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From the desk of: A fellow "underground" investor

Dear Friend,

I'm going to show you a proven way to make money in today's difficult real estate market... 

I'm talking about a complete real estate system. One that will help you get more cash to fund more deals than you ever dreamed possible.

And I guarantee you this: Follow my simple instructions and you'll become very rich, very fast.

Just days from now huge checks will literally start falling in your lap, with a few clicks of the mouse or a quick phone call! 

Whether you're a real estate newbie or a seasoned pro with hundreds of deals under your belt! I can help you start using other people's money to fund deals.

So if you're ready to start building your real estate empire...

It's time to!

Discover A Simple, And Profitable System
That Shows You Step-By-Step How To
Raise Private Money! And Pocket An Extra
$30,000 - $226,154 Each Month

Let's face it, for most investors conventional financing isn't an option.

These days CASH IS KING.

But there's a problem: Most people don't have enough cash on hand to invest.

So how can a real estate investor get cash to fund deals in today's tough market?

Well, in this letter that's exactly what you're going to discover!

Plus, you'll meet a small group of novice investors who raised over $1.9 million dollars using a

Think About It...

If you own a property and need to sell it.

Who would you rather sell it to?

A cash buyer or a buyer that needs financing!

Exactly, Cash is King.

Read on to discover how private money is going to make you very rich, very fast!

A private money system that's working great right now.

Better yet, within days you'll be able to use this effective system for yourself to start finding, funding and closing more deals than ever.

It's a great way to make money. Think about it!

  • No more banks to deal with!
  • No more long applications to fill out!
  • No more hassles and headaches!

The best part: I've developed a simple private money system that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process step-by-step.

Over the next few minutes, I'm going to show you exactly how it works... and how it could make you much richer in the months ahead.

For instance, you'll soon discover!

  • A simple way to find over 500 prospects in just 30 days
  • Where to find money without involving friends and family
  • How to easily get money from a potential lender! without even asking
  • The exact scripts you can use to raise 5-times more money than you're even asking for
  • How to analyze the best properties to buy in today's difficult market

That's just the tip of the iceberg of what you're going to learn.

Truth is, this system will arm you with the weapons you need to become a very rich and very successful real estate investor.

But don't take my word for it!

Here's what novice real estate investor Nathan Delpino from South Carolina has to say about our private money system!

"Novice Real Estate Investor Nathan Delpino Pockets $226,154
On Just Three Deals!"

Before I give you full details on the powerful new system that's going to help you build your real estate empire starting right away.

Let me give you a bit of background!

I Bought My First Property - A $164,000 Four Unit Building - With Absolutely
NO Money In My Pocket!

Hi, my name is Trevor.

Today, I'm a professional real estate investor. I buy, rehab, and rent real estate here in Oregon using other people's money. But I wasn't always a successful real estate investor!

My real estate career started when I saw a Carlton Sheets infomercial one late night in college. Perhaps it was the passive income, the sandy beaches or simply the fact that I could be my own boss and make ridiculous amounts of money that drew me in.

Whatever it was I was hooked!

So for 13 straight months I studied the books and tapes until I finally got up the courage to try it for myself. I still remember my first deal like yesterday!

I combed the newspapers and internet looking for the perfect property! and 4 months later I found it.

It was a 4 unit building. According to my calculations I would have $400 in positive cash flow each month. For a broke 21-year old college kid that kind of cash was like hitting the beer money lottery!

So I got up the guts to make a lowball offer and somehow negotiated a deal for the seller to carry the note! everything was working out perfectly...

Until the seller told me he wanted a $10,000 down payment. But I didn't have the type of money.

Plus, I had NO credit! only $700 in the bank! and no clue what I was getting myself into!

But I was determined to raise the money I needed to close this deal!

That's When I Discovered Private Money
Was The Only Way To Close The Deal

I was nervous asking for the money.

But I got up the courage, asked and got a $10,000 check from my father.

There I was - a 21-years old college kid - sitting at the closing table, buying a 4 unit apartment building for $164,000... and getting an instant $400 monthly income from day one!

This first transaction had me drooling at the possibilities... I was picturing what my life would be like in 3,5,10 years down the road... that "Carlton Sheets lifestyle" seemed like it could soon become a reality.

But I really got the real estate bug when! just 23 months later that property appraised for nearly $265,000 and I had $101,000 in equity in my pocket.

Soon I graduated college and headed into the "real world." But before I started buying new properties with other people's money full-time, I honed my skills managing my 4 units and began a short-lived career in real estate marketing.

