3 Simple Steps to Your First (or Next) Private Lender

In this month’s Private Money Mastermind Call, you’re going to learn:

  • 7 problems created through an ineffective money-getting process (no worries though… it’s an easy fix)
  • PMBP’s 3 simple steps to your first (or next) private lender
  • Why private lenders back out of deals
  • How to get private money without asking for it, without ever coming across as a salesman
  • The vital private money conversion tool and step-by-step how to use it
  • How to FINALLY get lenders to follow through and fund your deals
  • and much more!

Watch the training below…

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Now go get some private money!

– Patrick

How to Become a Private Money Magnet

By becoming a private money magnet, you get private money easily, almost effortlessly… while other investors struggle and fail.

In this month’s Private Money Mastermind Call, I share (for the first time ever) this “inside” private money getting info.

You’re going to learn:

  • The last thing you EVER want to appear like… this literally REPELS private money
  • Why you should be “diagnosing” your private money prospects (and how)
  • How to shift the balance of power… once you do this getting private money becomes EASY
  • How to use the “Authority Sale” to attract private money
  • 7 private money magnetism strategies to get private lenders to fork over their cash fund fund your deals
  • and much more!

Watch the “How to Become a Private Money Magnet” training below…

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, let us know.

We’re here for you 100%.

Happy private money getting!

– Patrick

Insider Interview – 49 Unit Apartment Deal Case Study

If you’re interested in getting into commercial real estate… and using private money to do so, this “Insider Interview” is for you.

PMBP members, Gene Kinzer and Ron Rasmussen, did a 49 unit apartment deal last year with none of their own money… and created a great cash flow investment with $1 million in equity.

Imagine doing just one deal and adding a cool mil to your net worth. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

Well, that’s exactly what Gene and Ron did which is why I had to get them on the line to break down this deal into a case study… to walk you through step-by-step how they found the deal (they actually found it online and share the website with you), the negotiation, how the deal was structured, where and how they got private money to fund it, how a HUGE obstacle right before closing turned into an opportunity, and much  more.

Check out this email (our favorite kind of emails from members… RESULTS!) they sent Trevor, one of our PMBP faculty members, about the deal…

As you can see, real world people doing BIG deals in today’s market… with other people’s money. Beautiful.

Alrighty, here’s your insider interview…

Bravo guys!

Thanks Gene and Ron for sharing so much info and resources!

Head over to their website, Financial Freedom Holdings, and check out some of their projects.

If you have any questions, toss ’em in the comment area below.

Happy Investing!

– Patrick

How to Get What You REALLY Want in Your Life & Biz

In the first module of our full Private Money Blueprint System, we help you build a rock solid foundation in your REI biz first… so that you’re ready to take the market by storm.

Without this “foundation”,  all the private money and real estate investing techniques and strategies in the world won’t help you.

Part of this process includes planning exactly what you want in the 8 core areas of your life, taking what we call, The REI Litmus Test (which tells you which investment strategies are best for you based on what you want in each core area), creating your biz plan, among other things.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what those 8 core areas are, why it’s vitally important to know what you want in these areas, and I’m going to share tips to put your new goals on steroids (so you achieve them faster and easier)…

8 Core Areas in Life – How to Get What You REALLY Want

When you know where you’re headed (in other words, when you know exactly what you want), you can start taking educated action towards it.

Why You MUST Decide (and Plan) What You Want in Life & Biz

Think about it…

You want to go on a vacation. What’s the first thing you need to do?

Decide where you want to go.

ONLY then, can you move forward with the steps necessary to make that vacation happen.

Once you know where you’re going, you can plan your travel, your accommodations, what you’re gonna do once you get there, take the needed time off from your job, etc.

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Make sense?

Well, it’s the same way with anything, and I mean ANYTHING you want in life.

If you don’t plan what you want in every core area of your life, you’ll never get it.

Action Step: Set aside 1 hour right now… write down (this is key… you absolutely MUST write down them down) 3 goals in each core area. It’s best to have both short term and long term goals.

