Raising Capital: I’ve Tried Everything & Nothing Works

2015-5-25-260Truth is you haven’t tried everything!

Not yet, anyway. If nothing is working, then you’ve got to try something different, or try harder. If nothing is working, then maybe it’s time to ask for help. And luck you, you came to the right place!

If you’re struggling to raise capital and it’s just not happening, you’re not alone. Many of you have asked me what you’re doing wrong. And to that I say….

It’s not what you’re doing wrong – rather, it’s what you can be doing better.

6 tips to finally raising capital

  1. Evaluate Your Own Process

Why beat around the bush? Are you using my Private Money Blueprint course as your numero uno source for all things private money? You’ve got to take advantage of the work I’ve done FOR you!

Follow my 3 step process to securing private money, and make sure you stick to the system. When you get to the site, check out the hundreds of comments and a video or two to be sure you’re truly following the 3 step process.

I’m confident you will find them useful, and hopefully you can take away some valuable tips that will help you raise capital for your deals.

  1. What about another Source?

Ever heard of hard money? Technically speaking, I’m talking about loans made against hard assets, and hard money lenders can provide fast and flexible funds for your real estate transactions.

If you’re having trouble securing private lender funds, consider hard money. Expect higher rates (just keeping it real), but rest assured this can be an easy means to quick capital.

Here’s a bonus: Hard money can apply to multiple business models, too. So if you’re all about rental properties, buy and holds, rehabs or even commercial deals, hard money just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

  1. Sometimes Smaller is Better: Consider Portfolio Lenders

Sometimes the not-so-big guys are better for biz. If you’re in the business of buying and holding rental properties while dealing with typical landlord financing and regular lenders, you know very well the frustrations of property limitations.

2015-5-25-moneyBut with small portfolio bank lenders or local regional lenders who typically don’t cap property limits, you don’t have to worry about being cut off after 10 properties. Plus, they hold papers themselves.

Portfolio lenders are making a comeback, so get your own piece of the regional lender action.

  1. First Comes Wholesaling, Then Comes Capital

Have you considered knocking out a few wholesale deals to get on the map? Raising capital might mean closing a few wholesale deals first, and the key is visibility. You’ve got to get seen. That may sound like improper grammar, but you know what I mean. Rock a few wholesale deals, and talk about it!

  1. Now Tap into Existing Resources

Once you’ve given them something to talk about, and people realize you’re a player in the real estate investment game, they’ll start knocking on YOUR door. People will want to associate with you once they discover what a wholesaling rock star you are. Work that angle, and start gaining capital from those who can provide funding and wisdom. Check out my Private Money on Demand course for more help. (You’re welcome!)

Remember to use social media (and all your social networks for that matter) to attract potential private money. Stay out there, stay present and show your networks that you ARE a deal maker to gain that credibility that will ultimately help you gain more capital.

  1. Got Good Posture?

Stop asking for money, and start positioning yourself in a place of power. Easier said than done? Actually, no.

It’s all about posturing yourself differently. People are attracted to things they can’t have right? If something or someone seems forbidden or challenging, it also can seem more appealing. So I challenge you to put yourself in the “reluctant” role…

Use qualifying language, create uncertainty and maybe a little doubt and watch just how powerful that language can be. I know it seems counterintuitive, but positioning yourself as the authority is psychologically powerful, so use that to your advantage whenever possible.

Do it!

Put the lessons you learned here today into practice, and I know you’ll start gaining the capital you need to fund your deals!

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