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Hey guys, Patrick here, and I’ve got some exciting news to share that’s got me smiling soooooo big right now.

So we recently opened up a shiny, new real estate investor training program called Abandoned House Secrets to a limited number of people — kind of a ‘beta’ group of sorts. Reason being, it just seems like a good idea to get some honest feedback on this from a limited group first, just to get a read on how people feel about the content and training quality, and see if there’s anything we could improve further before launching far and wide. We really want it to be the best it can be and serve investors awesomely.

Well  so that’s what we did… and survey says… it’s a hit!


So I made you a little video sharing some of the early (and completely unsolicited) reviews we’ve received. Check this out real quick…

“So what’s this ‘Abandoned House Secrets’ again?”

OK, here it is in a nutshell:

You’re likely well aware that houses are abandoned every day in every area for one reason or another. Owners bail because they get financially overwhelmed with excessive repairs, or they abandon their homes due to code violations, bankruptcy, divorce or job loss… life happens, and the list goes on.

And most investors also realize that property owners who are fed-up, scared-up, burned-out, check-out or otherwise in distress like this, can also lead to some of the hottest distressed property deals you can find. Simply put, abandoned houses can lead to epic deals if you can figure out the ins-and-outs of it.

But that’s the thing: Very few real estate investors have been able to really figure out how to do abandoned houses right. Many have tried and some with a level of success, but time and time again the same issues pop up:

  • How to find the seller (especially who doesn’t want to be found)
  • How to get their attention (they’re often intentionally ignoring you)
  • How to win their trust and favor (so they’ll consider selling you their property)

Sean & Tracey FlanaganWell that’s where Sean and Tracey Flanagan com in — simply put, these two have cracked the code on abandoned houses. I’ve known Sean for years, but only recently did I learn of how well he’d been doing systematically finding and exploiting abandoned houses. But once I got a snapshot of what they’ve been doing, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to get it out of them in the for of a focused training program.

Well fast forward a few month, and here we are launching what I truly believe is the best, most solidly actionable training on how to effectively make a killing from abandoned houses. I really mean that, I think it’s second to none. As we went through this with Sean and Tracey, we made sure nothing was held back whatsoever. Every aspect of how they get a constant stream of abandoned house leads (and turn them into highly profitable deals) is covered, start to finish.

It’s 7 video modules of pure awesome 🙂

Abandoned House Secrets Testimonials: 

“I am an Abandoned House student for about 5 years now and I LOOOOVE the materials. It’s well laid out, easy to follow, and I know I’m about to make some real MULLAH! Thanks and tell Team Awesome to keep up the GREEAAT work! You are all truly awesome!” ~ Glenn W.

“Super course! Sean and Tracey…you are truly special folks. I could tell you not only know what you’re doing, you are gracious in your sharing. I loved your genuine, informative candor. Thanks again!”     ~ Larry W.

“I really like this course! Well thought out.” ~ Dean E.

“I love the abandoned house course! This is a very systematic way of doing business. Thank you!” ~ Rex O.

“This is a breath of fresh air. Look forward to getting this airborne and introducing this to my cruise-missile daughter, so it becomes a family affair and can be paid forward. Well done. The candor is VERY refreshing.” ~ Jeff C.

Check out Abandoned House Secrets for yourself…

So look, if you’re struggling to find good deals and only using traditional deal-finding strategies (like everyone else), I say it’s high time to set yourself apart from your competition. Check out the Abandoned House Secrets Press Release to learn more about the training program and see if it’s a good fit for where you are in your real estate endeavors right now. I really think you’ll dig what you see. 🙂

Later guys,


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