Private Money Blueprint Review – Justin Wilmot $8,678.45 Profit

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Okay… now… this is truly my favorite kind of email to get.  Justin Wilmot is a young guy who joined our program a little while back and his big “claim to fame” as far as private money goes is that after going through our proram he locked down a private lender who has $1 million available for Justin to use for his investments (check out the previous case study on him on that).

But, a little bit back Justin emailed me… and he just closed his FIRST DEAL… and put $8,678.45 in PROFIT in his pocket on a wholesale deal he just closed with my help and guidance.

Check out the string of emails straight out of my email account below… (read the picture from the bottom up… that’s the correct time-line of how the emails happened… cool stuff).


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  • Robert

    Watched your video and it was very inspirational. I’m just tired of me working for my money instead of my money working for me. I am a middle age man and I do want the American dream of financial stability. I’m very determined to make this work for myself and for my family.

    Please do share any information and including the loan offering template that will help me out.

    Thanks for the advise and information and my email is