks guys for sharing this video. I will share it with others. I think everyone needs to hear this. It would help bring this economy around.
    The thing I like about Tony R. and his friends, is that you can still see the excitement they get from doing what they are doing! It doesn’t get old for them. They love it.
    It’s time to make things happen!
    Thanks again for sharing—great motivation for today.

  15. Wow — I just love Tony Robbins. His Life Mastery series literally changed my life. I am so sharing this on my Facebook page. Thank you VERY much for posting it!

  16. Hey Kris,

    Very well said. You can tell they LOVE what they do… which is awesome.

    If you haven’t checked out Tony’s book Unlimited Power, grab a copy. It’s an incredible book. You’ll love it!


    You’re welcome. Yeah, I’m a HUGE Tony fan too. Thanks for sharing w/ your FB friends 🙂

    ~ Patrick

  17. Eric says:


    This is amazing… I watched Tony’s video last night and immediately afterward I dug out my get the edge program. I popped in cd #1 last night, and just finished cd #2 (which is actually day 1 of personal power). What’s going through my mind right now is totally awesome…. It’s like everything I knew (the knowledge) is transforming into action. Thank you… Thank You…. THANK YOU for sharing this video that caused me to take action. May God bless you and yours.


  18. Robert Wright says:

    Tony is brilliant and spot on! We all deserve to give ourselves permission to take small, persistent steps to create certainty in our lives. As a side, Jesus said that If we seek (persistent action), we shall find (success). Finding (success) is the validation that strengthens our beliefs (certainty). Thanks Patrick and Trevor for sending this POWERFUL video of Tony Robbins explaining the 4 pieces of the puzzle in detail. (Potential, Action, Results, Certainty).

  19. David Shives says:

    Thanks P-rid and Trevor I like Tony Robbins and this video is a great one to keepgoing me as a real estate entreprenuer. I will visualize my next move over and over again.

  20. mary mitchell says:

    This is a great video. A friend sent it to me. I have been reading and listen to things of this nature really for the last 5 years. I, now am putting these methods to work. I have live a very unpleasing life, thinking that I am not one of the lucky ones. But, I have always had a deep down feeling that there has to be more to life. I have always wondered why some people have so much and some have so little. And I know it had to be more than some work harder and some don’t put much effort into it. I get excited with just the though that I control my life. It is such a simple process. I find it so simple that the resourse seem like it should have been difficult. I have seen many thing change in my life for the better. And this way of thinking and living I will pass on to my children.

    Keep up the good work in passsing this on to everyone.

  21. Marcus says:

    Good stuff! This is like a condensed and more practical version of The Secret! I want to transfer from being a flailing real estate agent to a thriving real estate investor! I hit the “certainty” point when my partner and I tried our first flip a year ago and it went totally wrong. Not because we did wrong but the business folks we were dealing with didn’t hold up their end. So from there we knew it was possible!

  22. Mahdi Hadi says:

    Hi Patrick

    Thank you for the link to a great video. Just like you, I am a huge fan of Tony Robins. This is the second time I watched this video. About a month ago, someone sent me a link to it. It’s amazing how visulization can change your life. Let’s all do it.

  23. Eric… I just popped in one of Ton’ys Get the Edge cds yesterday in my car. Powerful stuff! I’ve probably listened to the cd set a dozen times but every time I re-listen, I pick up a few more ideas and insights.

    Glad y’all are getting a lot out of the video.

    This stuff works!

    ~ P-Rid

  24. Frank says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for this great video link, it really helps me stay focused
    and take action on the things I have to do to accomplish my goals.

  25. larry kaaaye says:

    conditioning our mind to succeed and prosper must be the core fundation of our belief.
    thanks Patrick for reminding us,by sharing this video.

  26. raffi says:


  27. carolyn says:

    That was me all the way, hit me like a ton of bricks, loved it open up something in me. thanks Diamond in the Ruff.

  28. Frank/Larry… you’re welcome guys. Glad y’all enjoyed 🙂

    Raffi… I’m with you. Awesome indeed!

    Hey Carolyn… hearing it opened up something new in you is great! Now take this info and put to work for ya.

    If we can help you guys out with anything, let us know.

    – Patrick

  29. Heidi Rockwell says:

    You guys do not know what you just did. That was just what we were needing this day this moment. Thank you! That was in your face, here it is.

  30. That’s awesome Heidi! It’s funny how the universe works when you’re aligned with it 🙂

    You’re welcome… and have an awesome day!

    – Patrick

  31. Viv says:

    Thank you Patrick for sharing this powerful video….I watched it right before going to bed and I’m so encouraged, I hope I will be able to sleep. When the student is ready, the teacher comes…your timing was excellent…thank you again.

