How to Find Private Money Using LinkedIn

Social media is all the rage these days but there’s one social media site in particular that can help you find all the private money you need: LinkedIn.

In this special members-only video, our friend and internet marketing expert Peter Kolat explains how analyzing the information found on LinkedIn can help you find private money for almost any type of deal.

SEC Attorney Spills The Beans Detailed Interview

In this members-only webinar workshop Patrick is joined by one of the West coasts top SEC attorneys Jillian Sidoti, to discuss how to safely and legally raise capital for your real estate investing projects.

Jillian specializes in transactional legal matters such as private placement memorandum, regulation D filing, trademark and copyright issues, and other contractual matters.

Beginning with an overview of securities laws, Jillian also discusses how to properly structure your real estate company, an overview of Regulation D, and documents you’ll need for your investing deals.

Stay tuned to the very end for the Q&A session 🙂

NOTE: This is a large video. If you’re having troubles viewing this video you can download this FLV video player here << . Then you can download the FLV file of this video here <<.  It is a large file (70mb+) so it will take a little while to download depending on your internet connection speed and computer speed. The file is an FLV format and must be played through an FLV player such as the free one in the link above.