How to Put Your Goals on Steroids

Here are a few tips that will put you on the fast track to getting what you want in your life and in your REI biz…

1) Stated in the Positive

Your goals should be what you want, NOT what you don’t want.

2) Personal

You have to want it. Not what your parents want for you or your spouse or friends. For the goal to be effective, it must be something that you want.

3) Specific (Result & Time Frame)

This is critical. the result must be quantifiable, and a time frame established. Otherwise, it’s simply a wish, a hope.

Here’s an example of a goal that meets each of the three characteristics thus far (assuming you want private money for your deals):

It is X-Date, and I closed my first deal with a $125,000 private money loan.

4) Experience it in Your Mind

If you can’t see it in your mind, you won’t see it in reality. That’s how the world works.

How do you think the property you live in was built?

… it was first an idea in someone’s mind.

Ask yourself, “What do I see, hear, and feel having accomplished my goals?

What do you look like? How do you feel? What are you saying to yourself? What are others saying to you?

The more you experience your goals as achieved in your mind, the faster you’ll achieve them in your life.

Leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below.  I’d love to hear from ya 🙂

– Patrick

================ RECOMMENDED =======================================
4 “Private Money Getting” Trainings – We’re always out to provide better and better value to our members. Well… this time around we packaged 4 trainings and resources out of our Private Money Monthly program (that people pay $67 or more for every day)… and you can get them today for pennies on the dollar just for taking a test drive in our Private Money Monthly program. These 4 trainings are valued at almost $600! Check it out while it’s still up <<


Here’s Proof YOU Can Get Private Money…

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In order to get private money for your deals, there’s something that you MUST have first, prior to learning the specific techniques and strategies.

You must believe that it’s possible to get private money.

But, that’s not all.

You must also believe that it’s not only possible for one to get private money, you must believe that YOU can get it.

So, my goal today is to instill in you, the rock solid belief that you can do this. You can get private money for your real estate deals… even in today’s market, regardless of your current financial condition, regardless of who you know, regardless of what color you are or where you’re from.

… and I’m going to do this by sharing some of our students results.

Below is a small collection of unsolicited emails, Facebook messages, and other online posts from real world people – just like you and me – who applied the Private Money Blueprint and our other training programs… and their businesses and lives will never be the same.

Here’s what a few of our PMBPers had to say…

Enjoy and believe!

Here are a couple Facebook updates from PMBP Platinum student Rob Russell…

This is Shannon (aka Shae) Bynes – PMBPer from our original pilot program…

My friend, JP Moses, did a post over on his blog where he asked readers what their favorite training programs are and here’s another comment from Shae…

And here are a two emails from Private Money on Demand students…

The first pic below is an email from PMBPer, Eric Blow, with an update on his private money getting progress… then a chat message showing how much moolah he’s going to make from his first rehab (a cool $25,000 bucks)…

Gotta love this next one!

Justin Wilmot – surfer dude turned real estate investor – bought and sold 4 more deals, has 3 more under construction… AND sold his boat detailing biz to move full time into real estate investing. Nice!

Check this one out… guess PMBP works even in the Philippines…

Well, as you can see, it doesn’t get much more “real” than this.

Are you inspired yet?

People all across the country, all across the world, people of all shapes and sizes are getting private money to fund their real estate deals.

Therefore, you can too. It’s that simple.

But, it all starts with a belief, a knowing that it’s possible AND that you can do it!

So, go get some private money and turn it into cash profits.

You can do it!

– Patrick

Note: These results are not typical. Most people don’t take any action… therefore get no private money and never make any profits from investing in real estate.

Just don’t be the guy or gal that says it doesn’t work… wrong answer.

Most investors fail because they don’t take consistent determined action, because they look for anyone or anything to blame for their lack of positive results, because they “gave it a try”, because they want something for nothing.

Sorry, but the world doesn’t work that way and neither does real estate investing.

There is no “magic” bullet.

You must work smart and hard to become successful… just like Ben, Christina, Eileen, Frank, Lui, Rob, Shae, Tammy, Doug, Nick, Eric, Justin, Brittany, Larry, and all the other PMBPers kicking serious butt in today’s market.

