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Ok — today is going to be a GREAT day! Why? Because I’ve got an amazing new real estate strategy to share with you — and for real, it’s a genius idea.

Check this out…

We’ve all heard about people who get into sticky situations in life. Heck, maybe we even know some of these people personally. It’s so unfortunate when people experience hardships like notices of default, tenant defaults, pre-foreclosures, and mortgage defaults. 

What if you could help those people while making some nice profits for yourself along the way?

Well, now you can with Default Deals by Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse

See, Peter and his business partner Julie Muse have created an incredible new easy-to-understand training program detailing the exact steps of how to find loads of default deals in the target market of your choice, structure the deals to close, and get paid!


So, their baseline criteria is the perfect formulaic approach for finding “Hot Pockets” of default-driven deals. You’ll hand over money to people who are in those sticky situations I mentioned — which helps them get out of sticky situations. And, of course, grab some real estate cash for yourself while you’re at it.

And, average real estate investors — newer folks and seasoned pros — can do deal after deal with Default Deals by Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse. So yeah, I’m pretty excited to share Peter’s default training program! You’ll be able to consistently do deals by (i) tapping into a sweet spot of default deals in the market around you and (ii) leveraging Peter and Julie’s experiences and insights to accelerate your profits AND your growth. 

These two REI superstars teach you the entire Default Deals process, including how to easily find areas with deals across the U.S., how to structure those deals in different ways and with different funding options, and how to connect with default owners — all of which gets you to the closing table and a payday. Happy sellers, happy you!

See, Peter’s been deal-making for 22+ years now, and Julie’s been crushing it since 2013 — and they’re both passionate about teaching others how to succeed in REI. You’ll definitely want to get on board the Default Deals train!

Default Deals: The Awesome

Ok, in this program’s info-packed, sequential video modules, Peter and Julie break down the Default Deals training series into easy-to-digest video presentations that show you how to make a solid income through default-drive deals. 

Like I said, this duo has been doing this for YEARS, and now they’re sharing all of their default real estate knowledge with you in this smart training. Hooray for Peter and Julie!

What’s even more awesome is this: When you finish the comprehensive and easy-to-follow training, you can start taking action on what you learn right away. It’s a simple but remarkably effective approach.

Here’s a peek at what this is all about…

Default Deals: What the heck is it?

The training is broken down into 5 core video presentations:

  • 01: Default Deals Kickstart
  • 02: Default Driven Deal-Getting
  • 03: Default Driven Deal Structuring
  • 04: Default Driven Dealmaking
  • 05: Crossing the Finish Line 

The Default Deals Kickstart is designed to be your “mall map,” giving you a solid foundation of what to expect, so you can breeze through the training! 

In Module 2, Default Driven Deal-Getting, Peter and Julie talk about where to find the “gold” — a.k.a. default-driven deals — how to find the perfect target markets and properties, and finding and reaching 3 specific kinds of Default Deals. 

Deal Structuring is Module 3, where Peter and Julie walkthrough 5 solid deal structures for default-driven deals, and they spotlight which they prefer and why.

They’re pulling out all the stops in Module 4, Default Driven Dealmaking. You’ll learn how to be a connector by taking Peter’s incredible master class in negotiating. Plus, they cover several deal funding options you need to know about.

And finally, in Module 5’s Crossing the Finish Line, Peter and Julie share a solid high-level Closing 101 ‘lesson,’ an assignment fee hack, common closing mistakes to avoid and finally action steps to get you started right now.

Oh, did I mentioned the extras you get? Yeah, we’re hooking you up with related resources, bonus “amplifier” training videos, scripts and more. For real, this training is loaded with amazing actionable info.

Want to know more about Default Deals? Have a looksie… and enjoy. 

Inside Video Review of Default Deals

Default Deals Testimonials

Peter Vekselman

Peter isn’t just an investor extraordinaire… he’s also a skilled mentor, coach and teacher who LOVES helping regular investors understand the default-deal driven process to create a terrific stream of income in their REI business. He’s perfected default deals — like tenant defaults, loan defaults and pre-foreclosures.

He’s done 3,600+ transactions and helped countless investors just like you make amazing money doing Default Deals. It’s all thanks to his easy-to-follow, systematic approach AND his contract ant negotiating expertise — which he’s sharing with you!

Julie Muse

Then there’s Julie… this rockstar has been crushing REI since 2013. In 2016, she actually became Peter’s student and did SO awesome that she joined his team. With 1,600+ deals and $5M in profits, this talented lady knows investing.

Together, Peter and Julie pack the 1-2 punch to help you start or level-up your REI biz. 

Here’s a small taste of the legit feedback (in their own words) from real investors who Peter and Julie have helped with their Default Deals strategy…

“When I first started working with Peter & Julie, I knew NOTHING about real estate investing. I just knew that I wanted to be successful. I interviewed several coaches to work with. Even though I am in L.A. and he is in Atlanta, I picked Peter because they do not just teach, they actually partner with you in your success (and deals!). I have been working with Peter now for years and I am on track to have a 7 figure year. Seriously… If I can do it with Peter, anyone can!”

—Seth Choate
“Real estate is less complicated than people make it out to be. At the core, it is all about having the right partners to monetize every deal that comes to you. I started with zero funds for marketing, but I had a partner that taught me how to generate serious money from deals even if I did not have money to start out with (thanks Peter!) I have made several hundred thousand dollars and still partner with Peter to help me break through to the next level of my success. I absolutely recommend Peter & Julie and the community they are building!”

—Jason Chester
“So I am a new partner and am in my 2nd week. I already have a wholesale contract and am putting another deal under contract this weekend. Coming from 30 years in nursing and not knowing anything about real estate is scary as hell. But to those of you who are new. Stick with Peter, Julie, and the rest of the team. I am so grateful for all of them. And it’s worth every new step. They are truly amazing people to work with and learn from. Thank you thank you thank you guys!”

—Scott Verboom
“Peter and his team are the real deal in this industry. Peter will teach you everything you need to know about investing in real estate from wholesaling, fix and flipping, and buying and holding. The most important part is that he knows how to get your phone ringing with deals! Need funding? No problem!!! He will even line up the funds for you. There are no more excuses when you work with Peter & Julie. I have been working with them now for 4 years…I’m making 4x’s my old income. If you are serious about investing, schedule a call with him and get to their live events!”

—Peter Kuc

Want to Give Default Deals a Go?

Yeah, I kinda thought you might…

So, please have a look at the official press release to learn even more about this unique training program to see if Peter’s default-driven deals method is right for you. (I’m just gonna say it — pretty sure you’ll love it!)  

See, with Peter and Julie’s training, you have every. single. thing. you need to systematically find hot pocket areas filled with Default Deals. You’ll connect with default deal owners and help them out of their challenging situation while getting paid along the way. A win for them, a win for you. And, you can repeat these deals in just about any market across the United States. Woohoo!



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