Mystery Training!

You’re about to get an insider’s view behind the scenes in Patrick’s biz and life.

Find out about Patrick’s big WHY:

  • The setbacks he has had and how he has kept moving forward
  • What success really means
  • And Much More!

I hope that you were able to learn something from Patrick’s lessons learned. Leave us a note below about the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your biz!

Revealed: Secret Strategy for Getting Private Money Without Asking

Patrick interviews one of our members, Shae Bynes (one of our original Private Money Blueprint members)… is going to share a strategy she uses to get private money without asking for it. And it’s so darn simple… it’s gonna blow your mind.

PLUS when you listen in, you’ll get her “Scripts and Tips” download that she created just for our members that shows you exactly how she has used this POWERFUL strategy to get more than $400K in private money.

Here’s what else you’re going to learn about:

– Shae’s First Deal – How an eviction led to a $100K+ profit!
– How she FINALLY chose the right niche after chasing a ton of different real estate strategies
– The very next step she took that put her on the path to achieve her goal of 10 free and clear houses by the age of 40
– Shae’s FREEDOM DAY – May 28th, 2010… and how to achieve YOURS
– The technique that solves the “I don’t know anyone who has money” issue
– How Shae uses Facebook to reel in more private money (even from people she’s NEVER met before in person)


Join the conversation and leave your comments below.

Chief Member Experience Gal

How to Broker Private Money: Secrets To Big Money In Real Estate Without Buying, Fixing, Or Flipping Property

This month, Patrick interviewed one of our members, Michael Mackay, who has been brokering private money for 4 years, has funded over $11mm in private money into 150+ deals, and is also an active real estate investor – he bought 6 houses last month, and sold 4!!

If you want to learn how to make big money in real estate without having to buy, fix, or flip property you need to watch this video! Even if you’re not interested in brokering private money, there are some awesome tips and techniques that you’re going to learn, to help you get more private money, more easily.

Join the conversation and let us know how brokering or these other techniques will help your business by leaving your comments below.

Charity, Chief Member Experience Gal

3 Critical Areas for Success in 2012…and Beyond!

On this month’s training call Patrick discusses some areas you have to be successful in to have success throughout 2012, and has a couple forms for you to download – the Strategic Investor Seller Qualifying Form and the Wholesale Buyer Questionnaire.

Down your REI forms here:

Patrick got an email the other day from one of his mentors, Tony Robbins, who said that 4 out of 5 people who make resolutions (aka set goals) break them… and 1/3 won’t even make it to the end of January.

So why do people keep making the same promises to themselves year after year only to end up disappointed and discouraged … again?

Because… while resolutions require words…. results require action – and not just any action, but the “right

To kick off 2012 with a bang, Patrick has designed a special training that will arm you with the specific techniques and strategies you NEED in the 3 critical areas of real estate and life success.

This is really important!! So…grab your note pad and get ready to learn!

In this month’s LIVE training, you’re about to learn…

Critical Success Area #1 – The Millionaire Mindset of an

– How to silence that annoying voice in your head that says,
“YOU can’t!”

Critical Success Area #2 – The Real Estate Investing Tactics
Working in 2012

— How to use the Strategic Investor Seller Qualifying Form
and Wholesale Buyer Questionnaire (these forms do most of
the work for ya!)

Here’s the link again to download your forms:

Critical Success Area #3 – The Business Building Skills to
Work Less and Make More

This training is going to prepare YOU to absolutely CRUSH it in 2012! And best part, you can implement EVERYTHING you’re about to learn without spending a dime 🙂

– Charity
Chief Member Experience Gal at PMBP

How Josh Borcherding Created $5,011/mo In Cash Flow

On this month’s call, Patrick chats with one of our members, Josh Borcherding, who started investing 3 years
ago… and today, owns 26 units – a mix of small multi-family properties and single family student housing. You’ll learn how Josh and his wife have built this portfolio which now provides $5,011/mo in positive cash flow!


… and step-by-step how he closed two of his recent deals.