If you’re interested in joining forces with Private Money Blueprint, you can check out more info below…

The Private Money Blueprint System – This is 100% of everything I know and use to get private money… all the forms, tools, resources, marketing templates, website, and full support.

The Private Money on Demand Training Program – This teaches specifically one technique for getting private money… how to find active private lenders in your local market at a moment’s notice through public records.

Insider Interview w/ Justin Wilmot of Blue Surf Capital Partners

I caught up with one of our students the other day, Justin Wilmot, who is actively flipping properties in his local market in Flagler Beach, FL.

In this “Insider Interview”… we dig in deep to find out what’s working in Justin’s biz, what techniques and strategies he’s using to fund and close deals, what suggestions he has for other real estate investors in today’s market.

… and just a couple years ago, he was at ground zero.

Justin had been reading books, blogs, studying real estate investing… but hadn’t taken any action. And no action resulted in… nothing.

But, then things changed.

Fast forward to today… Justin has private money at his disposal and is consistently closing deals each month (and he’s a twenty-something surfer dude!).

Justin is going to share how we got his first deal under his belt,  how he found and structured his private money (which is different than the way I do it… and works very well for him),  and a whole bunch more.

Check out the “Insider Interview” to learn what’s working in Justin’s biz today…

Good stuff, ehhh?

Thanks for sharing with us Justin! We appreciate it buddy 🙂

… and we love feedback. So, put your thoughts, comments, and questions in the comment area.

Let us know how we can help.

– Patrick

Private Money Mastermind Call – Real World Results, Your Questions Answered

In this addition of the Private Money Mastermind Call, I wanted to prove to you that not only is it possible for real estate investors to get private money… it’s possible for YOU to get private money.

I walk you through several stories about regular guys and gals across the country that are funding their deals in today’s market with private money. Many times, when you see other people doing what it is you want to do, that can be just what you need to push yourselves towards your goals.

Then, we dive in to a Q & A to get answers to your questions.

Check out the Private Money Mastermind Call below…



If you have any questions or comments, toss ’em in the comment area.

– Patrick

Private Money Monthly Insider Interview w/ Wil Christenson

Yo Private Money Monthly (PMM) Members,

Each and every month, you’re gonna get access to an “Insider Interview” where I go behind the scenes with a real world real estate investor who is killin’ it in today’s market.

This month, we’ve got Wil Christenson with us.

To give you a small glimpse into Wil’s life, he…

– works for himself… and has been for over 6 years

– does what he wants, when he wants

– easily gets private money for his deals

– cashes five-figure checks from his real estate deals like clockwork

– and loves every minute of it!

Grab your pen and pad and get ready to take notes. Here’s your PMM Insider Interview…

Congrats on your successes Wil!

… and thanks for sharing those awesome tips with us. We appreciate it.

Talk soon,


… aka P-Rid

P.S. – How can we help you? Leave your comments, questions, and feedback in the comment area before ya go.

Private Money 101: A Crash Course in Private Money

Private_Money_101Before we dive right in, answer these questions for me …

= > “Are you frustrated because you can’t get your hands on the cash you need for your real estate deals?”

= > “Are you scared to make an offer for fear that it will get accepted?”

= > “Have you ever lost a great deal because you didn’t have cash to close it?”

= > “Is a lack of financing killing your real estate investing dreams?”

If you answered “yes,” to any of the questions above, then private money may be THE solution for you.

To find out, let’s take a quick crash course in private money … aka Private Money 101.

What is private money?

Private money is cash from an individual that is lent to you, the real estate investor, rather than being invested traditionally through stocks, bonds, mutual funds. When you think about private money, think investment funds from an individual … any individual.

Is private money the same as hard money?

Far from it!

Hard money lenders finance deals for real estate investors as a business. They lend to investors based on the property, not necessarily based on the person. The hard money lender dictates the terms of the deal to you, the investor.

A typical hard money loan has high interest, points, and is short term. For instance, I purchased my second deal with a hard money loan. I was charged 15% interest, five points (or 5% of the loan balance), and had a term of six months to repay the loan in full.

Do you see why they call it “hard” money?

