Getting Started

Hey there… alright… this is where we roll up the sleeves and start kicking some butt.

We’ve designed the PMBP program in a specific way to help you succeed faster and more easily.  Heck, we didn’t succeed right out of the gates and I think a lot of the reason we didn’t is because we didn’t have a program like this… but you do… so you’re way ahead of the game already.

Here’s How To Tackle The Program

  1. First, there are some basic starter resources you should check out if you haven’t already that we’ve given you below.  One is a 90 minute workshop that gives you a lot of the basics of “private money getting”… and the other is the Private Lender Powerpoint you’ll want to download and start customizing.
    1. Full 2 Hour Webinar Workshop On Private Money From September
      • Excellent way to get a great overview of the process.  Patrick and I held a workshop and gave out a ton of resources, advice, and answered some questions.  I suggest you check this out sometime in the first week or two of the program.
    1. Private Money PowerPoint Presentation And Speaking Script
      • Here is the powerpoint presentation that Patrick has used and refined over the last 6 years in his own real estate investing biz.  He’s generated over $6 million in private money from this presentation (Module 3 we’ll go over how to use this more in-depth).
  2. How to go through the program – We’ve designed this program to be “linear”. Meaning, it’s most effective if you start at Module 1 and end at Module 6 (then go on to the bonus modules) over a 6 week period.

    You’ll find each module has a simple but specific action plan… go through the module videos and resources then tackle the action plan over the next 7 days.  That way you’re taking it on in bite sized “chunks” rather than all at once (which can be overwhelming).

    Try not to skip around… and use the PMBP home study manual as much as possible because we go into more detail in there that you won’t find in the videos.

  3. You will have questions – Hey, you’ll have questions as you go through things… but more importantly… you’ll have even more questions as you actually start to put things to action and see them in the real world.

    Don’t be shy… submit your questions through the Questions/Help area at the top of this page and we’ll get back to you asap (usually within 24 hours unless it’s a holiday or weekend).

So, that’s our little “intro”.  Now, get started on Module 1: Success Jumpstart and really focus for the next 7 days on doing the simple but effective exercises in there.

We didn’t throw in the “Success Jumpstart” to fill space… it’s in there because we didn’t make it where we are without figuring out our “life success” stuff first.  Without getting your life success foundation down… all of this “private money getting” and real estate education won’t do you a damn bit of good.

Capishe?  Good. Get going.

Enjoy 🙂

– Patrick and Trevor