Two Million Dollars to Lend!

You’ve heard us say it before, getting private money is easy. I know, it’s surprising. You might not even believe it. And that’s understandable. Most people are skeptics, and I was too. Before I was the Chief Member Experience Gal for Private Money Blueprint, and saw success story after success story, I would have had a hard time believing it too. But it’s happening everyday. People are getting private money for real estate deals. They are accomplishing their goals, seeing dreams come to fruition and living a life they only imagined.

One of our Private Money Blueprint members, Chris Craig sent us this email update:


I have been busy taking MASSIVE action! I bought another property at auction. I got a $45,000 dollar spread so I am happy.
I have been working with 2 private lenders to get them in place. The 6% guy is close I have a contract drafted and his lawyer is reviewing it now. He has never heard of lending like this and is very excited to move his money into my investment. The best part!!!! He has 2 MILLION dollars to lend!!! YES I said 2 with an M.
He wants to start at 120k and if all goes well, he will steadily increase the funds as long as he is happy with my progress. He could be my Whale investor!

Chris Craig, Sundre, Alberta, Canada

Congrats Chirs! We always love hearing from students… especially when they have awesome results to share with us!  Here’s another update from Chris over on Facebook:

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Until there’s more great stuff to share,

-Charity, Chief Member Experience Gal

**These results are not typical. The “average” person doesn’t take any action and therefore, gets no private money.

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