What is “The Vacant House Bank” by Cameron Dunlap?

So, what if I told you that there’s a remarkable new training program that details, step-by-step, how you can consistently find, fund, flip & make money from vacant houses in any target market in the US that are actually “hiding in plain sight”?

Intriguing, right?!

Well, Patrick here, to tell you about something amazing… 

An awesome new program for wholesalers called The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap. 

Okay, here it is…

This training program is unlike anything else because it teaches new and seasoned investors the precise way to systematically locate off-market vacant houses and profit from them. How? By quickly flipping them in their current condition to cash buyers who are active in the very market you choose. 

The Vacant House Bank (Cameron Dunlap)

As you’ll hear Cameron say: He believes vacant houses are the most lucrative property type—but investors often overlook them. We’re talking about distressed properties “hiding in plain sight” in every market—even yours. Here’s what it looks like:

  • A series of jam-packed informational  training modules.
  • Loaded with tools, resources, “amplifier training” bonus sessions.
  • Easy-to-follow videos and audios that explain and demonstrate the whole process—from locating vacant house deals, to funding those deals to wholesaling the “hidden gems” to active cash buyers, while you earn some nice green every time.

Transactional Funding that Costs Nothing

Easily one of the biggest bonuses of The Vacant House Bank is Cam’s “free, flash funding” for your first vacant house bank deal.

Here’s the thing, usually transactional funding for wholesale deals costs at least 1%–3% of the amount borrowed. But as a Vacant House Bank member, you’d automatically receive 6 months’ access to up to $600,000 in transactional funding for your first vacant house deal for $0. No cost. (yeah, “no fee funding” for real).

And here’s the thing, I know it works. And really well too because Cam’s been using this method for a very long time. And he’s been super successful. He’s letting us in on the secrets to his vacant house success. (High five, Cam!)

See, most investors don’t even know about this strategy. The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap gives you everything you need to crush it, starting today.

The Vacant House Bank Goods  

Okie dokie, The Vacant House Bank does all this and more:

  • Mind Your Mindset: Gotta get thinking about how you can seize profitable vacant house opportunities that are everywhere
  • 7 Steps: The 7 rules to follow to be a successful vacant house banker
  • It’s Opportune: There are vacant house opportunities everywhere—understand ‘em and embrace ‘em
  • Take it from the Pros: Cameron Dunlap’s “Pro Tips” that he and his students swear by
  • Vacant: Bunches of reasons why distressed houses end up as vacant properties
  • Paying for It: funding your vacant house deals with these 5 options
  • So Awesome: Exactly why vacant houses in today’s market are so awesome
  • Locate :Step-by-step method for finding vacant house deals
  • For Sale: Various types of sellers, how to find them and the tools you’ll need to do it all
  • PPL: You need the right people—finding and recruit the right team for this process
  • Free: Getting your own Free Flash Funding—no-cost transactional funding for your first deal
  • Own It: The right ways to pre-screen, track down and talk to vacant house owners about their problem (BTW—you’ll solve their problem)
  • Flip It:  Ideal buyers are within reach for your vacant house deals 
  • $$$: Getting your vacant house deal paychecks quick and easy
  • Seller: The are 2 basic types of vacant house owners
  • And much more…

How’s about this? Consider The Vacant house Bank your personally guided vacant house strategy tour by the one and only Cameron Dunlap… think about how valuable that is!

Want to know more about The Vacant House Bank training program? Of course you do! Here’s a brief video that shares more of the awesome. Enjoy. 🙂

The VHB Main Point

With The Vacant House Bank, real estate wholesalers get loaded up with all of the crucial ingredients, plus the genius insight and steps you can take right now to boost your RE investing game. You’ll focus on a strategy that most of your competition isn’t. You can undoubtedly impact your business AND income quickly and easily by diving into The Vacant House Bank.

Cameron Dunlap + Vacant Houses

Cameron Dunlap
The Vacant House Banker 🙂

JP Moses, President Awesome REI shares some words: Cameron Mr. Vacant House Banker has been deal-making since 1993, and teaching students his REI strategies & methods since 1995.

I believe he is one of the most skilled investors out there… a serial maker of deals… and a true advocate. With his legit real deal experiences and pioneering thinking, he’s all a cool down-to-earth cat, full of honesty and integrity. His proven track record of wins speaks for itself, but he’s still humble and kind enough to share his mistakes so you can learn from them and avoid them. Dude is a winner. 

He clearly enjoys showing investors how to speed up the success of their own REI  journey. I invite you to embrace this very opportunity from a remarkable teacher and mentor. 

Cam’s training:

  • Shows how to get to your Vacant House Bank payday as quickly as possible, in the least amount of time, with little effort from you—because he shows you how to focus an “inch wide & a mile deep” 
  • Speeds up your Vacant House Bank journey to deals with best practices, tools and resources
  • Gives you free funding! Vacant House Bank members enjoy no-fee transactional funding—free, flash funding—for your first vacant house deal

Here’s the Thing: You can do this right now in any market—do it remotely or in your own backyard. With The Vacant House Bank, you’ll be prepped to exploit and dominate the very lucrative niche of vacant houses in your target market and enjoy your very first vacant house deal paycheck—quickly and painlessly.

Cam, teaching Vacant House strategies

Sounds good?

Then take a look this official press release to see if The Vacant House Bank is right for your investing endeavors. (It probably is!) I really think you’re gonna love Cam’s strategy. 


Patrick, out!

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