One of which is a 4-plex and you’ll discover the website where Josh found the deal (that you can access for free), his 3-offer approach, how he negotiated seller financing at 5% per annum, and much more!


Now, grab a pen and get ready to take some notes!


Plus Josh is going to share a postcard that he used to get not 1, not 2, but 3 deals from! … and he only did one mailing!


I hope you learn a ton from this training that you can implement in your biz. Join the conversation and add your comments below.

Chief Member Experience Gal

Delegate & Automate: How Jacob Evans Is Doing More Deals Working Less

In this month’s Private Money Mastermind Call, Patrick chats with one of our members, Jacob Evans, who has been a full time investor for 4 years and is on pace to do 25 deals (fix and flips) this year. His biz has been growing around 50% per year! On top of that, he uses none of his own cash or credit! Patrick asked him to share some of his inside secrets and systems with you.

In this call Patrick and Jacob discuss how to work less and make more, using Jacob’s proven strategies including:

  • The “Funding 1–2 Punch”. How Jacob combines two non-traditional funding techniques to do deals easily with none of his own cash or credit
  • 2 Methods to 25 Deals! Jacob’s tried EVERYTHING as far as marketing goes… and these two simple strategies got him 25 deals this year alone!
  • How he made $3,000/hour on his most recent flip. A cool $30k profit for 10 hours of work isn’t bad, ehh?
  • The ONLY resource Jacob uses to delegate EVERYTHING in his business. Best of all, it’s free 🙂
  • The 10-Minute“Action Generator.” Are you having trouble taking action on the things you know you need to do to be successful? Not after you put this simple technique into action!
  • “Stupid Simple” Automation Secrets. The Secret Weapon for putting your business on autopilot so you can work less and make more.
  • The CMA Expert System. Jacob lost his shirt on his 3rd deal because of “bad guru advice.” That’s why he created this system (which you’ll get for FREE when you attend the training!!). It comes with swipe and deploy templates you can immediately put into action.
  • How he gets a fresh private lender list every month without lifting a finger (there were 33 local private lenders on last month’s list)
  • And much more!

Get a pen and get ready to take some notes!

I hope that you can apply this training and work smarter and make more money. If you have any thoughts or questions, you can toss them in the comments area below.


Charity, Chief Member Experience Gal

The Strategic Investor’s Mindset: Your Ironclad Guarantee For Success

In this month’s Private Money Mastermind call Patrick really attacks some strategies of productivity and positivity that are not really helping you! As a Private Money Monthly member, we know you want to be using the best tools to help you succeed. I fyou want to use the tools you have to the best measure, be sure to check out the Certified Strategic Investor. On the call Patrick discusses:

  • The #1 most important success principle (ignore this and you’ll live an unhappy, unfulfilled, mediocre life at best)
  • Why positive thinking is actually BAD for you
  • How affirmations can lead to greater dejection and depression… and what to do about it
  • Why people are great at games but suck at biz and life (I know that’s a bit harsh but it’s an easy fix)
  • Your problem isn’t “time management”… it’s _______________!
  • How to make the BIG SHIFT from being an AFW (average, frustrated, wannabe) to a Strategic Investor
  • and more enlightening tips and tricks that guarantee your success!

Grab your pen and get ready to take some notes!


You can know all the real estate investing techniques and strategies in the world… but they’re not going to do you much good without the right mindset, the Strategic Investor’s Mindset.

Enjoy the call and if you have any thoughts, questions, etc, toss ‘em in the comment area.

Charity Akers,
Chief Member Experience Gal

“I’ve got another PML!!!!”

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We love to see our students being successful! Tammy, one of our Private Money Blueprint members,  sent us an email to share her success, and this is, by far, one of our favorite types of emails!