Soon my career path changed forever!

That's When I Met A 28-Year Old College Drop Out From South Carolina! Who Raised $6 Million In Private Money In Just 6 Years

Patrick Riddle private money expert

The "Private Money King" Raises $6 Million Dollars In No Time Flat

Patrick Riddle is widely known as the #1 "Underground" Private Money expert in the world.

Here's why!

  • He's raised over $6 million dollars in just 6 years
  • Frequently sought-after to speak, teach and consult nationally on how to get rich investing in real estate
  • Considered an expert in creative real estate investing techniques, lease options, short sales, and raising private money
  • Pocketed $25,000 on his very first deal while in college
  • Along with Trevor, he created the powerful Private Money Blueprint system

His name is Patrick Riddle.

And like me, he bought his first property - and funded it with private money - when he was in college.

Patrick went in debt and lost almost $20,000 on his first deals right out of college... using conventional funding and hard money lenders.

Then, Patrick and his partner Dusty heard about private money... learned the ropes of where and how to find it... and ended up netting a$25,000 in quick profits on his first "private money" funded deal!

This wasn't his parents favorite decision... but after seeing the power of "other peoples money" Patrick dropped out of college! and has been funding deals with other people's money ever since (he's bought over 130 properties since).

But things really picked up for Patrick and me after meeting at a conference in Las Vegas.

From the minute we met we hit it off!

In late 2008 I met Patrick and saw what he was doing in his real estate business in South Carolina. So, I grilled him... went home and did my due diligence to make sure he was "legit" and actually doing deals full time (which I quickly found out he is... he's got a huge following in the Charleston, SC area from his REIA... I guess success attracts success).

So, we decided to do a free 2 hour webinar on some of the places and ways Patrick is getting private money in this economy for his real estate deals.


People started coming out of the wood works asking Patrick to reveal his secrets for funding so many deals with private money. Every one kept asking!

How can I get private money to invest in real estate?

So, here's what we did! we put all of our secrets, techniques and strategies into a simple, step-by-step system that's unlike anything you've likely seen.

But, we didn't stop there. We realize that what works great for us... might not necessarily work great for everyone else. And, we hate the "one size fits all" cookie cutter approach too many people try to take.

So, we got together every successful real estate investor we know who is making a killing closing their deals with private money lenders... and brought them on as our "underground investor" faculty members to teach whats working in their particular markets... TODAY.

Not what worked yesterday... this is updated "how to" from actual investors across the country (not just one "guru" who proclaims to know all).

It's called Private Money Blueprint.


private money blueprint






And quite frankly!

If You're Serious About Using Other People's Money To Fund Your Real Estate Deals!
Private Money Blueprint Is The Most Simple, Comprehensive And Profitable Course In Existence

From the minute you get started you'll discover just how amazing and powerful this system really is...

Your blueprint for real estate investing success includes!

  • 6 DVD Training Modules
    You'll get the full DVD's and full online digital access to all 6 step-by-step private money training modules. All course materials, blueprints, templates, etc. are downloadable in our exclusive member's only section of our secure website. Plus, you'll get everything in your home study course that we'll rush right to your door.
  • 6+ Hours Of Additional "Bonus" Training
  • 9 Step-By-Step Blueprints & Action Plans! that walk you through each process from beginning to end.
  • Members Only Training Center... Here you can get access to us as well as instant access to digital downloads of each training session and all of the private money materials
  • Transaction and Marketing Templates! This will help you close more private lenders, more effectively.
  • Speaking Scripts For Virtually Every Situation You'll Ever Encounter. We've developed and updated our most effective scripts so you can get fast results.

This jam-packed system is filled with secrets, tips and strategies all designed for today's real estate market. But here's the thing...

ANYONE Struggling To Make Money In Real Estate Can Now Use The Same Private Money
Techniques We Use!


  • Some of the things you'll soon learn are! How to structure every deal so it's a win-win situation for you and your lender
  • A simple little trick you can use to get your doctor, lawyer and accountant to give you money to fund deals
  • An easy way to turn your business card into a cash raising machine
  • A great way to show prospects how to use IRA savings to fund deals! and recoup financial losses from last year
  • The secrets to understanding SEC rules and regulations made easy
  • How to create your own personal credibility kit
  • Plus, every single document, contract, form and piece of paperwork you'll ever need

And so much more!

