My Opinion Of The Facebook Changes (this may offend you)

If you’re on Facebook or have been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard about the recent changes that Facebook made.

Many people out there are not happy, many are upset, some even furious about the changes.

So I had to put this video together for ya letting you know how I feel about it.

This may rub you the wrong way… but it’s a VERY important message that I needed to get off my chest.

Check it out…

Let me know what you think about the changes and my video in the comment section.

As I mentioned at the end, if you’re not getting the results you want from your REI biz, it’s time for a change. It’s time for YOU to change… and become the type of person who can successfully implement any real estate investing training program, course, technique or strategy…

… and that’s exactly what our Certified Strategic Investor Training program is all about.

I invite you to take a few minutes and check it out… because it’s THE missing link if you’re currently an AFW (an average, frustrated, wannabe).

As my mentor Jim Rohn says, “For things to change, you have to change.

– Patrick

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  1. facebook is now cumbersome. I am willing to change and write down my friends and keep my own datebase. I might even call some of them to make a closer connection. Why should I have to read and take time to learn the new facebook just to connect to people?

    • Hey Gordon,

      There are a lot of ways to connect with people… Facebook being just one of them. I think calling some of your friends is a great idea. Definitely helps to build a closer connection when you talk to or meet people in person.

      I would suggest not to abandon Facebook though. Even if it’s more “cumbersome”… it’s an awesome free way to connect and share who you are with the world.

      – Patrick

  2. Greetings Patrick,
    I am a student of yours. I liked what you had to say in your video about the Facebook changes. You are an inspiration and I love you motivationally uplifting sources of wisdom. Really what you were saying applies to life and business in general and you clearly know that. You practice those principals and lead by example by reading and offering inspirational books.
    On that subject of inspirational materials and learning to manifest what you want and attracting the right people and opportunities in to one’s life. I have run across some information and possible network connections which will benefit you. I sent you and email about this a couple weeks ago. As I said in the email I don’t want to release this information over unsecure lines like email and message boxes.
    Please call me I am willing to share.

    Bryan Egelhoff
    Cell: 425-318-0979
    And just so you know I am in Seattle, WA so on PSD time.


    • Hey Bryan,

      Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for the kind words.

      If you would like to pass some info by me, connect with Charity in support. Y’all can schedule a call and hop on the line for a few min to discuss… and she’ll relay the info my way.

      – Patrick

  3. Patrick
    Excellent summary of the part human experience that can stop us from growing!

    The black and white of the ego is comfortable and familiar for all, its only by stretching and letting go that we can grow and change!
    It’s the mindset and the perception of the situation or event where happiness and growth occur!

    I love that you focus on the internal thoughts and values and happiness as opposed to solely the material bottom line like so many other real estate teachers.

    Keep up the great work 😉

    • Hey Darrell,

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

      I like how you said “it’s in the mindset and the perception of the situation or event where happiness and growth occur”. Mindset is so important.

      I’ll keep it up 🙂

      – Patrick

  4. Excellent…Outstanding… Once again Patrick …You have proven to be a wise young Man 🙂 way to go.. YOU ROCK!!!!!

    • Jose, I appreciate it. Thanks buddy.

      – Patrick

  5. nice going …you just keep getting better

    • Hey Stan, that’s great to hear. Thank ya.

      – Patrick

  6. Dude, that’s a tasty tip. And I couldn’t agree more. The cheese always moves. Sometimes in small ways (FB changes) sometimes in game changing ways (market shifts). Losers cry about it. Winners adjust and adapt. Period.

    Thanks for the heartfelt reminder. Also, I’m intrigued by your Certified Strategic Investor thingy. I’d like to talk to you about it sometime. Might be a great fit for many of my blog subscribers too. I love the concept from what I can tell.

    Later, tater…

    • jp, what’s up man?

      You’re right on target… “Losers cry about it. Winners adjust and adapt. Period.” Nice!

      I’d love to share more info with you about our CSI training program. I’ll connect with you soon.

