The Reason I Quit My Job…

Hey – Jen here from the PMBP Member Experience Team, and I just wanted to share this incredible email we received  from one of our members. A guy who has taken REI training and utilized it to become a full time investor and live the lifestyle he wants.

Hey Patrick,

I was talking with a wholesaler in Tacoma this morning and he told me I really needed to listen to Patrick Riddle’s materials on Private Money.

I said “I know Patrick Riddle, he is the reason I quit my job and started investing 7 years ago!”

Glad to see you smokin it man.

Chris Richter

Congrats, Chris! We love to hear success stories, especially from members of the PMBP family!

If you have any questions we can help you with, let us know.

– Jen Delamotte, PMBP Member Experience Team


**These results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action and therefore, gets no results.


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