At this point, you may be thinking this is hard to do, or it won't work for you, well I want to tell you why!

The timing for this system perfect!

Surprisingly, In These Crazy Economic Times! Raising Private Money Has Never Been Easier

I know what you're thinking, "Come on, how can it be this easy to raise money now?"

Well, today people are yanking their money out of the stock market and putting those funds somewhere...

And since bank CD's, money markets, and savings account pay just 1 to 2 percent.

Investors like us are the solution for everyday people looking to earn better returns on their money.

When you discover the secrets revealed in the Private Money Blueprint system!

You'll quickly see that this simple, yet thorough "how to" guide will get private lenders right through any skepticism, and drooling to hand you money.

What we've done is put together a specific step-by-step plan, that's easy to follow, so you can confidently present any opportunity you uncover to anyone.

In fact, once you get started, your investors will start calling you to see if you need more money.

I know this may sound too good to be true!

So, here's more proof that anyone can make money using this system!

Six Months Ago We Asked 20 Novice Real Estate Investors To Test Our Powerful New System!

And After Just 6 Months Using The
Private Money Blueprint System This Group Raised Over $1,984,000 In Private Money !

Here's the story, in their words!

"Will Christianson From Charleston Pockets $30,000 On His Very First Deal!"

PMBP Charter Student


"Kevin Donovan From Los Angeles, California Raises Over $600,000 In Just 30 Days After Using This System... "

PMBP Charter Student

It's obvious that private money works... and real estate investors who are successful in today's market are using it, and those who aren't are struggling
The minute you start using private money you'll start making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Right out of the gate you can use private money to:

  • Buy properties (single family, multi-family, and commercial)
  • Do short sales, foreclosures, and pre-foreclosures
  • Do rehabs or upgrades on your properties to boost value and cash flow
  • For down payments on properties or for the entire purchase priceOr you can use it to do rehabs and upgrades on your current properties to
    generate even more cash flow and equity from properties you already own

    Before I show you exactly how you can pick up the Private Money Blueprint system so you can start funding more real estate deals for yourself!

    I'd like you to hear what a few more former students have to say!

"Best Course Out There"

"Hi Patrick and Trevor,

I wanted to thank both of you for what I consider the flat out best course on finding private money out there!

I wanted to tell you guys that I had lunch with and got another $60,000 commitment. I'm two for three so far on my original list of people to contact that I have had the opportunity to present to so my total money commitment is about $120-$140,000... Definitely making strides on my $600,000 goal by June.

I am hoping to schedule my 4th appointment this week!

I cannot tell you guys how your coaching has made such a difference in my approach to getting money.

Thanks again,
Kevin Donovan
Los Angeles, California "


"Already Raised $75,000!"

"Since watching your first 4 videos and the presentation! I've had two live meetings with prospective investors and have 4 more scheduled next week.

Already have a commitment to $75K!

Your mentoring will enable me to succeed more quickly at generating a very large pool (my goal is $1.5MM) to enable me to do at least a dozen deals in the next 12 months."

Jay Leigeber
West Palm Beach, Florida


"Just Did My First Appointment!"

"Hello Patrick and Trevor,

Well I just did my first appointment.
I got a commitment for $25-$50K and she wants to start participating this summer! I am excited!!"

Thank you,

Pam Miller
Phoenix, Arizona

As You Can See The Private Money Blueprint System Makes Raising Money Very Easy! And Could Soon Make You Very Rich

So let's get to it, here's a look at what you'll actually get!


How To Jumpstart Your Real Estate Business

Before you get started building your private money empire, there are some quick tips you'll need to know!

That's why you'll want to keep this complete definitive reference on the profitable system that's going to help you get very rich by your side!

  • An effective way to set realistic goals - that you'll meet with every deal
  • How to know - before you ever get started - if you're real estate strategy is right for you
  • 1 in 10 investors know the critical secret for real estate success
  • A simple trick to gain more confidence and get more private money
  • The important real estate "Litmus Test" you need to know before you get started
  • A neat little secret that ensures you fund and close your first deal within 45 days
  • How to think like (and become) a successful real estate investor

Module #1:
Your 4 Step Advanced Private
Money Kickstart

Module 1 success jumpstartGet ready to build your real estate empire. Here we're going to take you step-by-step down the path you'll soon head to build your wealth.

