What Is “Tax Yields” by Jay Drexel

Alrighty now, I have a question for you…

What if I said there’s an amazing new real estate investing training program that demonstrates how newer and seasoned investors can systematically use tax-delinquent property lists and auctions to invest in tax yields in just about any U.S. market while making some sweet profits along the way?

I bet you want to know more, right?!

Well, here you go…

This step-by-step process gives you unique view into the hush-hush world of tax lien certificates. Tax Yields gives real estate investors a peek through a lens that most people don’t even know about — all thanks to “secret” intel and a proven track record of experience, with tons of demos.

Hey there, Patrick Riddle here, to tell you about this incredible new training program for new and, yes, even seasoned investors… Tax Yields by Jay Drexel.

Have a looksie…

Tax Yields expertly teaches investors to systematically find tax-delinquent property deals in countless U.S. markets and profit from this highly rare niche. This one-of-a-kind system shows you how to tap into a unique asymmetric opportunity with high potential upside, low downside risk and super-low competition. Follow this program and you’ll do your first tax yield deal fast — then rinse and repeat.

Tax Yields by Jay Drexel

Here’s what the Tax Yields training program looks like:

  • A series of robust, informational video and audio training modules 
  • Loads of useful goodies: tools, resources, “amplifier training” and more
  • Easy-to-understand media that explains the whole Tax Yields process — from insights and best practices, to numerous demos walking through exactly how to invest in tax lien certificates, and so much more

The brilliant creator of Tax Yields — Jay Drexel — is a tax-delinquent property and deed/lien auction expert! He and his genius co-captain, Phil Kessler, generously teach you their Tax Yields process, so you can systematically do tax yield deals in just about any market in the United States… and make awesome money along the way. 

Tax Yields is ideal for any investor — those who’ve just begun their investing AND those who are already in the trenches want to enhance their business or try a new brilliant strategy.

Tax Yields Awesomeness

Tax Yields does all this and more:

  • Game Map: Your orientation about what to expect in the training
  • Asymmetric: Details for this unique opportunity
  • Extras: Tons of useful best practices, extras, pro tips 
  • Up/Down: High potential upside & low downside risk
  • Low: Very little competition 
  • Proof: Yep, this strategy is pandemic-proof
  • Speed: Everything you need to do your first tax yield deal fast.
  • 100%: Invest 100% passively
  • Double: Guaranteed double-digit returns 
  • Taxes: Getting properties for only the cost of taxes owed 
  • Remote: Invest with this strategy from anywhere remotely
  • Demos: Walkthroughs of sites you’ll use and how to actually buy a tax lien certificate
  • Jokes: Yep, Dad jokes and silliness throughout 🙂
  • Level-Up: Boost your bottom line & ride momentum into higher levels of Tax Yields investing
  • Mindset: Starting with the right attitude
  • Play On: The 2 types of players you can be 
  • Essentials: county and state rules
  • Define: Your first deal
  • Choose: countless markets to invest in
  • Spot: investing awesomely in sweet spots & refining leads + “shortlists”
  • And… loads more valuable information, pros & cons, details and actionable insight…


I want you to think about Tax Yields as your personally guided tax yield process tour by REI expert Jay Drexel.

By now, you might want to know even more about the Tax Yields training program, right? 

So, take a look at my short video that shares even more of the awesome. Enjoy.

The TY Main Point

With the Tax Yields program, regular real estate folks like you and me can enjoy great paydays investing in tax-delinquent properties. It’s all thanks to Jay breaking down the Tax Yields process from beginning to end with easy-to-follow steps that get results quickly.

In Tax Yields, Jay and Phil, explain their time-tested, proven methods for finding deals from Tax Yields opportunities — in a super-smart, systematic way — so you’ll enjoy great paydays. And, the guys demonstrate everything in a very thorough yet simple way in the program. 

Jay Drexel + Tax Yields

Patrick Riddle, President PMBP with some nice words: Jay has been doing Tax Yield deals for many years… and he loves teaching others his REI strategies & methods.

I truly believe he’s one of the most skilled investors and innovators there is… a repeat deal-maker… and a wonderfully terrific human. As you’ll see, this guy is super-smart, generous and kind.

His lengthy track record of Tax Yield deals is all the evidence you need, proving he’s the real thing. Plus, he openly shares the struggles and challenges he endured, so you can avoid the same mistakes. Thanks, Jay!

When you watch the Tax Yields training, you’ll see that Jay and Phil LOVE sharing and teaching this awesome strategy, so people just like you can enjoy similar rewards from successful REI endeavors. 

Now, I formally invite you to jump into this fantastic and unique new training from a genius inventor and investor. 

Jay’s training:

  • Shows you how to find tax-delinquent property lists and lien/deed auctions in simple, straightforward, repeatable steps 
  • Boosts Tax Yields journey with smart pro tips, helpful tools, amp sessions, resources and more

The Breakdown: You can start this strategy right away in countless markets in the United States. With Tax Yields, you’ll be ready to crush the little-known opportunity of Tax Yields with expert direction from Jay and Phil, profiting handsomely along the way.

Sounds pretty great, right?

So… check out this official press release to see if Tax Yields is right for your REI business. (I’m thinking it is!) I really believe you’ll love Jay’s method to Tax Yields.



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