      – Patrick

  7. Its a free service, so what are people compalianing about, when you pay for it you have a right to complain, until that time be thankful you have been provided with n good tool to communicate through

    • Yep, I agree Rex. If it was paid, it would be a bit different.

      – Patrick

  8. Another great message! I like the way you stay on top of current events…
    Thanks for helping us to keep focus on what’s important and adapt to whatever happens in the market either direct or not.

    • Hey Dave, you’re welcome man.

      We’ll miss you at the conference the next couple days. Since you’re a Platinum PMBPer, feel free to come to our next one as my guest.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon when you close that deal!

      – Patrick

  9. Concur with you completely about accepting change.

    However, looking from the other perspective –
    people may have put in a lot of time and effort to set up their facebook site. If these changes were made without advance notice without some tips for working around or adjusting to the changes may be upsetting.

    Could be that they were just not happy with the way the changes were just thrust on them. There could be some negative impact to their business model. I don’t know. Don’t use facebook much…..yet.

    But as you said….There are things beyond our control and Facebook is a BIG Tiger to control.

    Appreciate and enjoy your support and great ideas.


    • Hey Ben,

      Great to hear you’re enjoying my content.

      On your comment of the changes affecting people’s business model… check out Doug Greathouse’s comment below. He makes a really good point.

      And ultimately, I’m saying that it’s not worth putting yourself in a negative mindset over change. Especially change that is 100%, completely out of your control.

      Negative emotions/attitudes only bring you and everyone around you down.

      Might as well be flexible and accepting of change.

      – Patrick

  10. Patrick; thanks for this video. If someone watches this video and don’t like what you say in it; that someone is one of those individuals who can’t embrace change in his/her life and that is too bad. I agree with you that changes are good.
    Thanks again and enjoy your coffee;


    • Hey Hector, you’re welcome man. I agree with you.

      I’ll enjoy my coffee 🙂

      – Patrick

  11. Patrick, thanks for sahring, couldn’t agree with you more…embrace change, it is crucial. Adversity has the effect of magnifying results.

    • Yep, well said John.

      – Patrick

  12. Much appreciated for the information and share!

    • Hey Thomas, you’re welcome.

      If you ever have any questions I can help with, let me know.

      – Patrick

  13. Love it my man. Great message bro.

    By the way, its awesome to be out here in Charleston w/ ya this week man! Great place to call home.

    Ha, see ya at Happy Hour today 🙂

    – Trevor

    • Yo, thanks T!

      It’s been fun showing you around my stomping grounds.

      Yep, see you at Happy Hour in a few!

      – Patrick

  14. Patrick,

    I (at 19) was once told by a wise man:
    Michael, if you want to be successful and get to the level you keep telling me,do this:

    “Change your friends, or change your friends…”
    Then he said this…
    “You will become the equal of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most”

    It took me almost 3 years to digest his words…
    Change is change, and you can not change IT once it has happened.

    I am sad to see palm tree’s, wish I was at the mastermind.

    • Hey Michael,

      Thanks for sharing this man. Good stuff.

      Wish you could have made it to the Mastermind as well. It was really powerful. Maybe next time.

      – Patrick

    • I understand this concept. But here’s where I scratch my head. Using this strategy, why would someone want to hang with me if I was making less $$$ than them?

  15. Patrick,

    I couldn’t agree more. The people who are really upset are the business owners who use facebook as their primary and some as their only marketing/communication platform. You should not rest the success of your business solely on a platform you have no control over. The phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” comes to mind. It is best to have multiple channels in which to reach and communicate with your audience. Appreciate the video man.

    • Yo Doug,

      That’s a great point. Reminds me of the biz owners who complain when google changes it’s algorithm and they no longer get the search traffic they used to.

      The worst number is business is 1. And if there’s any “1 thing” your business relies on for it’s success that’s out of your direct control… that’s dangerous.

      – Patrick

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  17. PS: Great info in the vid about FB.

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