  • "Ninja" techniques to ensure ALL of your appointments are effective
  • The secret to raising casual and formal private money  
  • A simple formula to create your first list of potential lenders in under 7 minutes
  • How to set your first weeks money-making action plan
  • 7 powerful follow-up phrases to boost your closings ten-fold
  • How to turbo-charge your business using the "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach to raising private money
  • A great negotiation and persuasion strategy that increases your money by ten times

(We just added 2 more bonuses, keep reading to see just what! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!)

Module #2:
Mastering Private Money Negotiation and Our Special "Anti-Sales" Strategies

Your module 2 - NegotiationsHere's where you'll find the most effective strategies that will get you more private money than you ever dreamed possible.  

  • Easy tricks and scripts to build rapport and get business from anyone   
  • How to get prospects to go from "skeptical" to writing you a check, immediately
  • The most effective "negative language" deal-closing scripts ever written
  • Precise scripts that turn objections into instant conversions  
  • A neat technique that qualifies prospects before you ever meet them  

Module #3:
How To Present Magically

Module 3: Presenting MagicallyNow your ready to get in front of potential private lenders and start raising money. Patrick reveals the same effective techniques he uses to turn potential private lenders into loan commitments.

  • This great video shows you real life examples of life private lender presentations in action. You'll learn how to answer objections, find out what to say, and what never to say.
  • You'll get a customized PowerPoint presentation that walks your potential private lenders through the process! this powerful weapon converts prospects to private loan commitments like crazy
  • 4 vital questions you need to ask every potential lender - that immediately makes them feel like they're in control - yet gets a check in your pocket every time
  • How to get money from any prospect without ever making them feel like they've been "sold."   
  • A proven technique that you should start and end every private money meeting with
  • A great way to present to private lenders when youcan'tmeet them in person. This effective technique works so well, that one investor we know literally gets millions in private money... without meeting many of his lenders
  • Even if you're a novice investor this "credibility kit" will give you instant credibility no matter who you're meeting.  
  • How to effectively overcome concerns quickly and easily
  • A simple step-by-step action plan for your presentations

Module #4:
The Essentials And Specific Steps
Of Every Private Money Transaction
(aka: "Nuts and Bolts")

Module 4: Transaction step by stepThis detailed module walks you step-by-step through the all of simple paperwork you need to close deals, and shows you how to virtually automate the closing process.

  • A detailed flowchart with tips and strategies for every step of the private money process... this foolproof formula works every time
  • Here's your detailed full color road map and step-by-step flow chart that walks you through the exact process for closing private money deals
  • You get all of the forms and paperwork needed to create and close private money loans properly
  • A simple way to structure loans so all parties walk away happy and profitable
  • The best way to legally protect you and your lender during every step of the deal, including after the loan funds
  • How to create a private loan packages that convert like crazy! and the template I created and use today
  • You'll get the exact letters and speaking scripts we use to follow-up with private lenders - virtually guaranteeing they'll become lenders for life - refer friends and family directly to you
  • A specific private money transaction blueprint that you can refer to anytime

Module #5:
How To Always Stay SEC Compliant

Module 5: Staying SEC compliantMany people never avoid private money because of concerns with SEC regulations! too bad for them! Here's where you'll get the scoop on the SEC guidelines (in simple non-legal speak) that you'll need to follow so you always stay compliant.

  • Resources on how to stay compliant in every state... including a detailed list with every securities office contact in the United States
  • A neat little trick that gets attorneys to tell you how to stay SEC compliant just $30
  • You'll get 3 disclosure statement you can start right away
  • An easy way to identify who's "exempt" and who needs to register with the state securities office... and a quick tutorial on exactly "how to" register in a jiffy
  • How to ethically raise private money without ever worrying about SEC guidelines.Patrick shows you exactly how to "do it right" so you can avoid dealing with any legal issues
  • The precise steps to take before you start marketing... and how to get it approved so you never have legal concerns
  • What you can and can't sayin your private lender marketing materials

Module #6:
The $24 Million Dollar Woman
Reveals All

Module 6: Pooling and using IRA'sSusan Lassiter-Lyons is a brilliant real estate investor. Here she'll reveal a simple way to get private money by tapping IRA's! and how to utilize private lenders to fund projects by pooling multiple investors' funds.

  • You'll get a detailed color blueprint detailing how to use lenders IRA accounts... and a written formula that includes resources to close deals fast! it's easier than you think!  
  • A simple way to streamline IRA loans for your private lenders! and the specific companies Susan uses
  • How and when to use 3 great "pooling" strategies that close more deals
  • How "fractionalized" trust deeds can really boost your business! and how to handle the SEC guidelines
  • A great way to build your wealth by "syndicating" your real estate deals! if you're great at finding and analyzing deals bringing in equity partners could be perfect for you

The $24 Million Woman...

