Real Estate Investor Business Card Examples – How To Design And Where To Get ‘Em

Alrighty, everyone says… “You need to have a business card if you’re going to be a successful real estate investor!”.

Well… that’s partly true.

NO, you DON’T need a business card to be successful… if you take the right actions and use other types of marketing really well… you may not need a business card.

But, SHOULD all real estate investors and “private money getters” have a business card?


And… is there a RIGHT and WRONG way to make your business card and put the information on it that can make or break whether you’ll get a call from that card?


Check out the video I made for ya this week… (I know, I’m sort of a nerd… I should have edited out the mess up at the start w/ the music being on… but hey… thats me… like it or not 🙂

(click play to watch… then check out the resources below the video)

The Resources:

  1. The Low Cost (yet quality) Route – I get all of my day to day business cards made at Vistaprint… w/ the discounts they give out sometimes I can get a box of 250 cards for under $20.  I’d suggest checking them out first… and at least getting a double sided card that you can use as your main biz card.When you click the link blow, I know “free” sounds good… but you get what you pay for.  Don’t go for the free ones… click the “Get Started” link under the Premium Business Cards option… you can do double sided, colored, the thickest stock, all for very very cheap… thats the route I go.VistaPrint Cards Go Here… It Takes 15 Minutes To Create Your Card << 

    Here’s a quick example of what you can put on the back of your business card to drive people to your private money education based website:bizcard(this is a picture of the back of the cards that I bought at VistaPrint)

  2. The Nifty $100 Cards – Okay, after you get your “day to day” cards above… you may think about a bit more creative way to catch peoples eye… get people to read your card… and get noticed.  Now, be careful where you use these… I would personally only use these types of “gimmick cards” to get motivated sellers… birddog referrals… and possibly buyers.  For me… if I’m getting private money I’d rather use a professional looking business card which builds more credibility.But, this companies $100 cards are really slick… pretty darn affordable for what you get… and I talked to the business owners and got a coupon code for you if you decide you want to get those $100 Business Cards.

Enjoy 🙂

That’s a fast crash course to getting your real estate investing business card up to snuff… and a few resources to save you some time in your research.  Just a quick note… if you use our link in the VistaPrint link to get cards… we do make a few bucks.  If you value our information and are going to buy the cards through VistaPrint anyway (I truly do buy my biz cards there)… we’d appreciate ya using our link :-). If you’d rather not use our link… google it and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s to a great year! Keep shooting in your questions to us through the contact page above.

– Trevor