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(even some cool bonuses like step by stepprivate money case studies, private lender powerpoint and script, etc)

Step 1: Download Patrick's Fully Customizable PowerPoint Presentation Below

Step 2: Carve out a couple hours this week and go through the training videos below. Check your email for the remaining videos.  Those alone are worth well over $297 by themselves!

Step 3: Check out how real life investors are getting private money through the case studies

Step 4: Take action and start getting private money!

(NOTE: -->> FYI, a few people have asked how to get updates from us on more free "private money getting" info and tools. Well, head over to: and enter your email address if you haven't already... and you'll be placed on our list where you'll receive more free updates and tools based on how we're currently getting private money in today's market. Cool? Great!)

Enjoy :-)

- Patrick and the PMBP Team

BONUS VIDEO 1: Getting Private Money - Your First Steps...

This video is from a step by step workshop that Patrick did with fellow investor friend of his who was nice enough to interview Patrick in November '08. We got so many raves about it afterward... the attendees asked us to create more "private money getting" content. This video will be a great start for ya while we finish up the other training videos for you over the next couple weeks. Enjoy :-)

If you're having troubles seeing the video. You probably need to download the free Adobe Flash Player 10 software. Go here to download it for free... it takes 3 minutes... then refresh this page and you should be good to go!

Patricks' Private Lender Powerpoint Presentation Download >>Click To Download<<

**Go ahead and click the link above to download Patricks private lender presentation and script (the words are in the "notes" area in the PPT). This is the same one he's tweaked and improved over 6 years to get over $6million in private money for 127 deals.Just put your info in it to personalize it... but try to keep the overall process and questions intact... those are what make it so effective.

VIDEO 1: Drive By Private Money Case Studies and Private Money Primer

Patrick shows you actual deals, how they did them, how they found the private lenders, and more. Cool stuff. Then, Patrick dives into setting your foundation for private money.

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VIDEO 2: Where to find Private Lenders NOW & How To Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Learn 3 places to find private lenders online in 15 minutes. Then, Patrick will go into how to approach potential private lenders, how to craft your 30 second commercial, and how to set up appointments effectively.

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VIDEO 3: How To Safely Pool Private Funds, Using IRA's, And More...

Learn 3 ways to safely pool private lender funds, how to use private lenders IRA's (and what company you can use to do it for you), what "syndication" is and how you can use it to buy larger properties without any of your own money... and more. All taught by fellow investor Susan Lassiter-Lyons who has raised over $24 million in private money over the last 6 years for her own deals and her clients deals.

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click to download[Just Added] NEW! My Late Night "I Quit This Crap!" Rant Report. Click Here To Download This... I Was Up Til 12:43 a.m. Last Night Writing It (I was kinda pissed)



Real World Case Study #1: Kevin Donovan - Los Angeles

Kevin recently was able to recruit over $600,000 in private money which will translate into $250,000 in profits for him in '09.
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[NEWadded Wednesday, April 22nd] Real World Case Study #2: Butch - CaliforniaButch just closed his first deal with private money... recruiting $85,000... which will lead to approx. $35,000 in profits.
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[NEW added Sunday, April 26th] Real World Case Study #3: Marla MichaelsHow to use private money for ANY and every real estate deal for immediate profits.
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[NEW added Sunday, April 29th] Real World Case Study #4: Shannon BynesShannon is a part-time investor who just started using private money to fund her deals and see's it as a way to secure her financial future for herself, family, and friends. Here's her story...
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[NEW added Monday, May 4th] Real World Case Study #5: Nathan DelpinoWatch Nathan's case study and learn how he's netted $60,231.49, $74,583.37, $91,339.95 using private money strategies that Patrick has taught him. Check it out...
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[NEW added Monday, May 4th] Real World Case Study #6: Wil ChristiansonDiscover how Wil raised $15,000 from family and netted $30,000 on his first real estate transcation using private money. Check it out...
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