Seasoned investor Susan Lassiter-Lyons has generated over $24 million in loans to real estate investors... and has raised over $5 million in private money over the past 12 months alone for her own deals and for a few of her clients deals. She'll walk you through the whole process... she's really knows her stuff!

Susan is the owner of Lassiter Mortgage Group out of Denver, Colorado and has been a real estate investor since the mid 1990's.


You'll get all of the forms, tips, and tricks necessary to build your real estate empire using these strategies.

Plus, you'll get full online access to the entire Private Money Blueprint system in digital format right away.  

And you'll get instant access to the online member's area where you can access each and every module, video, audio, anytime you want.

But if you!  


Order Now And I'll Also Include!

Our 35+ speaking scripts, "cut and paste" templates, forms, contracts, checklists, and flow charts.

Basically, everything that we use in our own businesses to get private money and close deals.

Here's a quick video I filmed for you to show you what you'll get immediately after you join us by locking in your spot in our circle of friends below :-)

(click the video to check out the forms, scripts, and templates you'll get direct from our own businesses that have together got over $30 million in private money)

Plus we'll give you...

An SEC Attorney "Spills The Beans" Live Interview

(Value $590 - YOURS FREE!)

SEC Attorney spills the beans!

The number one question from folks that are new to Private Money is "How do I stay SEC compliant?" Well, one of the top SEC attorneys on the west coast reveals all the details in this 90 minute must-see interview.

Here's what's really exciting: This will be a live interactive webinar and you'll be able to ask questions. The date isn't set yet, but it will be within the next 30 days.

No worries if you can't make it to the live event, we're recording it and will send you a  CD of the entire recording... and you'll have full access to the audio mp3 in member's area the minute you join.


Total Value: $590 - Your's Free!

Step By Step "How To Analyze" Deals
In Today's Market (very detailed)

(Value $147 - YOURS FREE!)

Credit Repair Videos

One of the most important parts to being a successful real estate investor by raising private money is knowing how to properly analyze deals.

Just one mistake analyzing a deal and a prospective lender will never loan you a dime...

Here you'll learn our foolproof process for analyzing properties, so you can be confident that you're presenting your private lenders with a solid (and accurate) package every time.

Total Value: $147 - Your's Free!

Behind The Scenes: Inside The Mind Of A Private Lender

(Value $97 - YOURS FREE!)

Credit Repair Videos

Here's where you'll get a glimpse inside the mind of a private lender. You'll hear from one of Patrick's private lenders first hand.  

This valuable resource will give you some great ammo to help you when presenting. You'll discover what motivates private lenders! find out why they lend!. learn what they look for in private loans... and so much more.

The information revealed here you'll want to watch before meeting with any prospect.

Total Value: $97 - Your's Free!

Over My Shoulder: Online Lead Generation

(Value $197 - YOURS FREE!)

Credit Repair Videos

Here we'll reveal great ways to drive free and low cost traffic to your real estate website. Don't worry if you don't have a website yet, I've got a surprise for you that I'll show you in just a moment.
You'll discover how to:

  • Optimize your website so you get great traffic from search engines
  • Find websites that drive traffic to your site - FREE
  • Use video and social media to drive tons of traffic to your site
  • Get software (at no cost to you) that drives tons of search engine traffic your way

This detailed video reveals everything you need to know on how to get traffic to your site.  

Total Value: $197 - Your's Free!

How To Use Lender Luncheons To Recruit And Close More Private Lenders

(Value $297 - YOURS FREE!)

Although there are many ways to meet prospects...

Many real estate investors use "lender luncheons" to meet private lenders. Here Patrick will show you how to set up a lender luncheon if you choose to use these effective meetings to get prospects.   

There are specific things you can do at these luncheons to secure the greatest amount of private money commitments possible.

Patrick will teach you his effective strategy so you can put it to action right away. This is a fantastic tool when done right, as you'll soon discover.

Total Value: $297 - Your's Free!

Full Access To The Entire Library Of Video Tutorials Answering Frequently Asked Questions

(Value $297 - YOURS FREE!)

Credit Repair Videos

When you order the Private Money Blueprint today you'll get complete access to the members only secure section of our website.   

There you'll find step-by-step video tutorials covering everything you need to know about becoming a successful Private Money real estate investor.

