Private Money On Demand Training – Private Money Through Public Records

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So, you think you’ve tapped out your “warm market” and are already networking like crazy? (the reason we say “think” is because there’s always new networks and “circles of influence” you can tap… ALWAYS).

Well… how about finding private lenders in YOUR MARKET who are ALREADY PRIVATE LENDERS for other real estate investors?  That’s what the PMBP P.M.O.D. Training and “Search and Deploy” Methods are all about.

In the training below you’ll learn:

  • How to use the public records to find active private lenders in your area
  • What to search for in the public records to bring the lenders from “behind the curtain”
  • What to do (and NOT to do) to contact these lenders to stay SEC compliant
  • What one “clearinghouse website” to go to find your public records online (this is a cool tip)
  • How to build credibility w/ your private lending prospect
  • How to “covertly” get lenders into your program by getting them on your cash buyers list
  • … and more cool actionable stuff.

(click the video to start playing. The training is almost 70 min so it may take a few moments to load. )