Hello Patrick and Trevor,

Hope you are doing good! I wanted to share this with you!!!  This one will blow your mind! 😀  I did an auction to sell my property. Didn’t get the buyers in the price range I’m looking to get, but the day after the auction a straggler came by.  I decided to let him look at the house anyways.  He was very impressed and knew he couldn’t afford it but wanted to know how we could. So I told him all about REI and how we’ve made so much money in RE.  He was convinced he has to get into REI right away.  I asked him to be an intern, and he’s willing to do it!  AND, better yet, he wants to start earning money NOW as a PML and has …. $300-400K (to start with) to lend in a PML while he’s learning, then we’ll JV together!!!!!   ***JUMPS UP AND DOWN CRAZILY SCREAMING***  Ok, containing myself…

I wanted to let you guys know: this opens SO many doors right now!!! I’m like a kid in a candy store. 🙂

Zion Properties


Congrats, Tammy! We love hearing the success stories!

To get access to the same training, templates, tools, and support as Tammy, join the PMBP family.

If you have any questions we can help you with, let us know.

– Charity Akers, Chief Member Experience Gal


**These results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action and therefore, gets no private money.

“I’ve Raised Over 550k So Far…..”

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At last year’s epic 3-day Getting the Money Bootcamp in Denver, we got to meet a lot of great people! Everyone learned a ton and had a great time.

We sent out an email recently to let members know that we’ve decided to release the recordings… and check out the email that attendee Les Goss sent us…







That’s awesome Les… $550k… WOW! Thanks for sharing.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you take action with the “getting the money” training.

Be on the lookout soon for info on how you can get your hands on the full 3 days of no-pitch training…

… and hopefully you’ll be sending us YOUR success story soon!

Have a great day!

– Charity Akers, Chief Member Experience Gal


**These results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action and therefore, gets no private money.

“Ghetto” Marketing… Why Does Ugly Looking Marketing Work?

Hola, hows your week!?

Alrighty, a big debate across people is… “pretty marketing” vs. “ugly marketing”.

Now, I’m not talking about “ugly” tactics or non-ethical stuff… I’m talking about ugly looking marketing materials… i.e. – stuff that doesn’t look pretty 🙂

Well, I can attest personally that “ugly – ghetto” looking marketing tends to work pretty darn well in many cases… and in this video I’ll dive in and show you 2 actual “ugly” postcards for finding absentee owners, and 1 “ugly” letter for absentee owners.  In it, take notes on the 2 distinctions that make “ugly” marketing work… then test ‘er out in your business to see if you get better results 🙂  (push play to start the video. Its about 20 mins… but you’ll enjoy ‘er)

Link mentioned in video:

* As I mention in the video, all of those marketing templates, post cards, letters, campaigns, private lender leads, free websites, the lead flow organizer, comp checker, “offerbot”, and everything else are in the new Freedomsoft 3 software… and they dropped the upfront fee for the software (which was $997 – $2997)… now you just pay the monthly maintenance fee of as little as $97/mo for everything… w/ no contracts.  Really solid program which is why I showed you those marketing pieces inside the software… I love their style and know they work.  Check ‘er out 🙂

Oh, as a bonus that I don’t mention… if you do register for a Freesomsoft 3 account through our “affiliate” links on this page… they give us credit and a small commission for making the referral. However, we want to pass along the goodness and offer you one of two programs for free:


PMOD (Private Money On Demand) – Sells for $97 every day… here’s the details on PMOD:


CSI (Certified Strategic Investor) – Sells for $97 every day… here’s the details of CSI:

You can choose one of those programs above for FREE if you register through Freedomsoft 3 through our links on this page.

Have a great week and weekend!

– Trevor

PS – As you know, there are some great resources out there and some really crappy resources. We pass along the ones to you that we truly feel are worthy and can help certain people either drastically automate things, cut the learning curve, and have better long-term results in life and real estate. Freedomsoft is one of those resources… if you’re a wholesaler its worth looking into.

PPS – In 2010 when Freedomsoft released their 2nd version of the software… we filmed an updated video review of their system. If you want to check it out, here’s the link on our blog: Since then they’ve added private lender leads, more websites, the “offerbot”, and more… but, that’ll give you a good idea of the overall look/feel and comprehensiveness of the software. Enjoy 🙂

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