For example, we'll reveal!

  • The ins-and-outs of promissory notes (video tutorial)
  • Why and how you shouldn't ask for money (video tutorial)
  • How to identify the best private lender prospects (video tutorial)
  • More details on the paperwork involved with your deals (video tutorial)
  • What credit has to do with private money (video tutorial)
  • How to effectively use group meetings to get private lender prospects (video tutorial)

You'll have immediate access to all six of these bonuses the minute you join...
But by joining today, I'm going to give you your very own!

Total Value: $297 - Your's Free!

Crazy Cool BONUS #7:
Your Very Own Private Money "Getting" Website

(Value $1,495 - YOURS FREE!)


Patrick and I want your private money business to hit the ground running. So here's what we decided to do!

We are going to give you your very own search engine optimized and fully customizable real estate website.

I personally invested over $3,500 with my web developer to create this website system for my own real estate business... feel free to check it out at http://www.reitheme.com. It runs on the same powerful platform as the site you'll after you join the PMBP program.

We're only offering these websites as a bonus for the next day or two. Then we're going to start selling them for $500, maybe more.

This alone more than pays for your entire investment in the PMBP program. Here's what your new site will look like... but you can customize everything (content, colors, images, etc.) to fit your biz if you want.

Your new private money website

Total Value: $1,495 - Your's Free!

So How Much Is All This Worth?

Well, considering you could start generating at least $100,000 in private money for your deals in the next few weeks!

You'd think $10,000 would be a fair price!

And at $5,000 it would pay for itself in no time flat!

But we're not charging $10,000, $5,000 or even close!

For a limited time you can get the Private Money Blueprint system - and $2,122 in Bonuses - for just $997.

Considering just one of our students pocketed $226,154 in a single month - this price is a bargain.

But we know times are tough, and some people are afraid to invest in real estate these days, so here's what we're doing!

If you take advantage of this opportunity today you'll pay just $997 - a 50% savings off the normal price.

Obviously, we can't keep this price for long, we'll lose our shirts! and I know that $997 is a lot of money.

And I want you to become rich using our system, and I know you will, so here's what I'm going to do to protect your investment!

Our Absolute No-Risk,
Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason at all - even if you just decide you don't like what we have to offer, no questions asked - just send us an email and we'll refund 100% of your money within the first 30 days.

But you can keep the entire system as our gift to you. Keep!

YOU KEEP: ALL 6 Private Money Blueprint Modules!

YOU KEEP: ALL 7 Bonuses (worth $2,122)!

YOU KEEP: Your Brand New Private Money Website!

YOU KEEP: All the DVD's, CD's, PDF's!


I know it seems unbelievable that you can just e-mail us within 30 days, and we'll refund 100% of your money. And let you keep everything.

But honestly, I don't see that happening! and I know that you're an honest person who wants to finally break loose and start making the kind of money the "A player" investors I pal around with make each and every week.

So... we're bearing the risk on our shoulders because we want to give you a chance.

In fact, we're so confident in how much private money you'll raise when you apply the action plans we give you - and how rich you'll get - following our simple system that we're going one step farther!

If You Don't Raise $100,000,
You Pay ZERO!

If you go through each module in the Private Money Blueprint system! if you watch all of

"A Giant Thank You!"

"I just wanted to send a GIANT THANK YOU!

I am so glad to have found your website. I've learned more from your videos and webinar than I have from ALL the Real Estate Courses I've purchased together.

The way you teach real estate so that EVERYONE benefits is wonderful.

Thank you,

Debbie Thompson
Las Vegas, NV

the bonuses! apply the specific step by step action plans and show us you've done so! and take advantage of your FREE website!

If you do those things and haven't raised $100,000 based on our simple step-by-step formula, just let us know and you'll receive your money back.

It's that simple. You'll pay nothing. No questions asked.

But I need to alert you of something important!

Please don't delay. When our limited supply of the Private Money Blueprint system runs out, this offer expires for good.

In fact, we cannot guarantee these terms after midnight tomorrow.

That's why it's critical you claim your real estate wealth-building system right now.

As you know: Nothing works better in today's real estate market than private money.

Just 12 months from now you could have your very own real estate empire.
Sound good? Well!

That leaves just one question...

Are You Ready To Become A
Part-Time Real Estate MOGUL?

private money blueprintIf so, then get ready for the ride your life...

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Single Pay Option: (saves you $100!): $997
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