On the other hand, with private money, you dictate the terms of the loan to your private money lender. Based on the deal and your business model, you offer terms that suit your needs and provide a good return for your private lender. A typical private money loan could have 6% to 10% interest, no points, and a term that suits your exit strategy.

What type of properties can you buy with private money?

The primary niche for my real estate investing business is single family homes. But, single family homes are not the only type of property you can buy with private money.

Trevor only buys apartment buildings. He has been investing for several years now and has accumulated a nice portfolio. Each property cash flows well, is managed by a professional property management company, and is in or near his local market.

And how do you think he finances every one of his purchases?

You guessed it … Private Money!

Any great real estate investing deal can be financed with private money; it doesn’t matter if it is a house, condo, townhouse, apartment building, skyscraper, or beach front home.

Do you have to do lender luncheons to get private money?

One of the popular methods taught to get private money is to host a lender luncheon. You would be required to rent a facility, advertise to fill the room, and you would present your private lending program in front of the audience. While I believe this to be a good strategy for some, hosting a lender luncheon is not a viable strategy for most.

Why you might ask?

The number one fear in our country is public speaking. And you know what is number two … death! Most people would rather die that speak in front of an audience. Even if it was easy to get private money by hosting a lender luncheon, the majority of people would not do it.

So the question still remains, “Are lender luncheons required to get private money?”

Luckily for you, the answer is “no.”

I actually found that it is easier to get private money by presenting your investment program to prospects one on one. Plus, you don’t have to spend money to rent a room at a restaurant or hotel, pay for marketing costs, deal with the anxiety of presenting in front of an audience, etc. etc.

What types of people are the best private money prospects?

The first type is people who know and trust you. This could be a family member, long time friend, neighbor, someone from church or school . . . really anyone that you have built a long term relationship with could be a good source for private money.

The second is people who know a good deal when they see one. Anyone who works in a field related to the real estate industry could fit in this category. Examples would be real estate agents, mortgage brokers, bankers, appraisers, home inspectors, attorneys, accountants.

And yet another type most likely to lend to you is the best source of all . . . people who know someone who has invested with you. Or, in other words, referrals! Once you get your private lender base established, ask them who they know that would also like to make a good solid rate of return backed by real estate.

Would my local real estate investing association (REIA) be a good place to find private money?

Yes, it would!

REIA meetings are filled with people who have heard real estate investing is lucrative, want to make money doing it, but do not have the time, energy, motivation, or know how to do it themselves. That’s where your private lending program comes in …

You offer a hands off real estate investment with a good return. Your private lender gets to “invest” in real estate without having to deal with the hassles that come with owning property like repairs, managing contractors, dealing with tenants, and other general property management duties. All they have to do is stroke you a check.

People who attend REIA meetings are already sold on real estate investing, all you have to do is sell them on lending against one of your deals.

How do you convince someone to lend you private money?

You don’t!

That is coming from the wrong mindset. You’re not out to “convince” anyone to lend money to you. Your goal is to educate people about your investment opportunities. If someone is interested, great. If someone is not, next.

Class adjourned. That’s it for your crash course, Private Money 101.

If you have any questions, comments, or additional tips, throw ’em in the comment area.

Happy Private Money Getting!

– Patrick & Trevor

Why Private Lenders Say “No” And What To Do About It

So, you’re meeting w/ a private money lending prospect. Let’s call him Joe Lender.

You find out that Joe is currently getting a 3% return on his investments. You offer him 6%… and he says “No.”

Why would he say “No” when he could DOUBLE his current return by simply lending you private money?

And more importantly, how do you get Joe to change his mind?

Watch the video below to learn how…

Alrighty, time to take action on what you’ve learned… because action is the big differentiator between success and failure.

… and don’t take my word for it. They all agree.

Action is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill

Everything you want is out there waiting for you…Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” – Jules Renard

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – Tony Robbins

Happy Private Money Getting!

– Patrick

… aka P-Rid

P.S. – Be a giver. Leave a comment before you go and give your feedback, opinion, thanks, whatever comes to mind. We LOVE hearing from you guys and gals 🙂

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