  32. DeVere Bunke says:

    I’ve read Tony’s books and listened to his words. He and others have helped me move forward. I know from experience that we need to hear this over and over again. While I’m quite familiar with what Tony shared with those two gentlemen, I found myself taking notes to help myself continue to stay on track.
    “We’re defined by our rituals. It takes guts to believe. Disappointment can drive us. Those that are relentless find a way. Peoples lives change in a moment. We don’t have to master everything. We have to get started, do what’s next, and put ourselves in a state where we start making progress. Just do the next step and keep moving forward.”
    So simple yet so many do not do it. I have made up my mind to be one of the few who do it, continue to learn, continue to make progress with the right guidance. That’s where you come in Patrick and Trevor. Keep moving us forward with the right guidance, then it’s up to each of us to make it happen!
    Thank you for the opportunity to check out this video.

  33. Hey Viv, you’re welcome. So true, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. haha… I hope you can sleep too 🙂

    DeVere… yep, repetition is the mother of skill. I find that listening, watching tutorials like this several times is what helps me implement successfully.

    Love hearing that you’ve made up your mind to be one of the few who do it. We’re here to help as you move forward.

    – Patrick

  34. Michael says:

    Patrick !
    This was fantastic material . I have heard and seen many versions of this take action but this one puts a few more pieces together. The key to stage 2 is that aah haah moment as they discussed. Once that happens things change. That is the one element that , as they said, is hard to obtain and or control . Thank you for sharing this.

  35. Michael… you’re welcome. That’s great to hear man. Yep, once you have that aha moment, things change.

    – Patrick

  36. John says:

    Hey Patrick, really as simple as the saying goes, if you don’t mind – it don’t matter…thanks for keeping it straight and focused bro! “Man is what he believes” – Anton Chekhov

  37. Paul says:

    Wow! Tony Robbins does it again! It helped me realize all the mental parts floating around inside my head, and helped me put them together and realize some of things that I actually do when I do succeed at something. This was only about half an hour and free and helped me IMMENSELY ! Thanks! Paul

  38. Hey John… glad you enjoyed it man. Nice quote. Thanks for sharing.

    Paul… yep, Tony does it again! I’m a fan of pretty much everything he comes out with. Great to hear it helped you IMMENSELY. Love it!

    – Patrick

  39. Mike says:

    Thankyou so much for that. Tony is a GOD-Send!

  40. Hey Mike, you’re welcome. Have a great weekend!

    – Patrick

  41. Gabriel says:

    Thanks Patrick,

    It all make sense, visualizing is the key, training our brains will put us in right track, GREAT!!!

  42. Yep Gabriel, visualizing is soooo key. You must see what you want to be, do, have in your imagination first in order to bring it into your reality.

    – Patrick

  43. Lance says:

    Thanks for sharing that video Patrick.
    Simple process…Powerful results. Tony rocks!
    It’s all in your incredible mind!

  44. Opulent8010 says:

    This really great stuff. The exercise Tony did with the finger was off the change. It is all about being able to visualize and see yourself in the position you want to be in in actually. It is being the prophet of your on life, seeing and being what you desire to be. GREAT POST!!!!

  45. Gem says:

    HI. I hear so many people talk on the subject in the video and yet still after so many years and so many speakers and so many teachers and mentors, the problem still exists. In a room full of 1000 people who receive specialized training, only about 30 of them will actually put that training to work and find some level of success. That is only 3%. In other words, 97% of all the people that ever get this kind of special training will fail. Those numbers are true from as far back as there are records. I would wonder then, why those who are trying to convey to others the fix for that problem never really get to the resolve for the problem but continue to skirt all around it and when all the numbers are in for this year and the following year and the next year, they will be the same. 97% of all the people who have the desire and those whose backs are against the wall and all else who get the training needed to succeed still do not make it.

    There is an answer. It is not the general do and do not instructions by so many who teach us what the answer is that will get anyone to the results that they desire. I have no clue why the teachers are not giving the masses what they really need. Maybe they are not yet knowledgeable to that end and don’t even know it. They might be close but they don’t have the goods. That is my best guess.

    I do have the answer and I can make it available.

  46. R.C. says:

    I think this video hits the problem on the head. People have to believe in success and believe in themselves before it can happen. Great video that really gives all of us some simple and effective steps to change our thought process. Thanks.

  47. William & Diana Fowler says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, that was fantastic. Bill & Diana Fowler

  48. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome William and Diana. I agree… fantastic!

    – Patrick

  49. Anonymous says:

    Lance, it’s all in your incredible mind is right. Mindset is so important to success… much more so than technical knowledge of “how” to do something. With the right mindset, you can achieve virtually anything.

    – Patrick

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for joining the conversation. Glad to hear you enjoyed the post.

    I was pretty amazed the first time I did that exercise too. Visualization is powerful!

    – Patrick

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