Review of “One-Day Flip” by Cameron Dunlap

Hey there — I have something AMAZING for you today — my personal review of One-Day Flip by Cameron Dunlap. Well, what I really mean is Cam and One-Day Flip are the amazing, but my review is pretty great, too. 😉

JP Moses here… and I just finished an incredible journey working virtually with Cameron Dunlap as he created his one-of-a-kind, no-risk real estate foreclosure training: One-Day Flip.

Lucky you, I’m gonna share what One-Day Flip is, why it’s so great and some of the cool things you’ll get from it.

Take a gander…

One-Day Flip is a remarkable new training program that smartly teaches real estate investors to flip houses in a day and make just as much money as those rehabbers you see on TV… without investing any of your own money or borrowing any money… and without hammering a single nail, hiring any contractors, or doing any rehabs whatsoever.

You don’t even need to leave home.


By zeroing in on foreclosure properties in the super-profitable surplus opportunity market and crush deal after deal almost anywhere in the United States.

Awesome, right?

Well, I’m certain you’re going to love Cam’s new genius foreclosure training program about a little-known ownership loophole — I sure do.

See — One-Day Flip by Cameron Dunlap is REI awesomeness that gives newer and seasoned investors a unique look into the highly profitable realm of this new loophole that can give you your first check in as little as 35 days (even if you’re new to the game). Cam’s training shares exactly what you need to flip your first pre-list or post-list foreclosure deal as soon as possible by focusing only on the details you need.

You probably want to know more, so…

What is One-Day Flip?

It’s all about flipping 1 or 2 profitable foreclosure deals a month and embracing an opportunity market. One-Day Flip by Cameron Dunlap is for newish and seasoned investors who want to become flipping superstar investors — to profit quickly and repeatedly.

Sounds great, right?

Well, then Cameron’s training program is for you. You’ll learn how to flip deals with no money, no credit, no risk and no rehabs… all from the comfort of your home, working just a few hours a week on the side. Plus, you can repeatedly profit from it.

It’s unlike anything else because it gives you a major deep dive into the foreclosure arena and teaches you how to tap into and systematically profit from it — while learning from the best and brightest.

Here’s the thing… Cameron Dunlap has been investing for 29+ years now and teaching his techniques since 1995. Clearly, he LOVES sharing his methods with others — that’s you!

So, when Cameron let us in on his proven, quiet-until-now, no-risk strategy, we pay attention…

One-Day Flip is broken down into 4 main video module presentations:

  • Each module is loaded with details and actionable info
  • All the audios and videos are easy to understand (complete with jokes & bloopers!) — and clearly explain everything you need to know about One-Day Flip
  • And: enjoy bonus extras like “Amplifier Training” video sessions, resources, tools, and more

What Do I Get from One-Day Flip?

Well, in One-Day Flip you’ll discover:

  • Watch: demos!
  • Opportunity: understanding + embracing the One-Day Flip strategy
  • Killer: 4 success murderers 
  • Best Strategy: why wholesaling is awesome
  • Listings: how to get MLS access legally
  • Remote: how you can do this in just about any U.S. market
  • 1 day: flip a deal in a day and repeat
  • Don’t: borrow money or get a mortgage
  • Secret: the little-known ownership loophole secret is out
  • Mindful: get your mindset right
  • Helper: as you profit you also help people
  • 5 Ways: several ways to fund your deals 
  • Accelerate: quickly get started wholesaling foreclosures
  • Same Day: how to double close with ease
  • 3: simple steps for the whole program
  • Paper: the documents you need, handed right to ya
  • List: access to a secret list of off-market, pre-bank foreclosure deals
  • 6 Words: simple ad to find buyers
  • Fund: Cam will fund every deal you do together
  • Checklist: 5-steps telling you which houses to make offers on
  • Calculator: tells you how much the house is worth and what to offer your seller
  • Script: how to pitch your offer 
  • Analog: DIY methods
  • Agile: easy button methods
  • Property Scouts: why you’ll want to hire them
  • Inch Wide, Mile Deep: the power of focus
  • Check: get ready to cash checks for tens of thousands of dollars
  • Title Co.: work with Cameron Dunlap and his team works with the title companies for you
  • $: get paid fast
  • Pro tips, bonus materials and so much more…

Bottom Line for One-Day Flip 

See, One-Day Flip gives new and seasoned investors everything needed to earn LOTS of money from One-Day Flip opportunities. And, you’ll get Cam’s expert guidance, tools and walkthrough demos, so you can take action right away. 

So, take a looksie at my short but thorough video, reviewing this cool new foreclosure training program. 


One-Day Flip by Cameron Dunlap

Cameron Dunlap is a deal-maker and inventor. He loves REI and loves teaching others about it. 

For sure you’ll see that he is a genius teacher and skilled investor with loads of real-life deal experience… and just an all-around nice guy. 

You’ll hear about some of Cam’s goofs, which he’s generously sharing with us, so we avoid the same mistakes. Told ya he’s great! In this training, he’s helping you through the learning curve in a quick, easy-to-understand way. I strongly recommend you embrace this unique foreclosure flipping opportunity.

Let me be clear, Cameron Dunlap is the guy you want as a coach and teacher — simply do what he says, and you’ll be all set! 

With One-Day Flip training, he breaks down and demos the whole foreclosure process, showing you exactly how you can crush this unique, risk-free method in a surplus opportunity market.

See, in countless U.S. markets, you can achieve success with his strategy. You’ll become a One-Day Flip foreclosure expert — quickly and easily. 

I highly encourage you to check it out right now — I’m sure that One-Day Flip would be awesome for you.

Think it’s a good fit for your REI business? Check out the official press release here.


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